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Sharpening knives in the Boston area?

by Pia 16 years ago

Technically this isn't about food, but it is about Boston so I'm hoping it's okay. Anybody know where I can get my knives sharpened? I live in Watertown.

whoops: Japanese grocery store/knives in Culver City area?

by Clare K. 16 years ago

Does anyone know if there is something like Marukai in the Culver City or Venice area? I know there is no Marukai, but something like it? I need a place that sells Japanese knives, similar to the o...

Knives sharpened

by Hil. 16 years ago

I inherited an OK set of knives but they're dangerously dull, honing hasn't helped really. Does anyone know where in Manhattan I can take them to get sharpened?

Sushi Knife

by Steve Liang 16 years ago

hi...i looking for a decent sushi knife is under 300. any suggestion?

Knife shops around DC

by SeanOfTheHillPeople 16 years ago

I'm looking to do some christmas shopping for a few high end kitchen knives. I was wondering if there are any shops that are recommended for their selection and knowledge?

Knife & Fork

by Raine 16 years ago

This Charlotte restuarant was closed for a good while. It reopened about a month ago. A friend and I ate there the other week. It is not the same menu as the old Knife & Fork. Their motto, chef in...

knife sharpening

by Jupiter 17 years ago

There are two knife shops on Columbus avenue that specialize in Sharpening. One of them is Columbus Cutlery (next to busters across from the Stinking Rose) and the other one i don't know the name ...

Place to get knives sharpened in Manhattan?

by fitzhinsch 17 years ago

I'm new to the city and I'm looking for someplace to get my knives sharpened-preferably on the UES. Thanks

More knife questions...Chinese cleavers.

by Peter 17 years ago

More knife questions. How about the Chinese cleavers one sees in Chinese kitchens? Where would one find a good quality Chinese cleaver? Would I have to go to a Japanese knife maker for a top qua...


by chefj 17 years ago

My personal knives are Henckels Pro S--I mostly use my 8" (?) chef's or my 4" parer, but also use the 7" slicer quite a bit. I've been commissioned by the family to start putting together some kniv...

Knife sharpening

by Paul Richardson 17 years ago

So I saw a post from 2001 here about a place named Razor Sharp Cutlery which was recommended for knife sharpening. Is this still the case or are there other places people are recommending

Sushi knives & wooden box for making Oshizushi

by gemoon 17 years ago

Does anyone know of a place in San Francisco that I can purchase a wooden box for making Oshizushi. Im also looking for a knife specific for cutting sushi. There is a hardware store in Japan Town t...

global knives

by Witz 17 years ago

sorry if i'm posting in the wrong place but my question is: what is the best way to sharpen my Global knives? i have the ceramic sharpener but they need a little more than that. should i use my...


by Howard-2 17 years ago

I saw an interesting infomercial the other day for these knives with an offset handle. The fellow who sells them (apparently, the start of this infomercial is the owner of the company--or purports...

knife technique

by Nick 17 years ago

I was wondering if anyone had any recomendations for a book or, even better, website that has instruction for proper knife technique. Any info would be appreciated.

Knife Sharpening Recommendations Please

by Dan Raffle 17 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to get my knives sharpened? Ideally in Alameda or Oakland. Financial district will work too, but I'd rather not schelp a bunch of knives to work.

Knife Sharpening in the City

by THM 17 years ago

Where are reliable places to get knives sharpened in NYC. I seem to recall a while back hearing about someone who showed up at Broadway Panhandler (maybe somewhere else?) every so often to conduct ...

Where to get good, well-priced knives?

by Pamlet 17 years ago

Is this off-topic? I've gotten fed up with the Sabatier knives I've had for 10+ years. The tip broke off one, the handle is cracked on another, and part of the handle chipped off on the third. (...

Knife Sharpening Question

by cheesecake 17 years ago

After reading the General Board, I ordered a new set of knives. I have already been forewarned that I am going to need to get them sharpened. However, I don't know where a good place is, and how ...

large serrated knife

by knifehunter 17 years ago

hey guys i just discovered this message board it's way cool does anyone know where i can obtain a large serrate dknife i'm looking for a blade length of at least 16 or 18 inches but i...

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