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Farview Slopes / Cambie Village / Mt. Pleasant / Riley Park Happenings

by LotusRapper 4 years ago

Golden Great Wall (Broadway/Heather) is now re-branded as Shanghai Lu. No idea if ownership is same.: http://www.u...

grayelf commented 29 days ago

Salt and Straw | San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Salt and Straw from Portland made a big entrance to San Francisco, kicking off with a couple of pop-ups, and then the...

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Healthy Bev Bar @ Star Pharmacy & Gifts | Salinas

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Star Pharmacy & Gifts opened in June. I was in there during the early days to check out the Healthy Bev Bar. The staf...

Gala Market, Riverhead

by Motosport 7 months ago

After King Kullen pulled out of Riverhead Gala Market took over the space. It's bright and spacious with a very ni...

Motosport commented 6 months ago

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Penzeys reopens at new location - Stuyvesant Plaza (Albany)

by Roger K 7 months ago

After closing at Crossgates Mall about 9 months ago, Penzeys has reopened in Stuyvesant Plaza. They are located on th...

New Whole Foods at Bryant Park

by nycguy20011 10 months ago

The new Whole Foods at Bryant Park opened this past Sunday. Huge location with 2 floors, plenty of seating areas and,...

Motosport commented 9 months ago

Trader Joe's in Downtown San Francisco in Early October [opening Feb 16, 2017]

by marssy 1 year ago

It is official! Looking forward to learning all about this new location's products in the Trader Joe's Yay / Nay / Me...

hhc commented 9 months ago

Taboon | Kosher bakery in San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Per davidg's tip , Taboon opene...


cappucino commented 10 months ago

Noahs Supermarket (11 and Lahser)

by syrup09 11 months ago

After many years of vancancy Noah's Supermarket is talking up the space that occupied by the long departed Farme...


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by phee 11 months ago


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Pusateri's Food Hall under SAKS in Eaton Centre

by pourboi 1 year ago

Looks like the Pusateri's Food Hall under SAKS south of the Eaton Centre is now open. Looks a lot better than their s...

dxs commented 11 months ago

Stongs reopening soon?

by J and V 12 months ago

We have been missing the personal/local touch of Stongs since they closed the old store in May while the new one at 2...

Scoffier commented 12 months ago

New Lawrenceville (Princeton) Costco

by ebchower 1 year ago

I checked out this new Costco today. Not much different to report, with its main advantage being that it's on its ow...

wench31 commented 1 year ago

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TWG Tea Opening on Georgia St

by Sam Salmon 1 year ago

High end Tea continues to appear on offer today driving by on Georgia St who did I spot but TWG Tea- it turns out the...

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Pusateris Oakville Place

by LJS2 1 year ago

The store opened last weekend. I took a brief look. I had not been to any of their other stores in over 20 years. It ...

Sprouts Opening in Oakland (Jan 13)

by ML8000 2 years ago

Sprouts will open a new store (built new I believe) on Jan 13., 3001 Broadway/30th st. I've only been to a Sprout...

Mission commented 1 year ago