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SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana Just Released 3 Stunning Appliances You Probably Can't Afford

Have you ever wished your drab kitchen appliances better matched your couture-only closet? Well if you have, and you’ve also got a few grand collecting dusts, you can solve this classic quandary quite...

Your Best Thrift/Estate/Yard Find?

by kaleokahu 6 days ago

Prompted by tcamp, the joys of stealing a great piece of cookware at junk store prices is had to beat. For me, it's like finding that long-lost Whistler painting. So what was it? Aloha, Kaleo

Any ideas where I can sell an AGA stove?!

by gobybee 2 years ago

I'm looking for guidance/suggestions/recommendations - we bought a house that has an AGA cast iron 4-burner gas cooker and we're trying to find an appropriate avenue to sell it to someone who would...

Why Does Boiling Water in Oven Take Higher Temperature Than Stove?

by westes 1 month ago

I am boiling water in a decent quality saucepan that is three-ply, with thick sidewalls. The pan will bring water to boil on a low-end induction plate set to 275F. But if I put the same pan wit...

Induction coil size and sensor size interaction

by graymatter 26 days ago

I am looking into various cookware for my new induction cooktop (have a separate thread for that), but the decision on sizing for various pots and pans should be determined by the coil size. The pr...

Claus - What Other Kitchen Appliances Do You Own?

by rei17 6 months ago

Hi Claus, we know you have an amazing array of top notch pots and pans. Also, knives ! What other kitchen appliances and brands do you have? Coffee/Expresso Maker ? Induction Top Cooking ? ...

Samsung Convection Bake vs Convection Roast

by loves2cook82 3 months ago

I recently got a new range, the Samsung Flex Duo with Dual Fuel (NY63T8751SS). The manual is awful and does nothing to describe the functionality of the different cooking modes. All it says is Conv...

New to posting, but sure need the ChowHounds! Need stove help fast!!

by HadesHnds 7 years ago

Dearest ChowHounds, I need you. Soon. And a right up there, an apology from the start if I didn't post correctly/in the wrong department. If I did, please give me explicit directons (suitable for t...

Russell Range 36" Gas Range for sale

by amyblack 3 months ago

Russell Range 6 burner 36" Gas Range in great working condition. Each burner is 15,000 BTU burner. I love this range top but unfortunately it will not fit in our redesign of our kitchen.

Highest Quality Induction Adapter/Plate for Non-Induction Cookware

by 7nkWAR9lAPnmzKRlhYAD 5 months ago

I'm looking for an induction adapter/plate of the highest quality (e.g. clad/3+-ply), price is no object. If this is the only way to use my existing French copper pans, so be it. It seems most p...

Copper cookware and new electric appliance mandates

by vparrish 5 months ago

I know there has been some discussion about induction cook tops being incompatible with copper pans. The SF Bay area and Silicon Valley are mostly mandating that all new constructions must have all...

Russell Range Info Please -- any info?

by MPmill 12 years ago

We're remodeling our kitchen and we've been offered a used Russell Range. We haven't been able to find any info about this manufacturer or brand, except that it seems (judging from one other post ...

Staub Frying Pan Convex On The Inside?

by KevPang 6 months ago

Hi Guys, Got this 28cm Staub Frying Pan about 2 months ago. Cooked with it a few times, but I realized something: 1) Base is not completely flat, if I tap on the edge of the pan with some pr...

Trouble with Viking Induction Range, Again!

by KRSWV 4 years ago

Five years ago, I renovated my kitchen. I needed a new stove, fell in LOVE with a Viking range. I really wanted induction, needed a slide-in, and 30 inches worked best with my island and modest siz...

falling oven grates???

by pengcast 11 years ago

My Mom bought the most expensive Kenmore range from Sears 2-3 years ago. Lately, the oven grates have been falling off the little runner shelves (I can not think of the technical term). Has anyon...

New Wolf knobs on an old Wolf range

by fre1102 7 months ago

Hi all, We just bought a house with a Wolf range in it. It works great and we like it. The only downside is one of the knobs is broken. My wife mentioned she'd like the new-style "round" knobs a...

ZLine Dual Fuel Range

by kittyfood 9 months ago

I recently bought a ZLine dual fuel range. When the oven is on, there is always the noise of a fan, as if the convection feature is turned on, and there is some air blowing out above the oven door....

Best oil for high heat searing?

by CHSeifert 9 months ago

I know this a cookware forum, but I spend most of my time here. What type of oil do you use for your daily cooking? I’ve spent thousands of kroner/$/€ on EV olive oils, but no matter what ol...

Diffuser plate/slab for more even and constant searing?

by Sear101 10 months ago

The purpose: Searing a protein on a non-reactive surface, 18/10, after a sous vide cook. The problem: My stainless pans won’t hold up to temperature drop. My Himalayan salt rock does do the job...

Which pans do you keep around but rarely use?

by CHSeifert 12 months ago

Lee inspired me to make this thread. I wonder what pans you still keep in your arsenal, but never or very rarely actually use for cooking? I have a heck of a lot of pans, so for those of us ...

Radiant electric glass cooktop/range. Am I crazy?

by anniette 11 months ago

I have had a 36” 6 burner Viking range for 30 years. I would never have considered even looking at an electric range; I thought them a hindrance to good cooking. And yet, here I am at a beach co...