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Guatemalan Bakery opening soon in Lawrence, MA?

by Infomaniac 10 years ago

I saw a sign about a new Guatemalan bakery opening soon next to T & N Pho on S. Broadway where the Asian Market was. Not exactly sure when they are opening but I did see they are actively renovatin...

New Whole Foods opening at Foggy Bottom

by shellymck 10 years ago

GW announced today that a new Whole Foods will open on campus next year. If you want to read more see this: http://www.gwu.edu/explore/gwtoday/onaroundcampus/agroceryforgw?utm_source=gwtodayemail...

Hollywood Trader Joe's Opening Next Friday

by Chandavkl 10 years ago

Trader Joe's is ready to open their new store on Vine and Selma (that's where the entrance is even though they call it the Hollywood and Vine store). While this would be by far the closest locati...

Is Lakota Bakery opening in Belmont?

by Jpan99 10 years ago

I heard from someone who heard from someone that Lakota was opening a store in Belmont Center, in what used to be a book store. Can anyone confirm? ----- Lakota Bakery 1373 Massachusetts Ave, Arl...

Susie Cakes (bakery from LA) Greenbrae (Marin County) Grand Opening Sat 1/23/10 11-4p

by hhc 10 years ago

Susie Cakes has a SF Bay Area shop in Greenbrae (Marin County). Grand Opening this Sat 1/23/10 from 11-4. I've not heard of them before, but website looks good. 10 golden tickets to win great pr...

Any news on Bernal's Sandbox Bakery opening?

by Atomica 11 years ago

Does anyone have scoop on when Mutsumi Takehara's new bakery is ever going to open on Cortland in Bernal Heights? It was slated for April, but did not appear.

Trader Joe's opening in Palo Alto Town & Country Village Fri 12/4/09

by hhc 10 years ago

I read that TJ is opening up on Fri 12/4/09 in Palo Alto Town & Country Village, 855 El Camino Real. Parking is going to be crazy there. Trader Joe's Palo Alto (207) - Open December 4th 855...

PHL - Green Aisle Grocery opening today on E Passyunk

by Buckethead 10 years ago

http://philadelphia.grubstreet.com/2009/11/green_aisle_grocery_opens_toda.html I have been looking forward to this, usually in my house we rely on our CSA in the summer and Farm to City in the win...

Raleigh Trader Joe's opening date

by meatn3 11 years ago

Sue Stock with the N & O mentions in her blog: http://www.newsobserver.com/business/columnists_blogs/stock/story/57672.html that this Trader Joe's will open 10/30!

There's a new Trader Joes location opening in San Mateo...

by rednails 11 years ago

in the old Good Guys/Tower Records location opposite Hillsdale Mall. It looks like they are taking up the whole building, which is huge for a food store. I don't know when they are opening, but I...

Trader Joe's - while UWSers wait for its opening ...

by uwsgrazer 11 years ago

Anyone hear news of when Trader Joe's may open at 72nd & Broadway? The new building that will presumably house it seems to be coming along nicely. In the meantime, I happened to visit Atlantic A...

MSP: St. Paul Trader Joe's Opening

by jeanmt 11 years ago

Just drove past the St. Paul Trader Joe's site at Lexington and Randolph. Grand opening will be June 26th, according to a banner. I myself can't wait. Hope I'm not disappointed (this is right n...

Paramus Whole Foods Sneak Peak & Grande Opening

by sixelagogo 11 years ago

I checked onto WF website to see about when Paramus' store was opening and found out 2 things: There's a Sneak Peak happening on St. Patty's day (tues, march 17) though the store will open on Thur...

Trader Joe's Stonestown opening Wed 12/10/08?

by Nancy Berry 11 years ago

I heard that the new Trader Joe's in Stonestown near Borders and McDonald's will open on Wednesday, 12/10 -- the day after tomorrow!! Has anyone heard anything about this? --NancyB

Brick Street Bakery opening in the Beach!

by dragonflygrl 12 years ago

I was on the Queen streetcar yesterday and noticed a sign for Brick Street Bakery just east of Alex's Cheese near Kennilworth. Anyone have an idea of when they plan to open?

Whole Foods in Tribeca opening on July 9!

by kobetobiko 12 years ago

For those who live in downtown (Battery Park City and Tribeca), we finally will have a decent place for grocery: http://nymag.com/restaurants/openings/48300/

When is Crumbs bakery opening in Larchmont?

by Josh90004 12 years ago

Saw the sign yesterday, across from the wine/sandwich place. Any info on the opening?

Whole Foods in Glastonbury CT - opening day

by dugbee 12 years ago

I figured this should be split off from the other Glastonbury thread. I heeded no warnings, and just spent a little while wandering around the new location on its opening day. I have a particular s...

Whole Foods in Medford Opening Date ?

by mr mangia 12 years ago

Anybody know when the former Wild Oats will reopen as Whole Foods. I know Whole Foods took over the Wild Oats change in an acquisition a while back.

Chocolate shop opening in the ground floor of the Toy Factory tonight?

by robyn90068 12 years ago

Just walked by the new chocolate shop that's opening tonight in the ground floor of the Toy Factory. The owner was standing outside but wasn't very forthcoming...Does anyone know anything about thi...