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Bonani Indian Restaurant in Stamford

by Ora 16 years ago

Does anyone know why this restautant closed after so many years? Just curious as I miss a number of my favorite dishes from this place.

kosher delivery in Stamford

by texasmensch 16 years ago

Do you know where we could get Kosher food (of any flavor) delivered in Stamford Ct? My sister-in-law just had a baby (yes, everyone is well) and we cannot go so we wanted to send some food over. ...

Mona Lisa in Stamford, CT

by Dan 16 years ago

Anybody been to Mona Lisa in Stamford, CT recently? I used to go there a few years ago and loved the food/atmosphere. I'll be heading up to Stamford again soon and wondered if it was still there/...

Tidbits Restaurant in Stamford, CT?

by sabra 16 years ago

Anyone been here? Know where to find a menu online? I keep Kosher (eat dairy and fish out) and was wondering whether the menu would be appropriate.

Shore House Restaurant - Stamford, CT

by Mopsik 16 years ago

Anyone been to the Shore House restaurant in Stamford lately (it's the old Beacon space on Harbor Drive)? Thoughts?

Quatro Pazzi - Stamford, Ct.

by Pat Hammond 17 years ago

Got to talking with my doctor this morning about food (to heck with your health, let's talk food). Kidding. He's a good guy. And he's Italian. He spoke highly of a small restaurant (no reservat...

Muy Pronto - Guatemalan Panaderia in Stamford

by adamclyde 16 years ago

Saw this place for the first time yesterday. It's on Main, about 100 feet up from Rolando's tacos, across from the KFC. Has anyone tried it? Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop and check i...

Indian in Stamford

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Found a nice-looking Indian place in Stamford, apparently part of a chain. Their buffet looked pretty nice, though clientele is almost entirely gringo. Didn't have time to taste anything. Anyone pe...

Siena in Stamford

by Alan 16 years ago

How have I missed this place in the past? For the past several years, I'm usually in Stamford once a month on business. My regular chow stops have been Cafe Morelli, Ocean 211, the Indian Place o...

New Years in Stamford/Greenwich or nearby

by adamclyde 17 years ago

OK, I've never done the whole restaurant thing on New Years, but some friends proposed the idea and we bit. Anything to have a rare night away from the little kiddies sounds good to me... So fir...

Eclisse, Stamford

by Gioia 17 years ago

We went to Eclisse (Cannal, on the Southside of the railroad tracks) last night and had what I thought to be the best Italian I have ever had at a retstaurant. The chicken parm was incredible. The...

Shore House in Stamford??? (formerly Beacon)

by Patty 17 years ago

Has anyone been? Other than a pre-opening interview with the chef in the Greenwich newspaper, I have neither seen nor heard anything about this place. We are thinking of giving it a try tonight.

New in Stamford - Myrna's Mediterranean

by cteats 17 years ago

Myrna's Mediterranean has opened in Stamford, on Route 1 (866 East Main), on the East side of town near the railroad bridge. I've tried a number things: o The falafel sandwich was good, wrap...

Need a good restaurant in STAMFORD, CT

by Richard Baum 17 years ago

Dinner before an event at the Rich Forum. Stamford usually lean, but any needles in a haystack??

New in Stamford - International Roti

by cteats 17 years ago

Tried the new International Roti on West Main St. this past weekend. It is next door to Rolando's, just West of the intersection with Stillwater. They offer West Indian Roti. These are large pa...

Dining in Stamford, CT

by Peter Mellis 19 years ago

Need to catch up on current "bests" - Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, pizza - in Stamford. My daughter/son-in-law are about to move there and I will need places to take them for dinner. Would a...

new Mexican/Taco joint in STAMFORD - Rolando's

by adamclyde 18 years ago

OK, I've been eyeing this new Mexican place on west Main for a while, wondering when it was going to open up. It is just across from KFC and a few hundred feet up the road from Casa Villa (which I'...

Your Best Lunch in Stamford?

by adamclyde 18 years ago

OK - I'm curious to know what your favorite lunch places are in Stamford, CT - for the collective benefit of all of us blessed or cursed to work here. I have two favorites: 1. The Carribean pla...

New in Stamford - Galangal

by ct-eats 18 years ago

Just tried Galangal on Atlantic Street in Stamford, which opened 2 days ago. (Actually, we were going to Irv's Dogs, a few doors down, when we saw that Galangal had opened and decided to give it a...

Jamaican takeout in Stamford

by cteats 18 years ago

I have had several meals from Scotty's Fish & Chips in Stamford, at the intersection of Stillwater Avenue and Smith Street (down near Pellicci's). He has a variable selection of Jamaican foods for...

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