That paean to the perfectly cooked porterhouse. Share your recommendations for the best steakhouse in your area, or read reports from experienced Chowhounds on where to find the best beef in town.

Fun Facts About 8 of the Country’s Most Historical Steakhouses

Tropical Acres Long before Salt Bae sprinkled seasoning on a slab of meat on YouTube, some majorly influential steakhouses were already...

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Montreal Steakhouses

by Lesley 19 years ago

Lookin for a darn good steak within reasonable distance from Old Montreal. Suggestions?

Name this Steak house

by Schudog 19 years ago

About ten years ago I went to the LA County Fair in Pomona with a group of people. We decided not to eat dinner at the overpriced fair so we went to a nice steakhouse near the Fairgounds that some...

Rothmann Steakhouse

by Gini 19 years ago

Anyone been there recently, or at all? What do you think, and what is good to order. Thanks


by s sale 19 years ago

Any current views on the best NYC steakhouses? Smith & Wollensky got some mediocre reviews on this board several years ago-anyone try it lately. Re Peter Lugar-reservations are very very difficu...

Saddles Steakhouse in Sonoma

by Mike Kilgore 19 years ago

Has anyone tried this place yet? Just wondered about it as the a photo I saw of the interior looked interesting and the menu made my steak buds start to react.

Does Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...

by JimHarris 19 years ago

...have the best steaks in the land? If not, who do you nominate? Cheers, Jim


by r. dunn 19 years ago

there seem to be so many new places that sound worth trying. any feedback on nick & stef's? dylan prime? rothmans? strip house? never tried post house. have had so-so experiences at smith & w...

Steakhouse experience in Tucson

by roberta 20 years ago

Been waiting and waiting for Sullivan's Steakhouse to open at River and Campbell. ( I am a devoted carnivore) Well, let me tell ya, I went and by the time I left I was exhausted from all the discom...

Mark Joseph Steakhouse

by Lisa P 19 years ago

Why havent most people heard of this place? For starters, I have not seen it advertised anywhere. The only place it appears on the internet is on this site and the location is pretty random (altho...

What's the best Steakhouse in Manhattan ?

by Aditya Pradja 19 years ago

New Yorkers, What's the best Steakhouse in New York City ? Is it Luger, Palm, Dylan Prime, Del Frisco, Sparks ? Or maybe you guys know a place you want to share with us here ? I am looking t...

Mark Joseph, New Steakhouse in Lower Manhattan

by George Lynch 20 years ago

A friend told me yesterday about a new steakhouse on Water Street just north of the South Street Seaport, off Peck Slip. The name of the place is Mark Joseph's, and I think it's been open about a ...

Celestino Steak house (followup)

by Kev 19 years ago

Hi Everyone, I posted a question earlier about which steakhouse to go to. Though everyone suggested other places, it seems like no one has really tried Celestino's Italian Steak House, so I deci...

dylan prime - steakhouse

by Valerie 20 years ago

has anyone been down there? i think i read a review of it in the daily news in august, but at the time i was travelling so much. i can't find anything in zagats or citysearch (and i don't really pa...

High End Steakhouses

by Kev 19 years ago

I'm allowing myself one of those rare indulgence kind of thing this Sunday. I will be taking a friend and fellow steak-lover to what will hopefully be a nice steakhouse. One of those dry-aged, US...

Which one is better ? Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse in Las Vegas or Peter Luger in Brooklyn, NY

by Larry D 19 years ago

I went to Las Vegas several weeks ago and tried three different best Steakhouses there: Prime (by Jean Georges), Delmonico Steakhouse, and Charlie Palmer's. And to me, the overall winner is Charlie...

MarkJoseph Steakhouse

by George Lynch 19 years ago

Well, the wife and I visited MarkJoseph (one word) last weekend, and I am happy to report we had a great time. IMHO, this is a real contender to be among the top steakhouses in the city. In the ...

uncle jack's steakhouse- worth a try? & Indian food news

by wendy 20 years ago

Just wondering if anyone's been, and what you thought. Also, there's a steak place up the street from Manducatis- any good? I am always curious about meat. And by the way, the chef at Ashoka ...

Lindey's steak house (mpls)

by Orik 19 years ago

I've read quite a few reviews of Lindey's steak house since moving out here. They all mentioned the outdated interior, the terse menu (only 3 items - special sirloin, prime sirloin and chopped sirl...

Steakhouse in Iowa City

by erik 20 years ago

Where is the best place to get a steak in Iowa City now that my favorite (The Lark) has burned down?

Tokyo - BM Steakhouse - Not good

by Andy P. 20 years ago

Friday night, 3 buddies and I went to the BM Steakhouse, in Meguro. What a disappointment! BTW, we comprised of 2 Canadians, and 2 Americans, all beef lovers. One member of our party ordered the...

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