Stevia Is the All-Natural Sweetener You Need in Your Life

With the increasing awareness of how unhealthy refined sugar is, plus the surging popularity of sugar-free diets like keto and paleo, you may be searching for an alternative to processed white sugar...

Do you buy Chobani's flavored yogurt cups? **beware of the new "simply 100" line**

by Ttrockwood 7 years ago

Chobani has reformulated their yogurt and is marketing a new line under the "simply 100" label. The same flavored yogurt cups as previously sold are still on shelves. The vanilla cup label on t...


by jounipesonen 5 years ago

Is Stevia available in edible form? Every time I try it - the taste is HORRIBLE! It's even worse than all the 'diet' sodas I've run ino - 'Zero' or whatever.

Stevia? Love it or hate it?

by Kajikit 10 years ago

I bought an expensive bottle of 'all-natural' raspberry lemonade that had stevia in it, and the lemonade was vile. It was sooooo sour it tasted like it didn't have any sweetener in it at all, and n...

Is there a brand of stevia that actually tastes good?

by Elle 17 years ago

I am trying to drastically cut back my sugar consumption and I am pretty much limited any soft drinks to fresh lemonade or tea, but I wanted a natural sweetener that tasted good. At the herb and ...

Searching for Stevia ... (the real deal, unprocessed)

by FoodNerdGrrl 6 years ago

Does anyone know where one can buy a full grown stevia plant - ideally in the GTA? Ultimately, I'd like to make my own stevia tincture from scratch and I would much rather buy a full grown pla...

New Coke product?

by Candy 6 years ago

Has anyone tried the new Coke made with cane sugar and Stevia? It has a green label and packing. I was not tempted to try it. They were not offering single bottles or cans. Just curious

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