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Staub v LC skillet

by imanewbie 4 months ago

Conveniently ATK didn’t include Staub in its test. I know the Staub v LC is an age old debate. But wondering s...

GlassOfCab commented 1 day ago

High End Range

by Antoniad 3 months ago

We are thinking about purchasing a Jenn Air model JDRP 30 inch dual fuel range. Any thoughts about this brand/model?...


OaklandGal commented 1 day ago

Induction Ranges - Any recommendations?

by Politiceaux 11 days ago

I'm going to soon be replacing the radiant electric range in my new home with induction. Unfortunately gas is not an ...


Politiceaux commented 11 days ago

Looking to Purchase 48-inch Gas Range, Help!

by Dumplingwarrior 21 days ago

I'm looking to upgrade my kitchen, with a pro style gas range and griddle for a 2X/month cooking club called the Dum...


ChrisJM commented 15 days ago

Reference PICs--What, Besides Vollrath Mirage Pro?

by kaleokahu 17 days ago

I need to buy a few portable induction hobs for the lab. My first choice, for many reasons, is the VMP. But what ...

drrayeye commented 17 days ago

Viking Range Hood Cleaning Nightmare

by liveforfood 7 years ago

Has anyone had the following similar experience with their Viking Range Hood? We have a VCWH 3048/SS model over our ...


william1620 commented 19 days ago

Gas Stove Won't Stop Clicking

by koshie 10 years ago

My gas stove will not stop ticking. It ticks after the burner is on and even after I turn off the burners. I have t...


rapperpopperxpl commented 20 days ago

Owning and using an old timey cookstove

by Nyleve 29 days ago

Branching off from another discussion that veered into the topic of my wood cookstove. Kaleokahu suggested starting a...


dfrostnh commented 23 days ago

Cast iron griddle top confusion

by cassmaps 26 days ago

So I have a cast iron griddle top and a gas stove, when I put the griddle on the stove grates the griddle is off kilt...


Autumm2 commented 26 days ago

Opinions on NXR or Bluestar gas range?

by sablon 8 years ago

I've been looking around to find a good reasonably priced but still pro-style gas range - and just saw the NXR brand...


Tod1525 commented 26 days ago

Advice on Range ventilation problem/possible solution

by janniecooks 7 years ago

We're considering a new house with an over-the-range microwave that doubles as the range hood. Problem is that the m...


xflags commented 29 days ago

One day I will have a Chambers stove. Do you have one? If so, tell me about it. The good the bad and the ugly...

by iL Divo 7 years ago

I want a Chambers stove/oven/broiler and one day I will own one. A couple of years ago a man had one on Ebay that I ...


chrisatwell45 commented 1 month ago

New Bosch Gas Stove Can't Boil Water...

by krisrishere 1 month ago

After much research and deliberation, I settled on this Bosch range below. Three weeks later (and $2,000), I've trie...

Eiron commented 1 month ago

Using Ranges with French Top

by PiperBob 1 month ago

I'm curious about ranges with French tops. I've never used one, or even seen one in use. For people who have them,...


damiano commented 1 month ago

Emergency Cooking

by dcrb 1 month ago

In the event of an emergency, loss of power, natural disaster, etc. this little camp stove might see you and your fam...


PiperBob commented 1 month ago

The Cooking Tools of your dreams

by drrayeye 4 months ago

No matter what you have, there's always something more or something different to make your cooking just a little more...


SognSpatula commented 1 month ago

SS Clad cookware that won't warp?

by hellosir 1 month ago

I have an electric coil stovetop (exposed coils that pans rest on), with 8" and 6" coils. A year ago I bought a Cuisi...

drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Oven Liners?

by FillmoeSF 1 month ago

I have a gas range with convection oven and would like to put some type of liner on the bottom of the oven to catch d...

dcrb commented 1 month ago

How Do You Use Your Warming Drawer?

by jessinEC 7 years ago

Through a stroke of good luck, I managed to buy a used GE Profile Range & Oven in perfect condition for $75. It inclu...


medlar commented 2 months ago

Wolf R304 range please

by Juniperberry11 5 years ago

Hi, I am really hoping some seasoned cooks and owners of this range or other similar gas ranges can help me out. Y...


rstack commented 2 months ago