Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cookware is a kitchen essential: Discuss where to buy it, what brand to get, which pans you need, how to clean it, and more.

2017 Fall Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 2 months ago

Okay, seeing if I can start a new post for Fall now.... Not a deal, but kim chi lovers take note, I made kimchi fo...


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Is Demeyere Atlantis stockpot worth the price?

by abloh 2 years ago

Hi all, It's only recently that I started to geek out on cookware, after my supposed 5-quart dutch oven started sh...


VFish commented 1 hour ago

Demeyere Saute Pan Size Questions

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I see the bigger saute listed in different places at 5.1 and 4.2 in quarts in Atlantis - which is it? Zwilling and D...


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2017 Holiday Season Cookware Deals

by drrayeye 4 days ago

We're almost to 400 for Fall Deals. Let's have a new one for the Holiday Season. Black Friday is already happening ...

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Chantal's Japanese 21/0 Stainless Steel

by CaliforniaJoseph 3 years ago

So I picked one of these up at a Ross Department store (west coast TJ Maxx type factory second/buyout retailer)... It...


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Living the Good Life: Copper Saucepan Showcase

by MrFettuccine 1 day ago

A (not so) quick comparison of how three different thicknesses of copper saucepan stack up to each other in terms of ...

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Stainless steel fry pan - how to fry eggs without them sticking!!

by Full tummy 8 years ago

Well, I've generally always used a non-stick fry pan for eggs, but I decided to try out my Kitchen Aid stainless stee...


robco commented 1 day ago

What should I know about stainless flatware

by sueatmo 7 years ago

My old stainless flatware, Easton by Oneida, has become worn and I have lost pieces after the roughly 15 years I have...


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Bourgeat Excellence Saute Pan

by mikeygoodstuff 1 year ago

Hey folks, first post. I'm looking for a new saute pan, ~4 qts or so, stainless steel, welded handle with aluminum d...


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Silicone coated metal cooking utensils

by VFish 4 days ago

So I have picked up a few of these Oneida silicone coated utensils. They are really nice because the turners are thi...


VFish commented 3 days ago

Kitchenaid 7-Ply Stainless - OEM Demeyere Atlantis - Feedback

by westes 9 months ago

It appears that Kitchenaid did a deal with Demeyere in 2013 and licensed a version of the Demeyere Atlantis product l...


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Fissler Original Profi 5 Qt Saute Pan

by mikeygoodstuff 25 days ago

I recently picked up a Fissler Original Profi 5 Qt saute pan (with stick handle and helper handle). These are a litt...


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Disc clad vs fully clad Demeyere

by mercenarycor 3 months ago

Hi all, At 29, I finally think it's time to stop buying garage sale pans and actually invest in some good, high qual...


canddc commented 8 days ago

Lid for All-Clad TK Rondeau?

by babyraccoon 1 year ago

Hi all, Has anyone found a lid that fit's the All Clad TK Rondeau really well? I'm not in any way interested in the...


dzigavertov commented 8 days ago

How do I remove melted plastic from my stainless steel pan?

by iLoveFood 11 years ago

Help...hubby accidently melted a piece of plastic bag in our stainless steel pan. We removed it from the heat when i...

BeeRich commented 10 days ago

A Different Kind of Chili Cookoff (cladded vs. disk bottom vs. copper)

by MrFettuccine 15 days ago

Hi everyone, I've got a lot of info here so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. The Game 1. Observe how a...


Foxeyblue commented 11 days ago

Why is my All-Clad pot foaming over?

by helena143 14 days ago

Guys I'm so frustrated. I have waited YEARS to be able to afford an All-Clad 4-quart saucepan to cook my rice in. I h...

BeeRich commented 13 days ago

Best way to remove burned oil stains from stainless frypan?

by Yahi 11 years ago

I'd use EasyOff, but I heard that's not good to use, although I don't know why. What product would best remove these...


JayeDeete commented 14 days ago

Sabatier knives?

by Westy 15 years ago

Hi, I just saw on Amazon that they are having a clearance sale on Sabatier knives. I have been thinking about upgradi...


RadRick commented 19 days ago

The best pan for searing steaks/meat?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

I raise this question, because I'm curious. What pan, in your experience, is the best pan for searing a steak/meat...

CHSeifert commented 26 days ago