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Gas Stove Won't Stop Clicking

by koshie 10 years ago

My gas stove will not stop ticking. It ticks after the burner is on and even after I turn off the burners. I have t...


alexrander commented 1 day ago

High End Range

by Antoniad 6 days ago

We are thinking about purchasing a Jenn Air model JDRP 30 inch dual fuel range. Any thoughts about this brand/model?...


alexrander commented 1 day ago

Stove keeps clicking on or off position

by Debi917 1 day ago

I have a Kenmore yes stove model number 790-75761002 and the igniter keeps clicking whether I have the stove on or of...


beevod commented 1 day ago

High end range, Thinking of bluestar

by shahsmerdis 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm looking to replace our viking 30 inch range that from day one has been an issue. We have learned to ...


alexrander commented 3 days ago

La Cornue Fe Range Purchase

by foodseek 8 years ago

Most likely I am suffering buyers remorse since it is only days away from the new range/stove being delivered. Before...


justasmidge commented 12 days ago

Wolf range owners - Help troubleshoot my infrared broiler

by letsindulge 13 days ago

The unit had been in a income property for many years, so now I'm attempting to recollect if the broiler unit is work...


alexrander commented 13 days ago

Best alternative to a 36" BlueStar RNB six burner gas range?

by vlewis 8 months ago

I am in the process of building a new home and had my heart set on getting a 36" Blue Star RNB six burner gas range. ...


Libranflight commented 15 days ago

Vintage Kenmore Electric Stove - Need some help!

by Missnish 6 years ago

Hi - My husband and I just bought a house with a vintage Kenmore electric stove and I'm having trouble identifying wh...


DawnArkansas13 commented 19 days ago

Cast aluminum on a glass top stove

by helense 20 days ago

I’m lending a friend my huge Guardian Serviceware turkey roaster for the holiday so she can cook her turkey on top of...

helense commented 19 days ago

falling oven grates???

by pengcast 8 years ago

My Mom bought the most expensive Kenmore range from Sears 2-3 years ago. Lately, the oven grates have been falling o...

wekick commented 23 days ago

How to brown meat with All-Clad?

by helena143 26 days ago

My All-Clad experience is not going well. I tried to make chicken fajitas yesterday and the chicken came out gray and...


helena143 commented 26 days ago

Rechauds--Plan A or Plan B? And why?

by kaleokahu 28 days ago

OK, so everyone here should by now be familiar with Plan A: Hound has gas or electric, has heard the drumbeat for in...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 26 days ago

The Cooking Tools of your dreams

by drrayeye 1 month ago

No matter what you have, there's always something more or something different to make your cooking just a little more...

rasputina commented 1 month ago

Staub v LC skillet

by imanewbie 2 months ago

Conveniently ATK didn’t include Staub in its test. I know the Staub v LC is an age old debate. But wondering s...


HabaneroLady commented 1 month ago

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Self clean oven

by lovepotion9 2 months ago

I pushed the self clean button on the oven, and now the timer won't stop going off. I tried cancelling many times and...

Ranges - sealed vs. open burners

by kittyfood 9 months ago

What are the advantages of open burners versus sealed burners? We have been looking at Blue Star and similar 30" rang...


ChrisJM commented 2 months ago

vintage stoves?

by bolletje 11 years ago

Does anyone here have a vintage stove? I'm thinking about saving up to buy a restored one from the 1920's or 30's th...


Stovewhisperer commented 2 months ago

Will my cast iron heat evenly even though it will be larger than the eye of my stove

by imanewbie 2 months ago

I'm thinking about a large LC braised or a 6qt shallow round Staub - either way, all the heating elements on my elect...


alexrander commented 2 months ago

Defective Oven: Right to Replacement vs. Fixing

by SAJ28 2 months ago

Our new Thermador 60 inch Pro Grand Dual Fuel Range has a couple of defects, bent spindles creating 2 difficult-to-tu...


SAJ28 commented 2 months ago

Ikea Praktfull Pro 36" Gas Range?

by Julia_K 6 years ago

I've been thinking about buying a gas stove and have been trying to figure out which one to get. I do not want to spe...


jbuck commented 2 months ago