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Freezer Storage Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Your Cool

Freezer storage is a little bit art and a little bit science, with some good sense and nifty tricks mixed in. These handy tips will help you get your freezer organized and keep your food from getting...

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Glass food storage: Luminarc vs Pyrex vs GlassLock?

by skyline 9 years ago

Thinking about getting rid of the Rubbermaid Serve'n'Saver food storage containers we now have, and switching to glass. We also have a bunch of the Ziploc two-cup round containers with the screw-on...

All Clad Lid Storage

by ginarcameron 3 years ago

Our All Clad pots and pans hang and look lovely. Our All Clad lids are jumbled in a drawer and I inevitably have to pull 2 or 3 out before I find one that fits. How do you organize your All Clad ...

Getting odors out of tupperware/plastic containers?

by FML 18 years ago

What's the best way to get smells out of plastic storage containers? Despite my constant scrubbing and frequent washing, my tupperware often retains the odors of the previously stored item.

Washing Plastic Containers Covers in the DW

by mobiledynamics 4 years ago

For those that wash your plastic in your DW, I'd love to reexplore this question It has been posted and discussed at one point.... For my glasslock containers, I handwash my covers. Mainly as th...

Sugar dispenser - Italian bars

by itryalot 12 years ago

I am looking for a sugar dispenser for a gift. The couple fell in love with the ones they saw all throughout Italy and France. Stainless steel, I think, and the top opened/closed automatically. ...

Stainless steel fusti for water?

by faycat 4 years ago

My husband was recently admiring a stainless steel Dinuba fusti used to dispense water at a cafe near us, and saying that he wants to switch from using our plastic filter pitcher (Soma) for water s...

Is there a name for the flippable spice jars in professional kitchens?

by drjlm 4 years ago

Hi folks, I'm something of a curry afficionado and trying to set up my home kitchen with all the tools that the pros use. One piece of kit that I keep coming across in instructional videos ar...

Best glass storage containers

by skyisred 5 years ago

So I want to go berserk and replace all my plastic containers with glass. They need to be freezer save and ideally, unbreakable. I've looked at Pyrex, Anchor Hocking, and Wean Green. Which one woul...

Help with my unruly spice containers & condiment bottles

by cstout 5 years ago

I have a ton of spices that are driving me crazy. I am looking at squatty tin boxes, tall glass jars, cardboard containers & hard plastic bottles. Oh yes, even some in plastic packets from the bulk...

Airtight Containers: Has it been proven that they really keep foods fresh longer?

by suswang 4 years ago

I know conventional wisdom tells us this; I'm just wondering if there is any quasi-scientific evidence (involving testing for bacteria, etc.) to back it up? For example, if I sauteed vegetable...

Vanilla extract: Store in eyedropper bottle?

by Enso 5 years ago

I'm tired of vanilla extract dribbling all over the bottle when I pour some out. I'm thinking of storing it in a bottle with an eyedropper cap. Pros and cons? (factual ones, please; assumptions ...

What do you buy your spice jars?

by StringerBell 9 years ago

I really need to organize my dried herbs and spices. Most of them I buy from ethnic stores and most of the time they come in really awful plastic with paper labels at the top that are cumbersome a...

Glass Butter Dish for Plugra or Kerrigold?

by zigzag17 4 years ago

Anyone know of a glass or non-toxic/plastic butter dish sized for Plugra or Kerrigold?

Wide mouth jars that pour

by Fritz 4 years ago

looking for wide mouth 64 oz jar to transfer local cider into from plastic jug that affects taste. also to store malt barley syrup for bread baking. and/or replacement screw top lids for jars in ...

Food Storage/Dry goods in Mason Jars?

by PutSomethingTogether 6 years ago

I was looking for a way to store grains, pasta, flour, cereal, etc. etc in glass containers without spending alot of money. So I bought some Ball Wide mouth Mason jars in different sizes with plast...

Weck jars Boston

by grant.cook 5 years ago

Anyplace in Boston/Cambridge (Boston Metro) that carries a good selection of Weck jars... I am looking for their Deli lines (sort of a concave design) but just want to see them and buy a couple rat...

Best flour/ingredient container that doesn't allow light degradation (and is it necessary?)

by Pirendeus 5 years ago

I've asked for help with selecting ingredient containers in the past, but I'm still hitting a brick wall. It seems 99% of kitchen containers are clear glass/plastic, and the remainder are not durab...

Help finding a solid wood flatware chest

by GibsonGirl55 5 years ago

My husband and I ran across a vintage set of silverplate flatware that had been stored away and forgotten. The pieces are badly tarnished and earmarked for professional restoration. I'd like to fin...

Glasslock Storage Container Blues

by chefwong 5 years ago

I've had several iterations of the Glasslock line....our 1st stash was the ~not oven safe~ ones. When it came time to add more, I compared them to the Pyrex variant. I really like the ~seal~ on the...

Dispensing, non-glass bottles

by Enso 5 years ago

Need containers that can dispense liquids: • don't leak when dispensing, and • have a tight cap or closure. • Also, not glass/breakable, and • can see how much liquid is left.