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Omakase: The Popular Japanese Tasting Tradition Explained

Like many, I was introduced to sushi omakase via the 2011 documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” an artful account of Jiro Ono, the 85-year-old sushi master who operates a 10-seat sushi counter dutifully...

iSushi in Issaquah Head Sushi Chef

by YoungHova 2 years ago

I know this is a shot in the dark but the head itamae at iSushi in Issaquah was LEGIT and I guess they recently opened up their own restaurant. Does anybody happen to know where they went? Any lead...

Budget Sho-style sushi dinner in Tokyo Japan

by jackson12 2 years ago

Hi! I am visiting with my partner to Tokyo and were looking at cheaper options for Sho style sushi. All of the Sho-style dinners are in the high range 30,000 Yen. For Edomae and Kyubey-style there ...

Crispy Seaweed akin to Sugarfish / Kazunori?

by sandok 3 years ago

The seaweed for the hand rolls at Sugarfish and Kazunori are amazing. I'm wondering if it's possible to buy this premium quality of crispy seaweed in an Asian Market. Is there a particular brand ...

Why did Saito Sushi close? Is he still around?

by medicine 3 years ago

I just returned to Los Angeles on a trip after being away for years. Why did Saito Sushi close and is he ok? As a sushi snob, it was one of the best places for traditional sushi, one on one discuss...

Sushisho Masa

by andieg 4 years ago

I will be going to Tokyo next month (end of July) and just landed a reservation at Sushisho Masa, which I am VERY excited about. My boyfriend and I wanted to try one of the high-end sushi-ya and Su...

No Reservation Sushi Lunch Tokyo

by andieg 4 years ago

I'm going on a trip to Tokyo in about a month. I am a HUGE sushi lover and I am beyond excited to eat sushi in Japan! I want to make sure I am making the most out of my time (and money) in Tokyo. ...

Break our Tie?

by sockster 5 years ago

We have one night left and reservations at both Sushi Sho Masa and Sushi Harutaka- Which one should we choose???? I've been to Sho Masa and love it...but got into Harutaka...so can't make up my min...

Help purchasing a yanagiba knife

by elray181 5 years ago

I'm a sushi chef whose pretty much done rolls for a while but I am learning sashimi and nigiri and usually use the knives that are at work, but id like to purchase one now. I currently have a globa...

Sushi Grade Fish in San Francisco

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 6 years ago

Hounds, any tips for the best Sushi grade fish in San Francisco or within a 20 minute drive? Japan town is surprisingly sparse. I will check out Nijiya market soon, but what about any other optio...

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