Homemade Chinese Food Is Easy with These Essential Cooking Tools

If you want to cook Chinese food at home, having the right tools can be a big help. Sure, you'll want a wok, but here are a few more essential Chinese cooking tools. Chinese takeout is as ubiquitous...

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Lekue steamer- prices 26.50-39.50

by Matash 11 years ago

I just read in the Gazette that these silicone steamers are all the rage cooks in the micro or oven and steams in its juices and is non=stick Anybody tried these. Also have you seen these anywher...

Bamboo Steamer? for tamales...

by meetoo 11 years ago

I am allergic to wheat as well food additves and other things so Iike to keep a stash of home made tamales in the freezer for a quick protein-starch meal. I find the microwave doesn't cut it --the...

Mantu Steamer?

by alphavulcan 11 years ago

Help anyone. Our niece has described a "special" steamer she has seen at a friends. It is a 3 layer steamer, as best I can determine from her "poor" description. My wife would like to surprise her ...


by Phaedrus 11 years ago

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/01/dining/01rice.html?ref=dining I am one of those who didn't know you can screw up rice. Imagine my shock when my first attempt at making rice in a pot ended up w...

Best rice cooker/vegetable steamer?

Hershey Bomar
by Hershey Bomar 13 years ago

My cheap $50 Hitachi rice cooker just broke, it lasted 10 years. I'm older and want something more impressive. Any geat ideas. My rice cooker did double duty as a vegetable steamer and Cajun bou...

Buying Cuisinart Multiclad but need good pasta steamer

by tennisboy 12 years ago

Given the reviews here and elsewhere, I am going to ditch my plans for All-Clad and purchase the 7-piece Cuisinart Multiclad set for $189 on Everything Kitchens (lowest price I could find). I am bu...

Where can I find steamers with holes on the sides instead of the bottom?

by takadi 12 years ago

Like this http://photo.ringo.com/176/176411223O450433885.jpg More importantly, is there a specific name for these types of steamers?

Electric Food Steamers

by chemchef 12 years ago

I'm thinking of buying one... any recommendations/warnings??? Thanks!

steamer-safe dishes

by david kaplan 12 years ago

I have a stacking stainless stove-top steamer. What's the rule for which dishes can safely be put in the steamer? Metal bowls, yes; ceramic ramekins, yes; pyrex, yes; what about other dishes? I ass...

Recommend me a stockpot/steamer combo

by chefwong 12 years ago

Looking to get a 8 qt stockpot/steamer combo. Anyone familiar with the Demeyere line of cookware. I've got my eyes on the Viking Set as well. My current crop is AC SS / some Scanpans in the ...

Other Uses for Asparagus Steamer?

by donnaaries 12 years ago

I received one of these for Christmas and as much as I eat asparagus, I would like to find another use for this contraption to justify its existence (especially since I prefer baked asparagus drizz...

Rice Steamer. Worth buying?

by blackpointyboots 12 years ago

I have been looking at electric rice steamers. I want to make rice more often but frequently I don't get home early enough to mess with cooking rice ahead of a meal. I make brown rice more than...

Oh... the Irony: Help with a Fresh-O-Matic 4000 Tortilla Steamer....

by Dommy 13 years ago

So last week on the L.A. board I did another tyrade on Steamed Tortillas that are used in Mission Style and Chipotle type burritos. This was all much the chagrin of my SO, who lived in SF and LOVE...

Sunbeam Steamer

by AmblerGirl 13 years ago

I just received a Sunbeam STeamer as a Sectret Santa gift. Any suggestion for what I can do with it (besides just steam veggies)? Does it steam rice? Also, I heard that you can make a great bana...

help me choose a milk steamer

by wowimadog 13 years ago

may i have your recommendations on the best milk steamer for under $100? we have a milk frother and it's just not the same as steamed milk. please, only steamer recommendations. thanks.

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