That paean to the perfectly cooked porterhouse. Share your recommendations for the best steakhouse in your area, or read reports from experienced Chowhounds on where to find the best beef in town.

How is there still a Quincy's Family Steakhouse in Florence, SC?

by mikeh 7 years ago

This may or may not get any responses, but this relic has always caught my attention when I've done the I-95 drive th...


davew196 commented 9 days ago

Millers Steakhouse On Western

by HARRY REEMS 15 years ago

Anybody remember this place that was on devon and western. They had the best ribs ever. Lets talk about this place. A...


dfishgrl commented 23 days ago

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Z Prime Italian Steakhouse to open in White Plains...

by gutreactions 1 month ago

This sprawling 200-seat space at 189 E. Post Road has morphed many times over the years, from Par's Eclisse to most r...

Steakhouse Recommendation for Buffalo

by fthrmulcahy 2 months ago

Coming to Buffalo in a couple of weeks for a convention...looking for an upscale steakhouse for dinner one night. Wo...


Nadala commented 2 months ago

Wolfgang's Steak House

by Motosport 3 months ago

According to my visiting Israeli friend: "You can't get a good steak in Israel." So, we walked over to Wolfgang's o...


santiagodraco commented 2 months ago

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Charlotte's Best Eats

by hoodriver 2 months ago

Macks Speedway, so good. Best ribs Ive ever had. Also I went to the best steak joint at Beef & Bottle!

What's the latest thinking on Manhattan Steakhouses?

by lisaud 1 year ago

I searched before posting this question but there's actually not much in discussions on this topic that's even relati...


gavspen commented 3 months ago

Some of my Singapore restaurants' reviews

by Bu Pun Su 2 years ago

Under the new Chowhound forums format, sometimes I got difficulties to find the old reviews of certain restaurants. B...


Bu Pun Su commented 4 months ago

Las Vegas Steakhouses 2018

by Oside 4 months ago

Going to be in Las Vegas this week. Looking for a good steak house. Staying mid strip but willing to venture outside ...


HoosierFoodie commented 4 months ago

Philly eats

by Latinpig 10 months ago

Bringing my son to college next week and I am looking to explore the food scene. I have a reservation at Zahav but w...


Bigley9 commented 9 months ago

Fancy Christmas Dinner... with a 11 month old?

by dtc 9 months ago

Hey folks - planning ahead for a trip to back to NYC around the holidays. I'm looking for a fancy place to have dinne...


thegforceny commented 9 months ago

Retro Steakhouse

by Booboo731 10 months ago

I'm looking for a great retro steakhouse in Chicagoland (that includes the suburbs!). Remember the kind that was you...


Booboo731 commented 10 months ago

Last-minute (Friday night) special occasion restaurant recommendation

by theboywonder 10 months ago

hi all, celebrating a birthday this friday and could use some recommendations for great restaurants that might still ...


theboywonder commented 10 months ago

Local Faves

by shf66shf 1 year ago

Hello! I will be visiting Chicago at the end of June. Originally from Chicago and looking forward to returning for j...


qtsam11 commented 1 year ago

Looking for Steakhouse in Omaha

by oc4me 1 year ago

Passing through Omaha on a road trip. Would like to find a quality steakhouse. Only requirement is casual dress. A...


atom12 commented 1 year ago

16 ounce filet mignon = "Legitimate Steakhouse"

by ZenFoodist 2 years ago

So please help me out, 'Hounds. We were out at a lovely steak dinner here in NYC with my dad for his 71st birthd...


dave_c commented 1 year ago

Steakhouse in Westchester NY

by decayny 1 year ago

Any recommendations on a great steakhouse in lower westchester? I'm ruling out the larger chains Ruth's Chris, BLT an...


WhatsEatingYou commented 1 year ago

My brother's 50th dinner -- his first visit to NY, please help!

by jc31 1 year ago

Hello New Yorkers, I’m bringing my brother to NYC for the first time for his 50th birthday. He loves great food and...


jc31 commented 1 year ago

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Best Steakhouse in NYC

by Jsuper_0727 1 year ago

I know that NYC has a ton of famous steakhouses but which steakhouse do you think is the best? Please let me know in...

Which steakhouse in London?

by brooksms 1 year ago

I'm trying to pick a steakhouse for birthday dinner in London. Looking at Hawksmoor, Mash, Goodman and JW Steakhouse....


nlak commented 1 year ago