What Asian dish brings you comfort or reminds you of home?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

The Washington Post asks for reader submissions. "Food can be a great source of comfort, especially now during the pandemic. In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month,...

Restaurant Survey

by wclark22 1 year ago

Hello, I️ am an interior design student that needs information of personal opinion of restaurants.

Vietnamese Sweets

by DannyN 2 years ago

I'm making a range of sweets using Vietnamese recipes and I'm really in need of opinions about it to know whether or not its worth to make it into a product and sell it. If you are just bored fr...

Efficiency in the kitchen

by ben7kelly 2 years ago

Hello, fellow home cookers my name is Ben Kelly and I'm a product designer looking to enhance your home kitchen. I'm hoping to design products that help conserve space and time. All suggestions wou...

Italian Ice Cream Survey

by Giovanni_Italy 2 years ago

Hello everyone, i'm a student of International Business Management, writing from Italy. We are currently working on a marketing project and we're really pushing ourselves to get a good mark :) But ...

Kitchen knives reinvented

by suekitchenfox 2 years ago

We are team of friends, cooks and designers, we all love great food and good products. We strive to redefine kitchen essentials, starting with a set of amazing knives. If you're passionate about kn...

Seeking Fearless Foodies

by hmarano 2 years ago

I am an editor with a well-known magazine working on an article about thrill-seeking and looking to talk to, and eventually photograph, one or more people who use food as a source of sensations, wh...

Recipe Development Survey

by Research_Lisa 3 years ago

Seeking professional chefs and mixologists for participation in Paid Research

Help with a School Project!

by brocolton 3 years ago

Hello! For my capstone engineering project, my team and I are tackling a problem that most people have when cooking. By completing this form, you're helping us do research on a common issues that ...

International Cooking/Meal-Kit-Related Questions

by kris_10 3 years ago

Would you buy a meal kit that specialized in international dishes, which was more expensive than Blue Apron but gave you access to ingredients that you can't buy at your local grocery store? Wha...

Vote for your fave restaurants in Cult MTL's Best of MTL poll

by amylnitrate 4 years ago

There's one week left to vote in our readers poll and once again I'd like to encourage the savvy Chowhound community to participate: http://cultmontreal.com/votebestofmtl/ Lorraine Carpenter ...

Recipe Development Survey - Less than 5 mins!

by bEAT 4 years ago

Hi All, I'm doing some research on the recipe development process and I was hoping to get some responses from other recipe creators like myself. The survey will take less than 5 mins I promi...

Survey on meal kit industry - pls help us

by bluecheese07 4 years ago

Hi, we are a group of graduate students at Cornell. We are doing a market research on meal kit industry, and would like to perform a survey for feedback. Please help us finish our project. Thanks i...

Home Baker Research

by Sugar_in_space 4 years ago

Hello! we are a group of students from a masters program and we are conducting a quick survey to improve the life of home bakers!! takes only 2.5 minutes to answer.. thank you very much!!

What's the grudge against Manhattan Clam Chowder?

by gutreactions 4 years ago

I really enjoyed my bowl of tomato-based Manhattan Clam Chowder last night at Artie's Steak & Seafood on City Island in the Bronx. It was loaded with product and soothingly delicious. I made a meal...

Survey for developing an app that helps with locating and finding new restaurants

by apandey09 4 years ago

Hello all. I made a survey as part of my capstone project for a design class that I'm currently enrolled in. As mentioned in the title, my project idea is creating an app for locating and finding n...

How do you dine out?

by Christine9120 4 years ago

I'm working on an infographic for San Diego Magazine on dining out habits. It'll publish in the June issue. If you live in SD and are down to share your dining out experiences and preferences, ...

What Unusual (i.e. "Necessary") Cooking Gadgets Do You Have?

by TheLateNightGourmet 5 years ago

Pots and pans. Knives and spoons. Bowls, whisks, sieves...everyone has these in their kitchen, even people who don't cook. But, what about the fun stuff? What did you see someone use on "Chopped" t...

Why Do You Cook?

by TheLateNightGourmet 5 years ago

If only polls were supported on Chowhound, this would be an ideal spot for one. But, lacking that, we can free form our answers. If this were a poll, I would have provided the following choices, bu...

Do you need your own cooking assistant?

by tikkirey 5 years ago

Hi guys, I'm Oleg, a Product Manager at helloegg.net. We are building a smart device, which is going to help people to cook great home-made meals with step-by-step video and voice instructions. We...