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Stainless steel fusti for water?

by faycat 2 months ago

My husband was recently admiring a stainless steel Dinuba fusti used to dispense water at a cafe near us, and saying ...

rasputina commented 2 months ago

Is there a name for the flippable spice jars in professional kitchens?

by drjlm 3 months ago

Hi folks, I'm something of a curry afficionado and trying to set up my home kitchen with all the tools that the pr...


MikeG commented 3 months ago

What to freeze homemade broth in?

by Starr5678 5 years ago

I make my own broth and have been struggling to find an easy frozen storage solution. I want to freeze in 1 cup port...


MucousMembrane commented 3 months ago

Best glass storage containers

by skyisred 1 year ago

So I want to go berserk and replace all my plastic containers with glass. They need to be freezer save and ideally, u...


JenGilhoi commented 4 months ago

Help with my unruly spice containers & condiment bottles

by cstout 2 years ago

I have a ton of spices that are driving me crazy. I am looking at squatty tin boxes, tall glass jars, cardboard conta...


dianerda commented 5 months ago

Parts for clamp lid storage jars

by amohler 6 months ago

I have a lot of jars with clamp lids I use for storing food. I often take off the lid for washing in the dishwasher....

hill food commented 6 months ago

Airtight Containers: Has it been proven that they really keep foods fresh longer?

by suswang 6 months ago

I know conventional wisdom tells us this; I'm just wondering if there is any quasi-scientific evidence (involving tes...


Bigley9 commented 6 months ago

Vanilla extract: Store in eyedropper bottle?

by Enso 1 year ago

I'm tired of vanilla extract dribbling all over the bottle when I pour some out. I'm thinking of storing it in a bott...

drrayeye commented 7 months ago

What do you buy your spice jars?

by StringerBell 5 years ago

I really need to organize my dried herbs and spices. Most of them I buy from ethnic stores and most of the time they...


cancooktoo commented 7 months ago

Glass Butter Dish for Plugra or Kerrigold?

by zigzag17 7 months ago

Anyone know of a glass or non-toxic/plastic butter dish sized for Plugra or Kerrigold?

NE_Wombat commented 7 months ago

Wide mouth jars that pour

by Fritz 8 months ago

looking for wide mouth 64 oz jar to transfer local cider into from plastic jug that affects taste. also to store mal...


Fritz commented 8 months ago

Sugar dispenser - Italian bars

by itryalot 8 years ago

I am looking for a sugar dispenser for a gift. The couple fell in love with the ones they saw all throughout Italy an...


itryalot commented 8 months ago

Food Storage/Dry goods in Mason Jars?

by PutSomethingTogether 2 years ago

I was looking for a way to store grains, pasta, flour, cereal, etc. etc in glass containers without spending alot of ...


MikeG commented 9 months ago

Where oh where did all the Baggies go?

by soccermom13 4 years ago

Okay, I admit that I may be in the 1% of US cooks who still use Baggies (the ones you seal with a twist tie) rather t...


masha commented 12 months ago

Weck jars Boston

by grant.cook 1 year ago

Anyplace in Boston/Cambridge (Boston Metro) that carries a good selection of Weck jars... I am looking for their Deli...


grant.cook commented 1 year ago

Best flour/ingredient container that doesn't allow light degradation (and is it necessary?)

by Pirendeus 1 year ago

I've asked for help with selecting ingredient containers in the past, but I'm still hitting a brick wall. It seems 99...


lehmitz2014 commented 1 year ago

Help finding a solid wood flatware chest

by GibsonGirl55 1 year ago

My husband and I ran across a vintage set of silverplate flatware that had been stored away and forgotten. The pieces...

mikie commented 1 year ago

Glass food storage: Luminarc vs Pyrex vs GlassLock?

by skyline 6 years ago

Thinking about getting rid of the Rubbermaid Serve'n'Saver food storage containers we now have, and switching to glas...


we3foxes commented 1 year ago

Glasslock Storage Container Blues

by chefwong 1 year ago

I've had several iterations of the Glasslock line....our 1st stash was the ~not oven safe~ ones. When it came time to...

DuffyH commented 1 year ago

Dispensing, non-glass bottles

by Enso 1 year ago

Need containers that can dispense liquids: • don't leak when dispensing, and • have a tight cap or closure. • Al...


Enso commented 1 year ago