Should I invest in a tagine, a braiser, or a cast iron skillet?

by SJR70124 2 months ago

Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I received a gift certificate for a kitchen store, and I was going to get a large ...


Smokeydoke30 commented 23 days ago

Question for tagine users

by SJR70124 2 months ago

Hi everyone, I'm new here, and wasn't sure if I should post here, or in Home Cooking. I received a gift certificate ...


medlar commented 2 months ago

Stovetop clay tagine cooking -- can I heat to a simmer without a diffuser?

by Kate Cortesi 5 years ago

I love my clay Le Souk cooking tagine, but have only been cooking in the oven with it because I couldn't get it hot e...

sharkbyt commented 2 years ago

Where can I buy cazuelas and tagines in Canada?

by t1m 2 years ago

I love cooking with Spanish cazuelas. They are great for stews and sauces on the stovetop, and for roasting in the o...


salsailsa commented 2 years ago

Seasoning new clay tajine

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hi all, I recently brought a nice big clay tajine. I am unsure how to go about the seasoning for it. The two guys...

Chemicalkinetics commented 2 years ago

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Tagine (Croton-on-Hudson): no corkage fee 2/28

by Elisa515 3 years ago

Title says it all. Bring a treasured bottle (or even not so treasured, I guess) to dinner tonight at Tagine, and they...

Tagine on an Electric Coil Stovetop

by cobbljock 3 years ago

My sister bought me a tajine for Christmas. She is living in Morocco, so she got it locally, and has given me a numbe...


VitalForce commented 3 years ago

Tagine (Croton-on-Hudson) accepts reservations now

by Elisa515 3 years ago

Just got an email from Tagine. They're accepting reservations now either through their website or by phone.


Elisa515 commented 3 years ago

Tagine to Purchase?

by morgij 11 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a cooking tagine, preferably unglazed, as a gift. They appear to be in short supply so I wou...

jen kalb commented 3 years ago


by Tom VD 11 years ago

Hi All, As a fan of Middle Eastern cooking, I was wondering where one could buy a good tagine around the Boston area...


femmevox commented 3 years ago

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Vegetables Tajine Berber Style

by moroccanchicken 3 years ago

Ingredients 2 tomatoes - sliced 1 large onion - peeled and sliced 3 medium potatoes - peeled and cut into cubes ...

TAGINE Cooking - How To?

by SilverlakeGirl 11 years ago

I bought Claudia Roden's Arabesque and noticed a number of tagine recipes including "Lamb Tagine with Carmelized Baby...


mvidibor commented 3 years ago

Tagine Anyone else gone? [Croton on Hudson]

by paris1976 5 years ago

Tagine is a new Morrocan/French restaurant in Croton on Hudson. The owners Jonathan Pratt and Craig Purdy are the own...

MisterBill2 commented 3 years ago

Moroccan Tajine - how essential is the butter/smen?

by borisabrams 3 years ago

Hi all, So I recently brought Paula Wolfert's Food of Morocco. When looking at f the tajine recipes, I notice a lo...

Caroline1 commented 3 years ago

Using Julia Child rules to kick up tagine

by AdinaA 4 years ago

Moroccan tagine (stew) is surely one of the great recent additions to western cooking. In the classic recipes, every...


AdinaA commented 4 years ago

Tagine help, please!

by LJS 4 years ago

I received a Mason Cash Ceramic fully glazed tagine as a Christmas gift...with no instructions, beyond "not for use o...


LJS commented 4 years ago

Looking for Unglazed Tagine Pots in Calgary

by VitalForce 6 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a traditional, unglazed clay, Moroccan tagine pot in Calgary? I’m not looking for t...


VitalForce commented 4 years ago

Cooking tajine for 30 people - what cookware?

by clairebbbear 5 years ago

Hi all I am going to be cooking a chicken tajine with preserved lemons and olives for 30 people for my wedding. ...


Chopin commented 4 years ago