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Staten Island tonight near Snug Harbor Cultural Ctr.

by Michele Cindy 17 years ago

Can anyone suggest a great restaurant near the newly renovated Snug Harbor Cultural Ctr, 1000 Richmond Terr. Whatever restaurant/cusine is the best, not too pricey if possible. thanks.

Staten Island restaurants

by Charlie 18 years ago

I work at St. John's on Grimes Hill in Staten Island a couple of days a week some terms. However, I live in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and am somewhat disconnected from restaurant options. I would ...

staten island restaurant with manhattan view?

by Libby Collins 17 years ago

It's my birthday very soon and I have this vision of dining with a view of manhattan in the background. Done this from Brooklyn. Is there any restaurant in Staten Island to go to like this? If n...

Le Pain D'epices - Staten Island

by JOHN C 17 years ago

Saturday night a few friends and I stumbled upon this restaurant while spending the evening in St. George. It's a tiny little place on Stuyvesant St. I think btw Schuyler and Wall (sorry, my SI geo...

Staten Island Restaurants?

by Hank 18 years ago

Hi folks... I just came into a pair of tickets for the remaining schedule for the SI Yankees..located next to the ferry terminal..and was wondering if anyone knows of any good eating recommendati...

Los Lobos Staten Island address?

by James 18 years ago

I'd appreciate it if someone can post the address for Los Lobos in Staten Island. I read the great refrences in the Staten Island posts, but I can't access any posts with an address, and my Google...

New Asha/Staten Island "Day Trip" Report (long)

by DeeDee 18 years ago

Well I took the advice given by my fellow chowhounds and had a wonderful "day trip" to Staten Island with my husband yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day which made the ferry ride even more rela...

Best Indian on Staten Island? And how's Aesop's?

by Lily 18 years ago

I have no clue about Indian food. Any ideas on good restaurants on S.I., what to expect, how to order? Also, interested in trying Aesop's Tables. What kind of food do they have on the menu? ...

Sri Lankan restaurants in Staten Island

by dw 18 years ago

i live in virginia where, unfortunately, there is no sri lankan restaurant in sight, but i came across this short list on the web, and i'd love to live vicariously through someone who's been to any...

Staten Island Pizza.... where to eat?

by thereuare 18 years ago

I need to be in Staten Island during dinner time on Thursday. I'm considering both Denino's or Nunzio's... any thoughts as to which is better? Also, i'll (most likely) be eating alone... is eit...

Staten Island - worth the trip

by Miss Poste 18 years ago

Thanks Mark, for reminding me to post about Staten Island, my home borough. Yes, there's some great food there. My ultimate favorite pizza, seriously, last meal before the electric chair kind of...

Fuhgeddabout Staten Island? Go Nunzio's!

by Mike R. 18 years ago

Anybody out there drop by NUNZIO's (Hylan Blvd. & Midland) lately?...Went for a quick inspection/update since I don't work the territory anymore...glad to report the pies remain fresh & tasty, slig...

Help! Need Staten Island & Bronx restaurants

by Marie 18 years ago

for a 12 dollar and under guide to nyc. you'll receive a byline, a small line in bio section of the backmatter, and a copy of the guide. i'll need: neighborhood (street), name of restaurant, tw...

Thanksgiving in Staten Island.

by Marlene Swartz 18 years ago

I need a place to take the mother in law. The fancy ones like Carol's Cafe and Aesops are booked; anyway, I'd rather have a family type Italian of which there must be zillions. Help! I'm from B...

Staten Island - Seeking a Carmen's recipe ->

by christina z 18 years ago

I lost my copy of the recipe for Carmen's green sauce. (They use it in their Marascada and their clams or muscles in green sauce.) Does anyone out there have it to share? I don't need exact amount...

Staten Island??

by JB 19 years ago

I need a few good recommendations for a decent Saturday night dinner - I'm not a native - -PLEASE HELP!!!!

Mama Zee? Nigerian on Staten Island

by John Dennis 19 years ago

Has anyone heard of a Nigerian restaurant on Staten Island called Mama Zee?

American Grill(e?) on Staten Island

by Edie Sachs 19 years ago

I'm always pleased to see Staten Island-related posts on this board, even if they refer to the inevitable Italian/pizza category. I went to a great place last night: American Grill (Grille?) on Fo...

Staten Island - Bureks/Mexican/Italian/Sri Lankan

by rebeccahodgson 19 years ago

This thread was taken from Manhattan and placed here... Hi Jess - Yes it is I who mentioned "The Polish Place" to you. I couldn't agree more with your email. I am afraid our close to the ferry ...

Staten Island Beer Garden

by Fred Goodman 22 years ago

A few months back Channel 13 showed a Molly O'Neill program that mentioned a long established beer garden and Bavarian restaurant on Staten Island. Anyone know the name and address? Also, the...

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