Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cookware is a kitchen essential: Discuss where to buy it, what brand to get, which pans you need, how to clean it, and more.

8 Places in Your Kitchen You Didn't Know You Can Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. Seriously, there are so many things you can clean with vinegar, both in the kitchen and all around the house, and the best part is that there...

Thin is In

by mobiledynamics 5 days ago

With my new micrometer, I find myself measuring the cookware.......to have some clarity on the relationship of it's published diameter vs internet blog published thickness, vs. what I am measuring ...

Winter 2020 Cookware Deals & Delights

by am47 24 days ago

Given that we're officially into 2020 and it's winter (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway; sorry, Australia) I thought now would be an appropriate time to start a new deals thread. For today's gem,...

Stain/marks on brand new Tramontina triply

by bfrendo 12 days ago

I just bought some new Tramontina stainless steel triply cookware (3 qt sauce and sauté pans) and noticed a stain/marking all around the inside of the sauce pan. It isn't on the bottom of the pan, ...

NanoBond --------> ProBond

by mobiledynamics 26 days ago

Got some Gift Certificates that will need to be used up. While cruising on WS site, I now see there is a ProBond Lineup. Does anyone have any construction specs on them ? What caught my eye was th...

Arthritic Cookware

by mobiledynamics 18 days ago

Going back to WS to look ProBond. I'm 50/50 considering it.. It's stainless - DW capable versus what I was originally thinking - arthritic replacement*mc2* It's lightweight. I have zero idea...

Best performing cookware for induction

by VFish 2 months ago

I would like to know what are your thoughts and choices for induction cooktops, mostly stainless steel. And I'm trying to get it all under one post so as not to hijack other ones, if possible. Th...

Strength in Rivets

by mobiledynamics 19 days ago

Riddle me this. The contact area of the head of the rivet is what is part of the structural part of the rivet ? In looking at Meyer's stuff with the flush rivet design, where I suppose some met...

Kitchenaid® 5-Ply Copper Core Stainless Steel

by VFish 19 days ago

Has anyone seen or used this line? "The Kitchenaid 5-Ply Copper Core Stainless Steel Skillet perfectly blends beauty and utility for a superb cooking experience. Thermally efficient 5-ply de...

Cookware Performance on Induction (Part 4)

by VFish 30 days ago

I had to start a new thread, because there are over 330 posts on the other one. Today's results are quite interesting. I took the Demeyere Atlantis 24 and 28 cm saute pans along with the Lagost...

New cookware

by DCVinyl 22 days ago

Hello I'm in the process of getting all new cookware. I previously had one of the T-Fal sets that you can get for cheap along with dollar store plastic utensils. I bought them before I even knew ho...

The Great Copper Cookware Gallery on Chowhound

by SognSpatula 8 months ago

It was recently mentioned in another thread that we should have a central gallery for copper cookware since so little real info is available online. This is that thread. So post up your copper ...

Cookware Performance on Induction (Part 3)

by VFish 2 months ago

And now for something completely different. I'd like to start off this round with a purchase I decided upon, because for a saucier, I *really* wanted the responsiveness of copper. It had been n...

Decisions, decisions

by bojangles229 1 month ago

Hey there, new to the community and I’d like some opinions on a decision I have to make: -A all clad d5 10 piece set I snagged from Bloomingdales for just under 500, a number of pieces (sort of ra...

Il Mulino cookware

by LThurm 1 year ago

I found a tea kettle by this brand and LOVE it. I have found a few stray pots at TJ Maxx but I cannot find much on the web. Their website only sells food. Looking for someone who may know where I c...

Cookware Performance on Induction (Part 2)

by VFish 2 months ago

Part 1: https://www.chowhound.com/post/performing-cookware-induction-1086816 Since the other post has over 300 comments, I thought it would be best to continue on a new one. Tonight I purchas...

18/0 exteriors how durable are they?

by Curlyjeepgirl 2 months ago

I see a lot of expensive cookware-ie, Demeyere with 18/0 exteriors. I get it that they want it to be induction compatible, but isn't 18/0 the least corrosion resistant of all steels? I was looking...

2019 Stainless Steel Pan Review by America's Test Kitchen

by W8lkinUSA 1 year ago

I've just noticed this on youtube which is perfect timing for my own research. Enjoy.

Getting a Mauviel M'Cook Roaster w/Bronze Handles to the US

by SognSpatula 1 year ago

I'm trying to get a Mauviel M'Cook roaster with bronze handles shipped to me in the US, but haven't had any luck yet. The item number is 5517.40. They seem to be available across Europe and New Z...

Misen Cookware

by FlamBay 11 months ago

I have been considering replacing my cookware and randomly clicked on a "Misen" ad on facebook. So no I am getting hit with ads for it everywhere I surf. (Well not everywhere, those adult sites a...

Saucier: stainless steel copper core vs aluminum clad on induction

by VFish 3 months ago

I am starting to second guess the choice of saucier I made and responsiveness. I don't know if someone can chime in. I am planning on induction and am currently cooking on a glass electric cookto...