Switzerland Bans Boiling Lobsters Without Stunning Them First

While not the most humane practice, throwing live lobsters into a boiling pot of water is a common culinary procedure. But not for long, at least in Switzerland. The Swiss government has just banned...

Fribourg awards 100 bottles of wine to residents who turn 100

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

"...the current program offers a charitable donation or a voucher for use at a local merchant or craftsman to residents who decline the wine offer, but most 100-year-olds opt for the alcoholic beve...

The best restaurants in Europe list

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

So I just saw the new list of the best restaurants in Europe from OAD. I’m from Denmark and I knew we have some pretty decent restaurants here, but we’re only 6 million people total in Denmark, t...

Spring Silinox

by PottedPlant 2 years ago

Hi, all! I was wondering if anyone had any information on Spring Cookware’s Silinox line. I know it was made in Switzerland and debuted in 1963-64. The interior is lined in stainless steel and the ...

Swiss Government Gets Roasted Over Coffee Stockpile Changes

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . If you as a Swiss company are importing coffee, you have to - there is some sort of fee that has to be paid. And with the fee, the companies themselves are paid for stockpiling. And the qua...

L'Hotel de Ville - the most legendary restaurant in Switzerland

by Bu Pun Su 3 years ago

Andreas Caminada is likely to be the most popular chef in Switzerland at the moment. However, talking about the ‘best’ & most respectable restaurant in the land of milk and honey, L’Hotel de Ville ...

Cheval Blanc - a classical French cuisine with (some) international flavors

by Bu Pun Su 3 years ago

Basel, a city with plenty of museums, is known as a rich city. My friend who’s familiar with banking world called this place was filled with lots of “old money”. However, what drew me to this city ...

Tête de moine au chocolat

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

This afternoon a girlfriend with a home in Switzerland introduced me to tête de moine au chocolat that she carried back. Now I'm looking to buy this on my own stateside. Where can I find it? ...

Basel, Switzerland

by mardisk 2 years ago

Going to be there for 2 days before a Viking cruise, and I'd appreciate 2 restaurant recommendations for dinner. Looking to spend $35-50 pp, and interested in regional food (rosti, etc.), We're sta...

Group dinner in mountains above Davos for 60 CHF/person

by michaelw 3 years ago

Hello, I'll be organizing a group dinner for about eight people, on a Friday night in summer of 2018. My dream place would be located in the mountains above Davos, accessible by lift/tram. It would...

Cranberries in Zurich???!!!

by lskohn 4 years ago

Trying to make Thanksgiving in Zurich. I brought canned pumpkin from US, and we're using treacle in place of molasses for some baking, but fresh cranberries are proving elusive. Any suggestions o...

Schauenstein Schloss - modern Suisse fine dining at its best!?

by Bu Pun Su 4 years ago

Andreas Caminada and his beloved restaurant Schloss Schauenstein (it’s a 6-room hotel as well) have been one of the hottest chefs and restaurants in their country and the whole Europe. The restaura...

Raclette - Lucerne/Zurich

by macaraca 4 years ago

Long ago I spent some time with friends in Lucerne who took me to a great local spot for raclette...so long ago I only remember how delicious it was. Am planning to visit Lucerne and Zurich May-...

Lucerne, Alsace, Lyon, et al. - Snack Tips Requested

by JohnTalbotWannabe 4 years ago

We will be traveling through parts of Switzerland and France in week or so. We have decided on our restaurant destinations based on others' very helpful posts on CH. (Thank you! We're happy to s...

Good Italian Food in Europe, But Not in Italy

by jnwall 4 years ago

When my wife and I travel, we seek out good Italian restaurants wherever we go. On our most recent trip, we found delicious Italian food in Lausanne, Switzerland, at Ulivo (https://www.facebook...

Kosher in Switzerland in The Summer

by torchef 4 years ago

We are travelling to Switzerland this summer and will be staying near Davos. Can anyone help us with info on kosher food in the area as well as minyanim?

Save Tranhumance, Save Traditional Swiss Cheese

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

While I was familiar with the concept itself, I learned a new word today: Transhumance.

Where to eat in Zurich?

by krystle920 5 years ago

We are visiting Zurich for one night in October. I read that the must-try is the Zurcher Geschnetzeltes. Where can I get the best version of this in Zurich? Zeughauskeller seems atmospheric but tou...

Geneva Switzerland

by rjlebed 11 years ago

Would love any tips that you have for great food finds in Geneva, Switzerland. I will be there next week and would love to find some great treats!

3 days in Zurich

by mvd53 5 years ago

Using a friend's flat as base for exploration, but looking for 3 good dinners while we're there...rumor has it Zurich West is the up and coming hip area. Surely there is some new stuff happening on...

Lausanne, Switzerland

by bitter13 6 years ago

My wife and I are headed to Lausanne in late November to visit some friends. We would like to take them out to dinner to thank them for letting us stay with them. Can anyone recommend a special res...