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by raplum 9 years ago

I am on a mission to replace my pyrex ugly glass bakeware for some pretty/durable stoneware or porcelain. Torn between Rachael Ray, Le Creuset, Mario Batali, others? Would like nice presentat...

Home lacto-fermentation in glass, stoneware or plastic?

by Olav23 10 years ago

Hi all, I've recently become interested in home lacto-fermentation after reading "Nourishing Traditions" and "Wild Fermentation". Strengthening my immune system around flu season is always a good ...

New Le Creuset Stoneware "Keeper" Jars, SO cute!!!

by mobius981 9 years ago

Has anyone seen this apparently new line? Check it out: honey pot, barbecue sauce pot, syrup pitcher, garlic keeper, mustard jar, Jam (berry) jar, and possibly best of all :an olive jar!! Most come...

Best Stoneware for Baking/Roasting/Oven?

by mobius981 10 years ago

I have had a large set of virtually unbreakable bulletproof Corningware forever and have no usage complaints. Just ready to step up to new, more elegant (and more colorful) cookware! I have been lo...

glass/stoneware for stove top?

by skimsogood 10 years ago

Hi there, I am a beginner cook in search of heat-resistant glass or stoneware soup/stock pots. My mother told me to use these in making veggie soup so I can "better preserve the vitamins/minerals"...

Sauerbraten stoneware pot

by Kosmonaut 10 years ago

What is the specific name for a sauerbraten stoneware pot - I've been trying to find one and googling for "sauerbraten pot," etc. has yielded no results. Is there a specific name (probably German)...

Stoneware vs enameled cast iron pans

by E_M 11 years ago

When would stoneware be an advantage for a rectangular baking pan? For example, there is this piece of stoneware: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/137943/?cm_src=hero and this piece of ECI: ...

Longevity of Emile Henry Bakeware v. Le Creuset Stoneware

by Velda Mae 11 years ago

I've had some Emile Henry baking dishes for more than 12 years and two of them cracked within a few months of one another. According to another post on this board and the sales associate at Sur la...

Where can I buy stoneware crocks, for pickles/kraut?

by celeriac 11 years ago

Hey hounds, Anybody know where I could buy some straight-walled stoneware crocks, the type traditionally used for making sauerkraut, pickles, and the like? A critical accessory for any year-rou...

Stoneware Pumpkin Casserole

by flourgirl 11 years ago

I just purchased and received this gorgeous stoneware (oven proof and microwavable) pumpkin casserole that I found on Etsy. I absolutely love it and wanted to share this with everyone. The name of...

Questions re: Le Creuset Stoneware

by spmc 11 years ago

Hello all, first post here. I was wondering what people had to say about the stoneware line of Le Creuset. Much less expensive than the cast iron, and I know it can't go on the stovetop. Are t...

Stoneware Bar Pan

by josephsm 14 years ago

A friend of mine was getting rid of an untouched stoneware bar pan (10 x 15 x 1) from the Pampered Chef so I took it off her hands. What is it good for? The pamphlet recommends bar cookies, drop ...

Le Creuset Stoneware 5.3 Qt Oval Covered - $56

by NYChristopher 12 years ago

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, good only until maybe 3 a.m. Eastern time tonite http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009U5N1W/sr=11-1/qid=1200520180/ref=xs_gb_20_center-2_rw_uk_17623?ie=UTF8&s=kit...

Food allergies and stoneware

by chowser 13 years ago

I know a few people with nut allergies. I was going to bake some oatmeal walnut bread on a pizza stone but then thought the nut oils might get into the porous stone and anything I baked on it afte...

Stoneware butter keeper--love it!

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 13 years ago

I can't seem to find the thread anymore, but in the last month or two, there was a thread asking if people left their butter out so it would stay soft. I've always worried about leaving it out, wo...

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