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Darwin, Syracuse?

by rudysmom 8 years ago

How is it? much love on Yelp but nothing here. looking for a place to grab lunch not too far from the thruway.

Interstate 90 FROM Canada Border Niagara Falls through Syracuse, Utica, and Albany TO Boston MA

Food Tourist
by Food Tourist 8 years ago

Please help! Need decent non-big-chain quick or diner lunch/dinner suggestions for road trip all day (next week) from Toronto, Canada to Boston, MA along I-90 (both ways). Utica vicinity seems to...

College eats near Syracuse University

by lindabyb 8 years ago

My son and I are visiting Syracuse University next week and would love to know where the kids eat nearby. I've seen threads for Syracuse in general, but want college hangout suggestions for breakfa...


by the gioi 9 years ago

Have to go to Syracuse this Saturday and all day Sunday for business. I have my girlfriend tagging along as well. We're looking for nice places we can dress nice to satisfy her. To satisfy me on...

Syracuse, with young people

by ricklyman 8 years ago

I am going to be visiting Syracuse University with my daughter, a high school junior, who's thinking of going there. We'll also be taking out the daughter of a neighbor, who is a senior at the un...

SYRACUSE for 3 days. A MUST in your book!

by maj54us 8 years ago

Hi there. What are the restaurant, dinners places we should try while in Syracuse next week? Place that would be like a "Syracuse bucket list meals". thank you

Thanksgiving Dinner in Syracuse

by kaydee 9 years ago

Does anyone know what restaurants will be open for dinner on Thanksgving Day. I am not looking fro the typical Thanksgving meal.

Toronto Chowhound had great experiences in Syracuse

by Big Kahuna 1 8 years ago

My wife and I came into Syracuse last weekend and had (thanks to CNY Chowhounders) some great experiences. On Friday, we went to Daniella's Steakhouse. While waiting for our table, we had some gre...

Foodies in syracuse: what is new, exciting in syr??

by MarkG 9 years ago

or do you hafta go to toronto or NYC for excitement??

Good breakfast/lunch/dinner stops on the way from NYC to Syracuse

by angelhair 9 years ago

The title says it - we'll be driving from NYC to Syracuse and back and are interested in some good stops for meals along the way. Also interested in something in the Oswego area. We'll be going n...

Driving from Toronto to Syracuse- suggestions for must try pitstops?

by Curlygrrl 9 years ago

Moving fromToronto to start my doctoral studies in Syracuse. As it will be summer when I movew- I want to enjoy my drive. Any suggestions as to food stops I must consider on my way to my new home?

I have Syracuse salt boiled potatoes coming out of my ears.

by Woodfireguy 9 years ago

I was turned on to Syracuse salt boiled potatoes a few months ago and can’t stop eating them. I dream about them and am stress out until my next fix. I’ve done this before. I have gotten stuck on s...

Where would I take my favorite food writer, if he (or she) came to Syracuse?

by jlgwald 9 years ago

For years I played this food game in my head. Hungry, I looked through the archives to see where I should go for dinner. I was sad to see several that list this as a “wasteland”. This must be a r...

Syracuse-Need a casual, sit-down place for dinner

by skigirl1 10 years ago

My husband and I are looking for a casual sit down place for dinner, that has a liquor license. Good burgers and salads, maybe some fish dishes, can include some tex/mex, with entrees topping out ...


by Mike 17 years ago

here are a few good places to eat in Syracuse and a few diners i am familiar with Dinosaur Bar-B-Q 246 West Willow St just up from downtown. a legend in the making. rated one of the best in Ame...

Dim Sum Syracuse?

by tinery 10 years ago

When I googled dim sum in Syracuse the only thing that comes up is China Pavillion. I went there yesterday with a friend and here is my experience. They had a dim sum menu with some pretty good var...

Syracuse Picks and Pans

by Jimmyg 9 years ago

I always check Chowhound when traveling. I live in Syracuse and finally got around to checking out the posts for my hometown. I was appalled.by what I found. Obviously tastes will vary, and I do...

Visiting Syracuse and Ithaca University

by lucyf 9 years ago

Visiting both Syracuse university and Ithaca ...wanted some suggestions for interesting restaurants that are nearby either and would be your favorites for breakfast lunch or dinner meal Thanks

Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse in Syracuse

by Fred19 9 years ago

Does anyone have any knowledge about Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse in Syracuse? ~Fred19

So Long Clark's Ale House in Syracuse

by Tiny Iota 10 years ago

They're closing much earlier than I had hoped they would and I couldn't make it down one last time from here in Montreal. So long, Clark's! I'm gonna seriously miss you! What bar has the balls t...