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What Is the Difference Between Chow Mein and Lo Mein?

If you’ve ever opened a box of Chinese take-out and it turns out to be not exactly what you ordered, you may have mixed up your meins. That’s right, there is a difference between these two popular Chinese...

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Desperately seeking good take-out Chinese in H'wood

by Roger L. Simon 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good take-out Chinese place (any province or type) in the Hollywood area? Delivery to the hills would be a plus, but I'm not picky.

Takeout Thanksgiving

by Dave Feldman 20 years ago

A friend's mother is in NYU hospital (34th and First) and her family, which lives in Queens, is going to bring in food to the hospital cafeteria. They could bring in food from Queens, but they'd p...

Great Take-out Naan downtown

by Jason "SnackPolice" Perlow 20 years ago

If you work in the wall street area, theres a great little Indian sit in/take out joint across the street from 55 Broad on South William street, I think the name is something like "Dar something Kh...

take-out and prepared foods

by Andrea 20 years ago

Am coming to town with a baby, so will be needing lots of food on the go for parks and hotel room downtown (I think near Hancock center). Interesting take-out or gourmet markets with prepared food...

New East Village Indonesian Take-Out

by Steven Stern 20 years ago

It's not open yet, and I really have no idea if it'll be any good. I stopped in today and took a menu; the friendly couple doing prep work said they're opening for lunch this Sunday. I know almos...

Pakistani Take out place in Boston/Somerville

by Raza 20 years ago

Hello list: A friend mentioned in passing yesterday that there was a takeout place in, I believe the Somerville area, that offered Pakistani cuisine (most notably, a spicy meat dish called Nihari)...

Takeout behind Biba

by Lee Hillmer 20 years ago

Having just discovered this wonderful site, today is my day to ask for help in getting the names of some food places I loved while living in Boston/Brookline. I already posted a note about the Japa...

Take Out Picnics

by Lauren 20 years ago

I'll be in LA in a couple of weeks and will be seeing a show at the Hollywood Bowl. I am responsible for providing the picnic basket for 6 people and I would love recommendations on places that hav...

Union Square take-out

by Kendra 20 years ago

Just had take-out lunch from a new place on 17th between B'Way and 5th Ave, "Food Attitude." If you can get past the terrible name, they're all French inside, with an amazing assortment of fancy b...

Convinced: Best Middle Eastern Take Out

by Michael W. 20 years ago

Just had an inspired lunch from Alfanoose on Fulton and Broadway in Lower Manhattan. Perfect meal, from the flavorful meat kibbeh to the hajadara (cracked wheat, lentils and fried onions - I think...

Best takeout dessert

by Adam Stephanides 20 years ago

The best takeout dessert in NYC may just be the hummingbird cake at the Magnolia Bakery (Bleecker and West 11th). It's nothing fancy, basically just a banana cake with nuts and pineapples and sour...

chez louis takeout

by wayne 20 years ago

Went to Chez Louis for takeout last night. Heard they were making nice French bistro-style roasted chicken. Mixed results. For $20 you get a 1/2 chicken, garlic potato pie, a small salad, bread...

Pearson's takeout.... a galoot rebuttal!!!

by Greg 21 years ago

I was originally going to write a long memo to you reguarding your review of the 'regular' clientel at Legends, but decided that it wasn't worth my effort. I would just like to suggest that if you ...

Japanese Takeout on UWS

by Chen 21 years ago

Just went to a tiny Japanese takeout shop just off Bway on 109th, called Saji's. It's a colorful little storefront with a cheerful vibe. Ordered seaweed soba that, while it had scant vegetables, ...

Good takeout soup in Soho

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

La Petit Cafe on Spring Street serves a good lentil soup for takeout or to stay. My Israeli friend a while back told me their babaganouj is good but I have not tried it.

Bay Area Restaurants/Take Out/Hole in the Walls Shouldn't Miss?

by Grace Toy 22 years ago

Hi, I'll be going out to the Bay Area for the first time in about two weeks...which restaurants/take-out joints/hole in the walls/etc....shouldn't I miss? As for kind of food, I'm partial to almos...

San Francisco eating out, take-outs, food shops

by Richard Miller 22 years ago

I'm over in San Francisco in July and want to explore the food scene. Can anyone give ne some ideas for an interesting 4 days chowhounding, please?

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