Sweet Peppers


Sweet or Mild Specialty Peppers

by dfrostnh 1 month ago

Seed catalog fever has struck again. I grew over 30 varieties of peppers a few years ago and discovered some were too hot (Lemon Drop) and some had a fruity flavor I didn't enjoy (Caribbean Season...

Questions about roasting peppers...

by FitMom4Life 6 years ago

I tried roasting peppers for the first time this weekend. I was somewhat disappointed I think, as I felt like I ended up with far less pepper than I have when I just cut them up and cook them. Fo...

what to do with mini sweet peppers

by ChrisKC 8 years ago

I was in Costco this weekend and saw a bag of these. They were multi-colored. They were so cute, I almost bought a bag. But I try not to buy things if I have nothing in mind for them cause then ...

roasted peppers

by spazita 3 years ago

Hi Peeps, I have about 2 cups of roasted red peppers thawed out. What can I make with them?

Pimento Cheese - what kind of peppers

by chowmel 8 years ago

What kind of peppers are used in making pimento cheese ? Are they regular jarred roasted peppers or pickled of some kind ?

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