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If you like Joe & Pat's/Ciro's Pizza of Staten Island........

by angelo04 8 years ago

We have a new pizza joint in town, Cafe Ciro. Generally this is not something to get excited about, but this is great pizza, I would say just a notch below Denino's. Not sure if it exactly Old Br...

Are there any great restaurants in Staten Island?

by TrishUntrapped 8 years ago

Hope my fellow hounds can help. A dear friend of mine who has limited mobility is about to undergo major surgery. Before that, he would like to have one amazing meal at a restaurant. He lives on ...

Spinoff from great restaurants in Staten Island topic

by comestible 8 years ago

I've noted that there are far fewer posts regarding restaurants in Staten Island than in the other outer boroughs. Certainly this will have something to do with having the lowest population of t...

Trader Joe's on Staten Island?

by TrishUntrapped 8 years ago

Does anyone have an update as to the opening of Trader Joe's on Staten Island. According to TJ's Web site, it says it is "opening soon." Reports from January say it was to open this spring. I will...

Staten Island Temples

by AllyMcnally 8 years ago

Does anyone know of any temple in SI which would be good for a wedding of about 150pp for a cocktail hour, sit down dinner and open bar?

Best takeout pizza on Staten Island?

by TrishUntrapped 8 years ago

I've read the various pizza debates about Staten Island pizza... and here's my situation. I am coming for my first visit to the island on a Saturday. The friend I am visiting has limited mobi...

Fresh-filled cannoli on Staten Island?

by freshfigs 10 years ago

With all the talk about pizza and Italian food in general on Staten Island, I'm surprised that I haven't really heard much about Italian pastry shops in the borough. Specifically, I'm looking f...

Best Italian hero sandwiches on Staten Island

by italianices 8 years ago

Where can I get the top Italian hero sandwiches on Staten Island? I'm looking for a Defonte's or Faicco's sort of place - a deli or salumeria - that has a great selection of salumi (Italian cured m...

Schnitzel on Staten Island

by BMartin 8 years ago

This schnitzel joint in a fairly ordinary little strip mall right off of Richmond Avenue serves an excellent version of the Israeli schnitzel sandwich. The bread is a little less crusty than it is...

Need a Good Restaurant in NJ ........close to Staten Island

by Tapas52 8 years ago

In a few weeks we are having a mini reunion with about 8 friends....some in South Jersey Toms River some in Staten Island...we'd like to meet somewhere not to far from the outer bridge closer to S...

Staten Island - Boo Boo and Lyle's Ice Cream and Pie

by comestible 8 years ago

A new shop at the corner of Beach and Van Duzer in Stapleton. It has been open about two weeks, and was initiated by the owner of Vida Restaurant down the block. A pleasant little place with a ...

Seeking: German Recommendations On Staten Island.

by TomChowhound 9 years ago

Can anybody recommend a good place for German Food on Staten Island? Anywhere on the Island is fine.

Finally went to new Staten Island Turkish Restaurant

by BMartin 10 years ago

There has been discussion of this elsewhere--this is the one near South Beach boardwalk that replaced that Vietnam vet bar-- but no one has yet to go as far as I can see. So I went. And, its not ...

Taqueria El Gallo Azteca, Tompkinsville, Staten Island? (longish)

by CitySpoonful 8 years ago

Not a single post on the Outer Borough board about Taqueria El Gallo Azteca in Tompkinsville, Staten Island. I'm curious to know how it compares to other taquerias and other Mexican restaurants ci...

New on Staten Island?

by estarae 8 years ago

Back home after spending the winter down south and wondering if there is any place new and interesting.

Los Molcajetes, Staten Island

by Flaco 10 years ago

Nice addition to Stapleton, right across from DoSi... I have a vested interest since it's located a soft 9-iron away from where I live. The new owners upgraded the interior significantly since it w...

staten island --easter dinner suggestions for group of 5

by lludra 8 years ago

hi, please recommend your restaurant for dinner steak italian german or asian fusion thanks!!!

Central Jersey or Staten Island Private Party Recomendation for 60-70 people

by angel28970 9 years ago

I am interested in finding a venue for a my daughter's Christening party. I expect roughly 60 - 75 people. I live in Manalapan but much of my crowd is coming from Brooklyn/Staten Island, so I am lo...

Pastic..Bruno in Staten Island..is it really this good?

by janie 8 years ago

http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/neighborhood_eats&id=8057466 ----- Pasticceria Bruno 1650 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305