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Whole Foods Fair Lakes Opening approx Jan 2007

by Lowbar 15 years ago

Not sure if anyone else who lives/works in this area is anticipating the opening of the new Whole Foods...but that which was once planned for mid-2006 has now been pushed back into January 2007 at ...

Trader Joe's in West End DC Opening September 1!!!

by Lori D 15 years ago

There's a sign outside the entrance (on 25th Street, at the new condo where Columbia Hospital used to be) announcing this. As I'm sure the Chowhound Team will announce, discussion on Trader Joe'...

Trader Joe's Opening - Anyone Going Today?

by j_flo 15 years ago

The TJ's at 25th and L streets NW opened this morning. I'm just curious how many of you are going to drop by today or this weekend. I'm going straight from work. Who's going? Who doesn't care?

Opening date for Whole Foods in Fair Lakes?

by Lowbar 15 years ago

anybody have any idea when the whole foods in fair lakes is going to open? website says something like "to be announced" but it appears that most of the major construction work is done...

Alice on Sabatical, Thomas opening a butcher shop & more

by rworange 15 years ago

This week's Inside Scoop was pretty interesting. Alice Waters is one-month in to a six month sabatical. Thomas Keller is opening Bouchon Boucherie next winter in Yountville. It will also be a...

City Bakery (asheville) opening on Biltmore Ave

by leah 15 years ago

for all you baked good aficionados - saw in the Mtn Express today that City Bakery is opening on Biltmore Ave - I assume in the old Blue Moon site - don't know when but I think soon.

Hunt Valley Wegmans Opening

by Jon Parker 16 years ago

Like a complete idiot, I drove clear across town to be at Wegmans for their opening. What a madhouse -- I expected a fair amount of people, but there was a line of shopping carts stretching back fo...

Whole Foods opening in Woburn

by mcel215 16 years ago

I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but Whole Foods is opening a store in Woburn. The exact location is on Cambridge St., near the Winchester line. The date to open, has not been announced ...

Roland Park's Stone Mill Bakery in Bmore -- is it re-opening?

by pen 16 years ago

This used to be a favorite stop-off on my daily walks, but due to March 2004's fire, it has remained boarded up. Does anyone know if they plan to re-open this location? I miss their brown sugar l...

Whole Foods Opening this month

by Smithers 16 years ago

FYI The Whole Foods location at Union Square is opening this month.

Whole Foods/Union Square opening date!

by Tom Steele 16 years ago

I was just told by an impeccable source that the opening date for the Union Square edition of Whole Foods will be March 17 (St. Patrick's Day). Presumably, they'll have the same sort of fanfare and...

SoMa Whole Foods Opening

by Paul H 17 years ago

Over the past few months, it has been fun to watch the progress of the new Whole Foods store at the corner of Harrison and 4th. I heard last night that the official opening date is Wednesday, Jan...

New Trader Joe's Opening Friday in Sacramento

by Ann Vuletich 17 years ago

I am so excited. The Saturday paper reported in the business section (Gene Shallitt, I think) that Trader Joe's on Folsom Blvd. (around 51st) will open Friday morning. I drive by the site twice a...

When is Trader Joe's in Hadley opening?

by port 18 years ago

Last I heard it was mid-September. I drove over there last weekend and the store was empty--no shelves yet. Anybody know if they have set a date?

Trader Joe's opening in Philly

by Doree 18 years ago

Hi everyone, I've read the posts about the upcoming opening of Trader Joe's in Center City, and I'm working on a story for a local newspaper about the opening. If you're planning on patronizing t...

bakery opening

by rich 18 years ago

i don't know if anybody cares or not, but kellers bakery, located next to bouchon, yountville, officially opened this morning. rich

Whole Foods opening in Union Square

by Matthew 19 years ago

in Crain's NY today: -Murray's Cheese opening in Grand Central -Dean+Deluca opening on 85th+Mad -Whole Foods in USQ

Last word on Trader Joes Opening

by Paulette 18 years ago

Just got off the phone with one of the managers of the Trader Joes in Chicago. Grand opening day definately November 15th. By the way the lease was signed on Clybourn but will not be opening until ...

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