Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cookware is a kitchen essential: Discuss where to buy it, what brand to get, which pans you need, how to clean it, and more.

8 Places in Your Kitchen You Didn't Know You Can Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. Seriously, there are so many things you can clean with vinegar, both in the kitchen and all around the house (even your deck!), and the best...

Which one is more nonstick, ECI or stainless?

by curiouspeter 6 days ago

Between enameled cast-iron and stainless steel, which one is "nonstick" at a wider range of temperatures? I am looking to get a frying pan. I can use stainless for things without the food sticki...

Amazon Commercial Cookware

by Angelus2013 28 days ago

Looks like Amazon is joining the commercial industry. Don't know how long they've been doing this but I found them on a random Amazon search. They have some disk bottomed stuff and some tri-ply pan...


Caveat emptor

by am47 6 days ago

Generally I try to steer clear of scouring other forums for suspicious cookware listings, but this one stood out as likely fraudulent. I'm curious what some of the real copper fans here on Chowhoun...

How hot a pan to sear scallops or medium prawns?

by curiouspeter 17 days ago

With stainless, the food usually releases itself when it is caramelized. However, scallops and prawns can get be overcooked by the time a crust is developed if the pan is not hot enough. It seems L...

Fissler or Demeyere Dutch Oven

by curiouspeter 1 month ago

I am looking to get a lightweight dutch oven that will also be a soup pot, pasta pot, and steamer pot. Fissler has a disc-based 24cm 4.9 qt dutch oven and they also sell a 24cm steamer insert. ...

Does Anyone Make a Fully Clad Asparagus Steamer?

by westes 25 days ago

I use an asparagus steamer without the basket to ferment yogurt in an oven that has a Proof mode. Because I am using some unusual bacteria, I need to carefully control the temperature. Every as...

When to Season Stainless Steel and How to Clean That Off

by westes 1 month ago

Should stainless steel ever be seasoned? With a cast-iron pot, seasoning is essential. A good method is to use a polyunsaturated fat with a low smoke point and to put a light coating on the cast...

How to Identify Fissler Profi Products

by westes 23 days ago

When looking at a used Fissler Profi pot, is there any identifying number stamped anywhere that would confirm that it is a Profi product? It looks like the baseplate does not even stamp the word...

Is it okay to soak bacalhau in a stainless pan?

by curiouspeter 25 days ago

This is what I have been doing but I just realized that having cold salty water in the pan for days at a time may cause corrosion. Perhaps I am worrying too much?

Mauviel M'Cook Saute Pan

by curiouspeter 1 month ago

Is Mauviel M'Cook any good? I know their bimetal pans are highly regarded, but this line is 5-ply. How does it compare to All-Clad or Demeyere in terms of performance and maintenance? I am lo...

Who Makes Low Profile Stainless Braiser/Rondeau With Welded Handles?

by westes 1 month ago

What are the options for good quality stainless braiser/rondeau that has welded handles (i.e., no bolts to mess up the interior space of the pot) and a minimum of a tri-ply clad design? The size n...

Searing oil for stainless steel

by curiouspeter 1 month ago

There are lots of threads online about the best oil for seasoning cast-iron pans. However, almost nobody talks about which oil to use for cooking with stainless steel. For seasoning, I suppose s...

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 4 years ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product line - very slightly altered - as the Kitchenaid 7-ply Stainless series. Has an...

All Clad Copper Core Chef's Pan?

by newbiecook77 3 months ago

Hi, I have a question on my new addition of All Clad copper core Chef's Pan, which is returnable (It looks like a larger saucier or a wok). It's 12 inch diameter, 4 qt, priced at around $300 on ama...

Using a Braiser as a Saute Pan and Frying Pan

by westes 2 months ago

I have a friend who is starting to have a more serious interest in cooking and she wants to upgrade her old pans. Trying to save her some money, I am wondering what are the possible negatives in ...

Thickness of Fissler Profi Frying Pan vs Serving Pan

by westes 2 months ago

Fissler lists under its stainless frying pans: * original-profi collection® Stainless Steel Frying Pan, 11 Inch * pure-profi collection Serving Pan without Lid, 11 Inch I read that Fissler c...

Some more Mauviel M’cook pans - first thoughts

by MartinG 4 months ago

Today I recieved two more M’cook pans, a 24 cm saucier and a 24 cm frying pan. I already have a 26 cm frying pan which I really like to use. The only downside is that the angle of the handle is...

Knife sharpening nightmares -- Knifemares?

by Eiron 2 months ago

One of the local Farmers' Markets recently sent out a community request for a knife sharpener to set up a stall. We have several sharpening businesses in town, but (apparently) none of them want to...

Advice on new Sauté Pan

by sorenp 5 months ago

Hi everybody, This is my first message on Chowhound, so let me start by saying Hello! and thank you all for sharing your experience and thought in the forum. I would love your advice and inpu...

Recommendations for stainless steel 9inch frying pan and saucepans

by ChristineBlue 3 months ago

Hi! I’m new here and have been reading a lot of old threads to learn as much as possible on cookware options as I upgrade. I’d really appreciate your help as I decide on a smaller frying pan and sa...