Here’s How to Char Whole Eggplants Without a Grill

“Top Chef Canada” judge Eden Grinshpan’s first cookbook “Eating Out Loud” reflects her bright and bold Israeli heritage. The chef has poured more than 100 recipes into her cookbook—many that are familiar...

Lemon Tahini Dressing / Need Recipe!

by Tehama 13 years ago

Good morning... anyone have an awesome lemon tahini dressing recipe to share? Thanks so much!

The spy who loved tahini: risking everything for the perfect sesame paste

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"A prize so valuable that a lieutenant colonel sent an agent on not just one mission to secure it, but two. The item? A box of tahini. An agent from Israel’s military intelligence service was taske...


by soccermom13 2 years ago

I am looking for excellent tahini. I've read that Soom and Ziyad brands are good, but I don't know where to find them. I looked at Eastside Co-op and Holyland on Central Ave with no luck. Holyla...

Does a can of Sesame Tahini have to be refrigerated after opening?

by barbgail61 9 years ago

We just opened a can of Sesame Tahini, and will not be finishing it for awhile. In the past, we've refrigerated it, but then it becomes impossible to mix it up. So we're wondering if we can keep ...

Best way to process raw sesame seeds for tahini?

by masalamacsandmusic 5 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for an appliance recommendation that can easily process raw sesame seeds into tahini paste. I can't afford a Vitamix or Blendtec, so am looking in the price range of $100 and un...

Exactly how long does tahini paste last?

by Megiac 13 years ago

I have a jar, purchased about a year ago from a local Middle Eastern market. It's been refrigerated since I opened it. Is it still safe to use? This recipe is sounding really good to me tonight:...

Health Food store syle "Tahini Noodles"

by scunge 6 years ago

I'd like a recipe for Sesame /Tahini noodles that are often sold already prepared in health food stores. Thank you

Tahini Question

by stefansky90 6 years ago

My recipe called for using Tahini Sauce. I bought a small jar, 16 ounces, and used half of it. About two weeks later I wanted to use the Tahini again, and much to my dismay, it solidified. I placed...

Recommendations for Tahini paste

by kemi5 11 years ago

Preparing to make a duo of hummus for a take-along party dish this weekend. Currently In my fridge is a Lebanese brand called Alwadi. Unfortunately it has a unpleasant bitter finish to it. My best ...

Runny Hummus

by alwayshungrygal 8 years ago

I bought some hummus from the farmers market the other day and it is a bit runny, less dense than usual. This is a lemon flavored one, and the batch I got last week was thicker. I'm sure they add...

Different variations of baba ganoush? (Home cooking help)

by cgxy96 6 years ago

I've heard of different variations of baba ganoush. Without tahini or relplacing it with nut butter instead. Since I can't get hold of tahini, is it better to do it with just eggplant or should ...

Tahini substitute

by eimac 13 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for a small amount of tahini, an ingredient I never use. Is there any way I can make up something that will give the same taste? I've found sites that suggest peanut butt...

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