Make it a venti. Discuss where to find Starbucks in any and every town and get tips from other Chowhounds about what to order, Starbucks menu secrets, and what the latest news (or scandal) is.

How to Make All Your Favorite Starbucks Drinks at Home & Save Money

Copycat recipes are beloved for many reasons, including saving you a few bucks. These Starbucks copycat recipes are no exception, and are just what you need right now (even if you're not on lockdown...

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Ka'u coffee at Starbucks -

by Ogawak 6 years ago

We go to Starbucks because we keep getting gift cards, so, of course we have to use them. I was at the Starbucks on the Third Street Promenade just north of Santa Monica Blvd ordering a Mocha Frapp...

Starbucks Gets Another Foothold in Hollywood

lil mikey
by lil mikey 6 years ago

Just opened in the old Go Burger location on Sunset and Vine. It's a large space, but no parking. They also opened about a year ago at Hollywood and Vine. Also no parking (but there's a new park...

"Starbucks Demands Barista Remove Tattoo or Resign"

by globocity 6 years ago

I never realized Starbucks baristas were free of visible tattoos. Guess I'm so used to seeing baristas and cashiers (at Whole Foods) with ink. In fact, here in San Diego I am in the minority for h...

What you don't know about Starbucks

by Ttrockwood 6 years ago

Due to the fact I've lived and worked near Starbucks locations (and have a grande redeye dependancy) for years I've learned some info not everyone knows. I wanted to create a thread where every...

$54. Starbucks cup of coffee...........................

by jrvedivici 6 years ago

Ok...ok...ok it's hardly just a cup of coffee.....but still. I think I would prefer a 100 year old Grand Marnier instead. http://consumerist.com/2014/05/27/new-starbucks-free-drink-record-set...

And now for something completely different..Starbucks got a liquor license?

by coll 6 years ago


La Boulange at Starbucks

by cozylummox 7 years ago

Several weeks ago I was surprised to see that starbucks had a totally different line of pastries. It used to be that Starbucks pastries were just sort of OK-- that's *if* you liked it in the first ...

Starbucks Parody pulled off in CA

by HillJ 6 years ago

Dumb Starbucks...owners took this parody pretty far..and customers turned out to find out what was going on. http://www.ajc.com/news/news/national/dumb-starbucks-coffee-shop-opens-calif/ndJbD/ ...

A "Dumb Starbucks" (that's the complete name) on Hillhurst ?

by kevin 6 years ago

Has anyone been ? Very interesting. http://savvystews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/77775_b4508e62d0ee61d4fe35998b0472feb3_5ec7c3d8e3a7fa3aff7b7c97d61c948c.jpg

Strangest Starbucks Drink?

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

What's the strangest Starbucks drink you've ever heard about? Either standing in line, or ordered yourself? My nomination is some gal in front of me today who ordered an Earl Grey tea steamed i...

Starbucks' Caramel Flan latte

by cellophane_star 7 years ago

Can anyone tell me how this is different from their caramel macciatio, regular caramel latte or caramel brulee latte? My guess is they added some vanilla syrup but I am curious.

Starbucks gets a Little Comeuppance

by Servorg 7 years ago

Isn't satire, sarcasm and the Internet a great leveler when it comes to putting the humorless Goliath's in their place? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/31/best-response-starbucks-cease-and...

Coffee besides Starbucks around Battery Park???

by topeater 7 years ago

Thanks for all the help with my visit to NYC so far. I have 1 more question. Will be staying close to Battery Park and will desperately need coffee in the mornings. I've looked at several place...

Starbuck's music

by Vinnie Vidimangi 7 years ago

I am about to leave. I am at Starbuck's Joicey and Bathurst. The so called music. The singers sound like sick cows. The sound over the speakers is harsh, strident and TOO LOUD! Is it supposed t...

Starbucks Lemon Poundcake

by ElsieDee 7 years ago

There is likely a serious deficiency in me, but I am just not much of one for cakes. I don't tend to eat them so I don't tend to bake them. But I do have some dear neighbors and one of them has ask...

Caffeine content in coffee... from Dunkin to Starbucks

by jujuthomas 7 years ago

this was a fun bit of info - love the death wish coffee website. :) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thrillist/caffeine-in-coffee_b_3671665.html

Starbuck's Shaken Peach Iced Green Tea Lemonade

by foodiemom10583 7 years ago

It tastes like bleu cheese. More specifically, it tastes like bleu cheese with a hint of mint and a barely lemony aftertaste.

instant espresso for Starbucks copycat recipe

by exotik1 7 years ago

Hi, I want to replicate Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha for a friend who loves the stuff.. We're going to a cabin and i want to give him his fav drink when we're there. I found the syrup to make i...

Any info on restaurant going into the space next to Starbucks @ Fulton/Masonic? [San Francisco]

by xscientist 7 years ago

There's an enormous space that's been vacant for years and ripe for development on Fulton Street in between the Starbucks on the corner (@ Masonic) and Papalote's. Seems like someone is finally pul...