Looking for Taiwanese food? Get suggestions on where to find it near you, plus discuss specific dishes like shaved ice and oyster pancakes.

Bubble Tea Tales: The History of Boba

No other caffeine fix is quite as aesthetically satiating as bubble tea, the Taiwanese sweet-milk-and-tea-based drink. But where did it come from and how did it get so popular? Served in a plastic cup...

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Lemongrass Hot Pot In Boca

by erica 5 years ago

Four of us had dinner at this branch of a Taiwanese hotpot chain last Friday night. They take reservations. Although I did not take notes, the overall impression of each of us is that this is a...

Spices (fka Spices II Szechuan Trenz) | 6th Ave - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Last month I popped into the remodeled Spices on 6th Avenue @ Clement after shopping at Green Apple books. The decor is now mostly black and gray with subdued lighting. The large tables are gone no...

Taipei Cafe -- Rockville

by FoodDude2 5 years ago

Went here the other night with my wife and two friends. First time here but we all agreed it was a great meal. This is what we ordered Taiwanese Hamburger-- Essentially a large steamed bu...

Opening of the new Bob's bakery Rockville

by cfoodie 6 years ago

Had the opportunity to check out Bob's bakery today in its opening. With Bob's noodles location sold off, Bob is onto the new bakery thanks to the wild success of another on the pike. The store is...

Exceptional Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei

by frostingfriends 6 years ago

Hi - I will be in Taipei for a few days in early May. I am looking for places that serve exceptional traditional Taiwanese breakfast. Any recommendations? I will be staying near the Internationa...

Snow Ice at QQQ Tea in San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

While our lunch at Szechwan Chilli was not fiery enough to burn a hole in my tummy, something cold to follow up still sounded very appealing especially on this hot day. After some recon at cross-to...

T&T Changes

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

Couple of things to note: 1) Store hours now 8am - midnight 2) At Chinatown store, the hot food deli is finito (hot dishes are now placed in a new self-serve/takeout bar beside the cold dishe...

Wholesome, homemade Chinese food in Auburn Hills [DTW] Huh?

by VTB 5 years ago

Is Chinese home cooked food better than restaurant food? PERHAPS. Of course, if you grew up on the stuff, then the answer to that question would be, MOST of the time. If you didn’t grow up on it...

Powder (Taiwanese Shaved Snow), SF - new storefront opens Fri 9/23/16

by hhc 5 years ago

Powder, a Taiwanese shaved snow place, is going to open their new storefront on Fri 9/23/16. They sold as a pop-up at Presidio's Off The Grid so they have fans. Do hounds like their shaved snow? ...

Chowdown Report: Din Tai Fung Valley Fair in Santa Clara

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Yesterday five chowhounds hit the Din Tai Fung in the Valley Fair mall for lunch. It was a first visit for each of us to the newest branch of this Taiwanese chain though some of us have been to...

Maketto in DC - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

Maketto on H St, NE is the latest venture from Chef Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground. It is notable for being maybe the only place in the DC area to offer a few Cambodian dishes. So that was...

Taiwanese cooking

by dryrain 10 years ago

Can anyone point me in the right direction for any websites, blogs, etc where I can find taiwanese recipes. I found a few on rasa malyasia and a few on blogs. But there must be a better source out ...

Shanghainese/Taiwanese breakfast

by hedge_hog 6 years ago

Who's doing it? I'm looking for something more than the token XLB and green onion pancake. I'm taking about the youtiao (puffy chinese dough), sweet/savory soy milk with all the fixings, tofu flowe...

Schatzi's Pub and Formosa, Poughkeepsie

by vinouspleasure 5 years ago

Have been wanting to stop at schatzi's for some time, their burger has been named best in hudson valley and among the best in the country. We started with frickles (fried pickles) and pretzels with...

ISO: Runbing and Banana Rolls

by yumdomcha 5 years ago

Hi all, I'm ISO of two specific items in the LA area. (1) Runbing (潤餅) - I've found these Taiwanese street-style snacks at several 99 Ranch delis where they're made to order. Example from TW: ...

Taiwanese Cookbooks

by beetlebug 7 years ago

Food of Taiwan by Cathy Erway has popped up in some of those (evil) cookbook buying threads. http://www.amazon.com/Food-Taiwan-Recipes-Beautiful-Island/dp/0544303016/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=14273...

Authentic Taiwanese Food in Toronto?

by 325i 14 years ago

I am looking for a place that serves Taiwanese food, perferrably not those coffee shops who specializes in bubble tea and selling food on the side. I am looking for a place that serves "Three Cups ...

Le Snowflake | San Jose & Dublin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

My third encounter with Taiwanese-style snow ice was at the San Jose location of Snowflake next to Mitsuwa. This time I tried a non-fruit flavor, opting for Milk Tea. This example was a bit more ar...

Taipei Cafe In Rockville Report

by Kurtis 6 years ago

I think we are quite lucky to have abundance of restaurants that serve Taiwanese cuisine. I visited here recently and had a great meal picking from their menu and some specials with help of couple...