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When you thought you'd seen it all: Hestan Nanobond Cookware

by drrayeye 2 days ago

Hestan has just introduced a new line of cookware that apparently wants to challenge All Clad and Demeyere, not to me...


randallhank commented 14 hours ago

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The brand of this stockpot ??

by chrishansen 28 days ago

Hello there, im looking for a brand of this large stockpot there is a square form in the handle and 4 dot in...

Looking for Heavy Duty Fully-Clad Stainless Stockpots

by westes 1 month ago

I want to find some beefy fully-clad stainless stockpots, maybe sizes 4 qt, 8 qt, and 12 qt. Ideally I would like t...

DuffyH commented 29 days ago

Feedback on HOMI Chef Stockpots

by westes 1 month ago

HOMI Chef has an interesting line of stockpots on Amazon, such as this one:


randallhank commented 30 days ago

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 1 month ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product l...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

Questions about Silga Teknika

by gooster 2 years ago

I've been reading the old threads with some mention of Silga Teknika, and I understand they are hard to find the US a...


randallhank commented 1 month ago

Is Demeyere Atlantis stockpot worth the price?

by abloh 1 year ago

Hi all, It's only recently that I started to geek out on cookware, after my supposed 5-quart dutch oven started sh...


randallhank commented 1 month ago

Coating for aluminum cookware

by jzohn001 1 month ago

I am interested in having an aluminum pressure cooker coated with some type of food grade coating. Given that this is...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

Palm Restaurant Cookware

by Chemicalkinetics 7 years ago

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see the...


lindaloohoo commented 2 months ago

Ruffoni 14 Qt stock pot

by yeldogt 2 months ago

They no longer make the 14qt -- 12qt is the largest. Does anyone make a similar stockpot. I know many feel the Mau...

Neo1 commented 2 months ago

Dutch Oven vs. Stockpot?

by arielleeve 6 years ago

I am currently in the [very gradual] process of replacing all my cheap cookware with high quality, built to last cook...

kaleokahu commented 2 months ago

Sell Copper Pots on Chowhound?

by TJFRANCE 3 months ago

Hello all ! I would like to know if there is a section on Chowhound where we can sell copper pots? If not, is ther...

The Chowhound Team commented 3 months ago

Atlantis or Falk Stock Pot

by dbv 4 months ago

Hello - I purchased an All-Clad D5 stock pot a couple weeks ago and so far have been disappointed in it. So, far I h...

kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

Copper Stock Pot - What is it good for? (Kaleo?)

by Libranflight 4 months ago

Saw this and was wondering what this pot would excel at, if anything? I have noticed there seems to be a vibe that c...


alexrander commented 4 months ago

Alternative to Revere Ware Copper Bottom Pots?

by MajorSlick 3 years ago

I've given up on finding new Revere Ware copper bottom pots of the same quality as the ones I've had for 25 years (...

drrayeye commented 4 months ago

Warped pots and pans

by msmouser 7 years ago

Hi, chowmates.Please help. Throught my "gourmet" cooking career, I have been cursed with electric stoves....AAARRRGH...


ipreferns commented 8 months ago

Stockpot claded vs disk bottom?

by krafts 1 year ago

I am about to get a stockpot. I can't decide whether to get claded or disk bottom. Can you please tell me what is the...


celesul commented 9 months ago

Pasta Insert to Fit Stock Pot?

by MichaelSGrant 11 months ago

I have the Anolon Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel 8.25 quart stock pot. I was considering getting a pasta insert to ...

kaleokahu commented 11 months ago

Demeyere Atlantis 8.5qt stockpot lid not quite tight fitting?

by abloh 12 months ago

My new Demeyere Atlantis 8.5qt stockpot arrived yesterday. After I unpacked it, I put the lid on and tried to move it...


abloh commented 12 months ago

Heavy 14 QT copper stock pot from Brooklyn Copper Cookware

by Toronto416 1 year ago

My second purchase from BCC arrived - a 14 QT tin-lined copper stock pot with cast iron handles. It is 9 & 3/4" wide,...

laneh commented 1 year ago