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Stoneware Baking Bowl ?

by Sigurd 5 years ago

I received some Pampered Chef stoneware and I wonder what it is especially good for. When would I use it over cast iron for example? One item I need a use for is their 'baking bowl'. Its out of ...

China or stoneware - what is a good forever pattern?

by mamabearette 5 years ago

My everyday Johnson Bros Heritage White Ironstone was a wedding present. Over the years I've added several pieces to get up to service for 16, along with many trays, bowls, etc. This pattern ha...

Confusing Information on using and caring for pizza stones.

by marlau 8 years ago

I recently inherited 4 pizza stones of different sizes and configurations. Two flat, one deep dish and one rectangular with a lip. Went searching for instructions and here is what I came up with. ...

Emile Henry vs. Apilco/Pilivuyt/Revol | Stoneware vs. Porcelain

by olympia 9 years ago

I'm looking to buy some baking/roasting pieces and wondering which route to go. I just got some EH pie plates and a 9" baker both on EXCELLENT sale. (FYI Harry and David outlets have Azur pie pla...

Good source or unglazed stoneware/earthenware pot (with lid)?

by litchick 13 years ago

I'm looking for an *unglazed* clay, earthenware, or stoneware bowl or small pot, perferably with a lid, to make our homemade yogurt in. Unglazed containers are best for getting the right consisten...

Benefits of stoneware?

by kimbers324 6 years ago

I am tempted by the Pampered Chef chicken/broccoli/cheese braid that they do on a stoneware pan/cookie sheet. It uses those refrigerated, canned crescent rolls that you unroll on the sheet and top...

pampered chef stoneware stain help

by corbmonster 6 years ago

As a disclaimer (so we don't get 50 posts telling me not to use soap) I know... you can not use soap on PC stoneware. I also know that they season over time. So my problem is I ordered a stone lo...

Getting rust stains off stoneware - any tips?

by truman 7 years ago

Our new house's ancient dishwasher tried to destroy our dishes! The racks are rusting through the "plastic" coating, and so rusted metal is sticking out. There are now rust stains here and there ...

Stoneware Muffin Pans

by Chemicalkinetics 10 years ago

I was at Home Goods shopping for two medium muffin pans and saw the Natural Earth muffin pans as well as many other stoneware/earthware casserole dish. They have a glazed surface on the cooking su...

Rada Cutlery for Stoneware

by Jenniferkidoing 7 years ago

Hi, I'm looking at the Rada Cutlery line of unglazed stoneware. Has anyone used it and, if so, how do you like it? How is it compared to Pampered Chef stoneware? Thanks!

Ohio Stoneware Crocks?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 7 years ago

Does anyone have personal experience with the Ohio Stoneware Crocks or recommendations for something similar? I'm looking for something to pickle in and make Sauerkraut and Kimchi. Being able to ...

Stoneware - Le Creuset, Emile Henry

by Photog_016 7 years ago

What's the consensus with Le Creuset stoneware? I know it's made in Thailand and China, and I've read reviews ranging from "Best Ever" to "I wouldn't touch the stuff" , which is quite an extreme ra...

Emile Henry "Flame" stoneware? Any with experience?

by E_M 10 years ago

I was looking at a 6.3 qt dutch oven. The manufacturer claims this "flame" stoneware can be used in the oven, over an open flame, in the microwave, and put in the dishwasher. They say it is superio...

Looking for stoneware mustard jars

by gastroanthro 8 years ago

Hi, does anyone know a source for empty stoneware mustard jars like the ones that Pommery mustard comes in? I've hunted on the internet with no luck.

Stoneware Cupcake Pan?

by rores28 8 years ago

So I've been looking at a stoneware cupcake pan and was wondering if anyone had ever made cupcakes with one of these. I don't bake too often but my girlfriend makes cupcakes a lot and our bad is so...

Stoneware & Ceramic & Porcelain! oh my!

by amrita 11 years ago

hello, i'm looking to buy some good bakeware intended to be kept long-term. i'm completely & thoroughly confused between products made of stoneware, ceramic, and porcelain (are they all actual...

Japanese stoneware

by tzakiel 9 years ago

Just back from another amazing trip to Japan. Restaurants often have beautiful stoneware dinner plates and dishes for rice, condiments and pickles. Beautiful glaze, drips and fire marks. Easy to fi...

Do you have a Favorite Cookie Recipe to use with Stoneware Cookie Molds (won't flatten out when baking)?

by zandapanda 9 years ago

Do you have a cookie recipe that works especially well with decorative stoneware (unglazed ceramic) cookie molds? And that won't flatten out when baking? Thanks!

Can I cook meat from frozen in stoneware baker?

by scrapperluv 9 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm not a great cook but I'm trying to figure out how to make quick, easy, good food for the family. My friend sells Pampered Chef and she uses the Deep Covered Baker (stoneware that ...

Le Creuset Stoneware

by baseballfan 9 years ago

I am in the process of replacing my Pyrex due to 2 pieces exploding. I was at TJ Maxx today and came across a few pieces of Le Creuset stoneware in a cheerful apple green color. The prices were go...