What Is the Difference Between Crab and Krab?

If you’re anything like me, not much beats cracking into a bucket of sweet crabs at one of Florida’s outposts, like Ft. Lauderdale’s beloved Rustic Inn or world famous Joe's Stone Crab. Not to be outdone...

When did fake crab meat become so ubiquitous? And why isn't anyone else complaining?

dinin and dishin
by dinin and dishin 15 years ago

A recent post on Hiro Sushi mentioned fake crab and got me thinking. I can't remember the last time I found anyone using real crab--except if you order a whole one. It used to be that exceptional s...

Homemade Mock Crab

by peskin 10 years ago

I really would like to have mock crab... but they don't sell it in my country as far as I can tell. Anyone have any idea how I might make my own imitation crab meat, what fish to use, what other i...

How can "Krab" be Spelled"Crab?"

by chezron 6 years ago

Even though, for some inexplicable, reason fake "Krab" doesn't have to be spelled differently on menus, and you have to ASK if it is real or some stupid, made-in-a-lab extruded concoction of chemic...

What can I do with this stuff?

by kimocat 7 years ago

While walking through a Sam's Club this week, a 3and 1/2 lb. bag of frozen seafood ended up in my cart. It is a mixture of shrimp, octopus, squid, mussels and surimi. Does anyone have any good re...

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