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NYC Restaurant Weeks runs thru Feb. 13...

by gutreactions 11 days ago

Here it is again. NYC Go is running NYC Restaurant Weeks from Jan. 18-Feb. 13. This year, dining outside or in, take-out, too. Pricing has been adjusted a bit: 2-course lunch, $29; 3-course dinner,...

Mr Softee ice cream trucks ARE NOT KOSHER!!!

by bl1234 8 months ago

Mr Softee’s ice cream trucks DO contain SOME kosher packaged items but even though they say Kof-K on them they are DEFINITELY not certified by Kof-K! Multiple people have asked Kof-K they say no. T...

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Michelin Bib Gourmands for New York

by PenelopeWitherspoon 9 months ago

They were announced yesterday. It is a very interesting and diverse list. Makes me very interested to see what is on the actual Star list.

Mallomars are Coming!

by jayjay 1 year ago

Next week Nabisco will be releasing their 2020 vintage of Mallomars. Last year my local Shoprite had a display taller than me; and I'm six feet.

Anyone know of Oven Bake Shop in Staten Island? *Question*

by Buttercream 13 years ago

Oven Bake Shop had the BEST buttercream I have ever tasted. Since they closed last year, I haven't been able to find anything that comes close. Does anyone have a recommendation for a cake th...

Good pickles in Brooklyn or Staten Island?

by grl721 14 years ago

After spending three weeks in Poland I am dying for some good sour pickles, none of this Vlasic garbage! Does anyone know of any places with barrell pickles in these two boroughs? The big kind, n...

Does anyone know of a bakery in the NYC area that has yule log cookies? Or a recipe for them?

by Buttercream 4 years ago

About 8 years ago, there was a bakery in Greenwich Village on Greenwich street, that made the most amazing yule log cookies! They have since gone out of business. The cookies were shaped like lo...

Michelin Bib Gourmand 2018

by peter j 4 years ago

Here are the New York City 2018 Bib Gourmands: Achilles Heel Al Bustan Alta Calidad Angkor Arharn Thai Atla (new) Atoboy Baker & Co. Bar Primi Beyoglu Bunker Buttermilk Channel Casa ...

Does anyone remember Weissglass milk?

by ClaireS50 5 years ago

Hello, Weissglass milk was quite well known for their delivery of milk and other related products in and around Staten Island over 40 years ago. I found a link ...

Alphonso Mangos

by nzamo 5 years ago

Hi Everyone! Any leads on where I can find Alphonso mangoes in NY? It seems online vendors are not that trustworthy.

Looking for weekend breakfast spot in Staten Island

by Scott_R 6 years ago

From time to time I drive from Long Island down to s/e PA, and will do so again soon. I'd like to find a place to stop for breakfast in Staten Island. In the past I'd gone to PK's on Arthur Kil...

Inexpensive NYC eats, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Times Square, Staten Island

by djfrizz 6 years ago

Hello, Clevelander here just wondering, Are there any new threads about inexpensive or must try, NYC area eats? I tried to find some but see many threads are from 2012 and time does march on. I...

Sietsema's Top 100 Inexpensive Restaurants in NYC circa 2003-2004?

by duskofdawn 6 years ago

Does anyone here happen to have a copy of and/or link to Robert Sietsema's list of 100 Inexpensive restaurants in the Village Voice from around 2003-2004? The reason I ask is that I used to live in...

Staten Island restaurant

by eateat22 6 years ago

Folks Can someone recommend a good restaurant to take a customer out within 10 mins of 1200 South Avenue Thanks

ISO of Staten Island Food Musts

by brooklynsabra 6 years ago

So every year, for over a decade now, we make a pilgrimage to Staten Island to do our taxes. What would otherwise be a chore has evolved into a day trip that always includes various food stops. ...

Capizzi of Staten Island

by Ziggy41 6 years ago

If you come here on the off-chance that you may see a Staten Island post, today is your lucky day. Might as well go get a lotto ticket while you ate it. Capizzi of Hell's Kitchen serves my favor...

Lunch after Staten Island Ferry ride

by MrEd 19 years ago

I'm a DC Chowhound who will be coming to NYC for the first time and plan on taking the Staten Island ferry ride with a couple of my kids. I was wondering if there is a notable place for lunch withi...

Any freshly made tamales in Staten Island?

by comestible 11 years ago

My south-Texas wife is pining for the venison-laced tamales she used to get in Texas. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a source for good tamales (any filling OK) in Staten Island. Taqueria...

Lakruwana Sri Lankan in S.I. - Tips for First-Timers?

by Simon 7 years ago

Hi...planning on taking the ferry over from Manhattan and trying Lakruwana... -- is it still the fav option for Sri Lankan there? -- from maps, it seems pretty walkable from the ferry...any r...