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Indian Food in Stockton?

by salvage 14 years ago

I enjoy dining on Indian cuisine away from home but haven't kept up with recent reviews of restaurants in nearby Stockton. I would appreciate some current recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Stockton/Lodi - need rest. rec for group

by ceekskat 14 years ago

Hello, we will be in Lodi this weekend for soccer tournament and are looking for recommendations for lunch & dinner (few groups of 8 or more). Game on Saturday is at Lodi Middle School & dinner sh...

Stockton area restaurants

by mak1277 14 years ago

I'm in the Stockton/Lodi area on business for 2 days and I was wondering about any restaurant recs for the area. Any cuisine. Thanks

Arriving in Stockton, CA at Midnight... Any Suggestions?

by tonicart 14 years ago

My GF and I are driving up to Stockton from the Pasadena area Tuesday night and we'll probably arrive around midnight. We'll be staying at the Stockton Grand Hotel, but I'm not sure what is good to...

Late lunch/Early dinner in Stockton or area?

by cristeen 14 years ago

We'll be heading out to Stockton from Oakland around lunch time tomorrow for an appointment at the Kaiser campus on West Lane. We'd like to have the option of eating after our appointment somewher...

My Mom's not here, so I need help from CH - dim sum/jook on Stockton Street?

by Cindy 15 years ago

I'm visting my dad on Sunday, and want to bring him some dim sum and jook. My mom usually picks it up, but she's out of town and I have no idea where she usually gets it. I believe she goes somep...

Any place in Stockton for vegetarians?

by judybird 15 years ago

A friend and I are heading for Stockton for 3 nights to attend the Central Valley Birding Symposium. We also plan to visit a few wineries in Lodi and environs, and will be free for dinner two night...

Lunch in Stockton this Sunday?

by michele_corum 15 years ago

Well, here we go again...Mom and I are headed to Stockton for the annual AAUW Home Tour. We've been doing this for about 15 years now but have yet to find a really great place for lunch. We've gott...

Breakfast in Stockton

by dimsumgirl 15 years ago

Where can I get a great breakfast in Stockton? American or ethnic is fine. Tell me where and what to order! Thanks.

Moderate but fabulous restaurant near Bush & Stockton - SF

by Oceanlover 15 years ago

We're meeting some friends who will be staying near Bush & Stockton. Alas, Plouf will be closed which was my first choice. I'm looking for any suggestions for any cuisines or ethnic dining that wo...

You's Near Washington and Stockton a Dissappointment

by tasty 15 years ago

Following the advise of fellow chowhounds, I ventured out to You's Dim Sum a month ago and was satisfied with the freshness of their pea shoot dumpling and "turnip cake". I tried it again yesterday...

Something near the 99 or 88 in Stockton

by KayZee 15 years ago

We're driving up to Gold Country from Los Angeles. We'll be turning off the 99 onto 88 at stockton around dinner time. Anyone have recs for family food (burgers, BBQ, Diner, exceptional Mexican e...

Can't miss in Stockton?

by hungryhedonist 15 years ago

SF Hound heading over to Stockton tomorrow for business and I'm looking for the best restaurants in the area. Distance and price are no issue (will be on expense account). I like any cuisine. Thank...

Stockton: Memorial Day Brunch

by Thad 15 years ago

We will be meeting some people in Stockton, Ca, for brunch on Memorial Day. Does anyone have a suggestion for a place to eat? Does it have outdoor seating?

Recommendations for Restaurants in Stockton?

by Christine 15 years ago

We are meeting family for lunch in Stockton. Any restaurants you could recommend that would top Red Lobster?

Stockton Area Sushi

by Rob 15 years ago

Are there any good sushi places in the Stockton area? Willing to (but not happy about) drive to Sac for something good enough. We've tried Cocoro (we like it, but we're looking for something new)...

Stockton Eats

by Renee 16 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions for restaurants in Stockton near UOP. So far my son and I have hit most of the chain restaurants nearby (Tony Roma's, Red Lobster, Outback Steakhouse, CPK) but I'm look...

Wanted: fresh pork belly around Turlock, Modesto, Stockton

by Tom Hall 16 years ago

I need a pork belly to do some of the recipes from Charcuterie (see link). I hope to find one around Modesto, Turlock or Manteca but, if necessary will go to Stockton, Tracy, etc or (shudder) the ...

HARD ONE/I5 Stockton to Los Angeles

by deltagirl 16 years ago

Husby & I are driving from just north of Stockton to Los Angeles on I5 next week and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a tasty find of a restaurant along the way. We normally drive the Coast (101) ...

Farmstands I-5 Stockton to Chico for t-day veggies

by toodie jane 16 years ago

Any good farmstands along 1-5 to Chico? Looking for good fresh (am I dreaming for organic)veggies to buy for a travel-to Thanksgiving dinner in Chico. Chico is mainly big chain markets, and I think...