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Recommend Place for Brunch in Tacoma

by CarlysMom1996 5 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to ChowHound and hoping to get some help. This coming weekend, I'm visiting my daughter. She is a Freshman at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. She has asked ...

What's Up With So Few Tacoma Mentions? No Chow There?

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

OK, so I was told I *had* to eat breakfast at the Poodle Dog Diner on Sunday. It's apparently a Tacoma (Fife) institution. My breakfast reminded me of the old Groucho Marx joke, paraphrased thusl...

Tacoma Lunch near Museum of Glass

by anewton 6 years ago

My wife and I will be traveling through Seattle en route to visit relatives in Portland this Friday and want to grab a good lunch in Tacoma area after visiting the Chihuly museum. I searched this b...

Over the Moon, Tacoma--What the F?

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

On Friday morning, I literally stumbled onto this small place on Opera Alley in downtown Tacoma. The dinner menu looked really good. http://overthemooncafe.net/#!/?page_id=56 Resolved to do my r...

Local knowledge needed: beer near University of Puget Sound, Tacoma

by LilBrownBat 6 years ago

Short version: attending an event here in July, and given the company, frequent cold beer will be needed (and I won't have a car). I can't believe there's a college campus in America without a rea...

Tacoma decent eats?

by The Loaf 17 years ago

We're taking our son and G/F to Tacoma friday eve. so they can go to a concert. While waiting, my wife and I thought we could go on a dinner date. Nothing super fancy, but good. We're adventurou...

Where's great food in Tacoma area?

by gbs 19 years ago

Looking for some really good food in Tacoma and surrounding area. Love italian, chinese, thai, american, soup and sandwich/salad, bar-type, etc.

Tacoma lunch recommendation?

by lulou23 7 years ago

Any affordable lunch recommendations for Tacoma would be greatly appreciated. Have dear friends with a long layover passing thru and we need to meet up near Tacoma (which I' m not familiar with in...

Looking for Andouille sausage in Tacoma / Seattle area

by cacheinhand 8 years ago

Anyone know of some good meat markets that make authentic Andouille sausage, or import it from Louisiana?

Soy-Free Ethnic Restaurants in Seattle-Tacoma? Indian, thai...Help??!

by northemo 8 years ago

I'm about 6 months into living life with a soy allergy (which rules out soy sauce of course, but also-- the bigger hassle in restaurants, Soybean oil!) and I am seriously missing good ethnic food--...

Tacoma suggestions for vegetarian-friendly restaurant - inexpensive, hip?

by shortribsfordinner 8 years ago

I'm sure there must be some cool places to eat good food in Tacoma, but I'm not at all familiar with the city. Vegetarian accompanying so it would be nice if there were more choices than a gardenbu...

Tamales in Tacoma?

by paselkin 9 years ago

Is there anywhere around Tacoma that sells chowhound-worthy tamales? Some of the carnicerias on S 72nd and thereabouts look like the kind of place one *might* find a tamale cart on Sunday mornings,...

Lunch between Seatac & Tacoma

by sugarbushmary 9 years ago

I'm picking up friends at noon at Seatac and heading to the museums in Tacoma. We want to get a light lunch. Any ideas? Prefer something relatively healthy if possible. Mary

Tacoma/Federal Way

by jcanino 9 years ago

We will be heading out to Tacoma at the end of January to visit our son after he returns from Afghanistan. We want to take him, his GF and her parents out to dinner in the Tacoma/Federal Way area....

Tacoma spot with decent food, TV viewable from dining area

by jonking 9 years ago

I'm heading up to Tacoma from the Bay Area tomorrow, to visit my below-drinking-age daughter in Tacoma. I'd like to keep an eye on the World Series game starting at 5 p.m. while the two of us grab ...

Mexican or Pub food in Tacoma?

by PhDelicious 9 years ago

My step-father is turning 70, and has asked the family to join him for an outing to the new car museum in Tacoma, plus dinner afterward, next Sunday. We are all from Seattle and none of us know Ta...


by rockyd 9 years ago

I was in Tacoma on business and we ended up at Indochine at 1924 Pacific Avenue. The food was indeed delicious, but the serving sizes were huge! I wish our server had told us how significantly w...

ISO a lunch stop near or in Seattle but before Tacoma and a dinner stop on the way back

by grayelf 9 years ago

We are setting out from Vancouver, BC at 9 am on a Wednesday next month. Sadly, no time to do any justice at all to the local eating scene. But we *should* arrive on the outskirts/Sea proper around...

Federal Way or Tacoma for the Belmont Stakes

by Brrrb 9 years ago

Can anyone suggest a sports bar with good TVs and good eats where I can take two 13 year olds to see whether I'll Have Another becomes the first Triple Crown winner in over 30 years? We're going to...