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Staying in tonight? Find top takeout near you and ask Chowhounds about which places offer takeout, which are the best, and weigh in on takeout services like Seamless and GrubHub.

Best Chinese BBQ Duck (take-out)?

by JoeAllen 4 months ago

Chinese BBQ Duck; looking for a good one at one of the markets, maybe along Univ. Ave. in St. Paul? One they will hac...


chaolee commented 5 days ago

Gimbap & Japchae To-Go @ Asian Market | Marina

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Today I dropped into Asian Market in Marina on the Monterey Peninsula in need of some Korean ingredients. I found the...

Ttrockwood commented 16 days ago

Billy Reed's Fried Chicken | Palm Springs

by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Last week's yahrzeit memorial was supposed to be held in the function room at Mr. Lyon's Steakhouse. But the fierce s...

Melanie Wong commented 23 days ago

Old San Luis BBQ Co. in San Luis Obispo

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

At Thursday's farmers market in downtown SLO, the booth for Old San Luis BBQ Company was handing out sample tastes of...


Malcolm Ruthven commented 30 days ago

Great Take-Out in Nola?

by kbagel 2 months ago

Wondering if there any really *great* take-out options in Nola? Will be staying in the city in the spring, large part...


Blumie commented 2 months ago

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Lunchette | Petaluma

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

A couple months ago I had a chance to grab a bite at the newish Lunchette in downtown Petaluma. Same ownership as the...

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MF Chicken - Delivery or Take-out Only

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Reading the mixed reviews of RT Rotisserie's chicken offerings, I'm wondering how folks are liking MF Chicken. This i...

What to do with "duck sauce" packets left over from Chinese takeout!?

by curryfan_ave 11 years ago

you all know what I'm talking about! the packets of soy sauce and mustard that come with the duck sauce are easily...


LeftoverRecipe2 commented 3 months ago

Soups in TO, 2017

by prima 1 year ago

Anyone have any recent soups they'd recommend? Open to any pricepoint and any type of soup. Dine-in, takeout, refrige...


julesrules commented 3 months ago

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Good take out lasgna in north OC

by OCEllen 4 months ago

................for an easy holiday dinner............

Deep Fried Turkey Takeout on LI?

by mk22 8 years ago

I'm starting to plan for Thanksgiving (I know...I'm too early). One of my family members wants to try a deep fried t...


melisong commented 4 months ago

Mr Jerk take-out in Peanut Plaza

by Hugh 5 months ago

[I think that this is my first post. I'm inspired by the comment that Charles Yu seems to be carrying much of the we...


trane commented 4 months ago

Takeout Sandwiches in Toronto

by prima 5 months ago

The old thread doesn't allow the list of establishments to be created. Lately, I've been taking sandwiches from B E...

prima commented 4 months ago

Your top 3 in Toronto

by prima 1 year ago

What are your top 3 foods/restaurants /places to shop in Toronto lately? My top 3 places to eat: Saturday Dinette...

Dr. John commented 4 months ago

Arancini or Suppli in the GTA

by itryalot 6 months ago

Where to find these for take out? I've only ever eaten them at a crazy price point in a restaurant. Would like to buy...


itryalot commented 5 months ago

Freehold, NJ Restaurants

by Debbie from Valley Village 5 months ago

My sister and I are going to be staying in Freehold, NJ next week for a couple of days and were wondering if there ar...

Curlz commented 5 months ago

best take-out sandwiches to take on the train?

by prima 5 years ago

What are your favourite sandwiches to take on the train? I'd especially like recs for sandwiches that are still prett...

prima commented 5 months ago

Take out Thai, S. Minneapolis/Richfield/Bloomington?

by baa 6 years ago

Need to get some Thai for a group of 10 or so, and am hoping to pick up somewhere in the SW Metro. I usually get Tha...

My_Annoying_Opinions commented 5 months ago

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ISO Any food happy hours/specials on Wed or Thurs in GTA?

by itryalot 6 months ago

Will be downtown area but have a car. Apps, take out, etc.