That paean to the perfectly cooked porterhouse. Share your recommendations for the best steakhouse in your area, or read reports from experienced Chowhounds on where to find the best beef in town.

Fun Facts About 8 of the Country’s Most Historical Steakhouses

Tropical Acres Long before Salt Bae sprinkled seasoning on a slab of meat on YouTube, some majorly influential steakhouses were already...

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Best Steakhouse in Arizona

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 1 year ago

I am working on a literary project of sorts, the focus of which is the steakhouse in America. The project comprehends every state in the continental US. For anybody who has an opinion, I'd apprecia...

Best Steakhouse in Alabama

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 1 year ago

I am working on a literary project of sorts, the focus of which is the steakhouse in America. The project comprehends every state in the continental US. For anybody who has an opinion, I'd apprecia...

Chicago steakhouse

by cwmcm54 2 years ago

So many wonderful steakhouses choices in Chicago. I need to find the very best for a small family 65th birthday dinner.

Ray's The Steaks is a mediocre steak house at best.

by Fracis 10 years ago

Ray's The Steaks seems to be the default steak house recommendation on this board. I would like to spend a few sentences discussing why it is not so great. 1. The dining experience. Advance re...

Ray’s the Steaks - past its prime in its prime...

by Fracis 1 year ago

Yawn. This place was never that good...

Centreville Va.

by arabrab 1 year ago

Moving here and looking for some good seafood and steak restaurants

Recommended steakhouse in OC?

by luckviii 2 years ago

Hi Everyone, I need your help in finding a steakhouse to celebrate my wife's birthday. Looking for thick traditional ribeye with a nice crust. Bonus is great cream of corn. Was thinking Maestro...

Meat heavy & restriction friendly?

by addiez 2 years ago

Hi all, I'm currently doing the Whole 30, an elimination diet that excludes dairy/grains/legumes/sugar/alcohol, and I'm tired of my own cooking. I generally avoid eating out when I'm doing diets...

American-style steakhouse in Tokyo

by BSR84 2 years ago

Will have two nights with my in laws in Tokyo in May. We'll do an omakase sushi the first night, but I am looking for a good steakhouse to go to on the second night. My FIL is a big fan of the chai...


by beef_man 2 years ago

I wanted to put up a list of super decadent sauces that you can dip really good steak into. The ones that come to my mind are, béarnaise sauce, foie gras butter, roasted beef bone marrow, and I hav...

Grand Cayman - Copper Falls

by HaveSpoonWillCook 2 years ago

This used to be our go-to for great steaks, ambiance, consistent quality. Then I went there a month ago with friends, and while my filet mignon was perfect, the striploins were so-so. Our sauces ca...

Coerpers Steakhouse in Milwaukee

by BUCKEYE 19 years ago

When I used to go to Milw on business in mid 90s we used to go to Coerpers Steakhouse (i hope I have spelling right) for dinner. It was excellent but it was in REALLY BAD AREA that, when we'd descr...

Peter Luger

by beef_man 2 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows who the Head Grill Chef is at Peter Luger Steak House, and if he has written anything or put up any online videos about how to make the perfect steak. It seems like ...

Best Steak Ever

by beef_man 2 years ago

Does anyone know a steakhouse in the Boston or New York area where you can get a 45 day dry aged, A5, BMS 12, Kuroge Miyazaki wagyu beef rib cap? I know it would probably be over a thousand dollars...

Please help me improve this video playlist related to steak

by MichelleJ_UK 2 years ago

I've been invited to improve the following VidFlow YouTube steak playlist and it would be super helpful if you could help me in editing this playlist. I would love to help but I am a bit stuck... ...

Michelin Star Steakhouses

by beef_man 2 years ago

The only Michelin Star steakhouse I know of is Peter Luger in New York. I believe they have one. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there are any steakhouses in the world that have earned two ...

Scott Crawford to Potentially Grow His Empire More

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

The News and Observer stated that, in addition to Crawford and Sons and the French bistro that is on the horizon, Crawford will be opening a steakhouse that does on premise dry-aging and looks to a...

What's the latest thinking on Manhattan Steakhouses?

by lisaud 3 years ago

I searched before posting this question but there's actually not much in discussions on this topic that's even relatively recent. I'm looking for current opinions on the best place to get really ...

Relish trays like the ones at olden days supper clubs and steakhouses?

by cherrylime 8 years ago

We're grilling steaks for Christmas Eve (in upper midwest this is a bit of a feat because it'll be at most 20F..) Been thinking of relish trays at fancy restaurants we used to go to when we were li...

Which cities in America have the best steakhouses?

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Not the best in terms of mere numbers, but best in terms of both quality and variety. Is it NYC? Dallas? Chicago? Miami? Las Vegas? LA? SF? I think my top 3 would have to be in this ord...