St. Louis

St. Louis boasts awesome diner food and the perfect gooey butter cakes. Ask Chowhounds for recommendations on where to eat and drink, and discuss your culinary experiences in the city.

9 Pizza Styles to Know (and Make at Home!)

There are plenty of guides out there that will try to tell you what makes a great pizza and point you in the direction of where to find it. But frankly, the best pizza is the pizza you grew up with...

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St. Louis - where to take guests? Urgent help needed!

by Gina 17 years ago

I am new to St. Louis, so I need some help. My (world traveled) Aunt and a business collegue will be in town for one evening. We made plans to meet for dinner and they want me to select the place...

Looking for new places in St. Louis

by toni 18 years ago

Lately it seems like the girls and I have gotten into a rut. We go out every Wednesday night and lately we seem to be going to the same places over & over. We like Brazie's, Pho Grand, King & I, It...

Mal Maison-St. Louis (St.Albans)

by Yum Yum 18 years ago

Has anyone been since it was taken over by Eddie Neil? What did you have, was it any good, and prices?

St. Louis- Best Zha Jiang Mian or Plum Sauce Noodles

by Anita 18 years ago

Hi, As a transplant to San Francisco Bay Area from St. Louis, I was surfing on the message board when I came across some postings regarding this much loved noodle dish from Shandong,China. It pr...

Soulard Market in St. Louis

by toni 18 years ago

I'd like to put a question to St. Louis area chowhounds. Soulard Market. Which stalls do you favor? I myself like the people about 1/2 way up the NW wing,(on the left,man/woman/blond boy about 10) ...

Missouri River, S. Dakota to St. Louis

by Shannon 18 years ago

I'll be following the Missouri River from Chamberlain, SD to St. Louis (along the Louis and Clark trail) this summer and am looking for OUTSTANDING places to eat! From fancy to home cookin' so long...

Clayton (St. Louis) Farmers Market

by marie 18 years ago

To everyone in St. Louis-- I would strongly recommend that you support and patronize the Clayton Farmers Market. It's held every Saturday between now and end of October, from 8 am until noon, on t...

St. Louis Report

by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

Ellen and I are back from a week in St. Louis with my brother; we had a couple of great eating experiences. The top places on my list: Mama's Coal Pot, on Delmar in the Loop, has great chicken and ...

St. Louis - Cuban?

by David B 19 years ago

This ex-South Floridian is dying for black beans and yellow rice, fried sweet plaintains, Bistec De Palomilla, etc. Are there any Cuban restaurants in St. Louis? David

Miris Dunja in St. Louis

by Jill Hollifield 18 years ago

Has anyone eaten at this little Bosnian restaurant near Forest Park? I'd love to know what you think. Jill

Anything new in St. Louis

by michael messier 18 years ago

Does anyone care to comment on any new restaurants, or good, bad, or indifferent dining experiences in St. Louis and environs? It seems that, though I've never been to any, the weekly lunches/din...

St. Louis--Korean

by Alan Freed 18 years ago

Anyone have any thoughts about Korean restaurants in St. Louis? I've got a hankering, but I don't know the quality of local Korean fare. Thanks.

St. Louis: Chopped Liver

by Jill Hollifield 19 years ago

Where, oh where can I get great chopped liver in St. Louis? Shermie's just does *not* cut it!!! Thanks - Jill

St. Louis Challenge - Help!

by Malcolm Womack 19 years ago

In early June, my wife and I will have a three hour layover in St. Louis (thank you, Priceline - we saved about two hundred bucks, but an L.A. to San Antonio flight is now a twelve hour travel day ...

St. Louis Cafeterial

by Andy 19 years ago

I was saddned when I learned today of the closing of Miss Hullings and the Branding Iron when I spoke to my friend in St. Louis. Although not haute cuisine, they both served pretty good food. I w...

Saigon Cafe in St. Louis, Closed.

by pat hammond 19 years ago

Last week, hot and sore from lugging boxes up from the basement, I contemplated dinner. I wanted take-out and my favorite is Saigon Cafe. I thought banh mi would be good with the beer I also want...

St. Louis Gulf Coast Cafe

by Mike & Marguerite 19 years ago

We ate our first meal at the just opened Gulf Coast Cafe on South Grand this Tuesday and were very pleased with the food and the service. Shrimp bisque was outstanding but not for those who a...

St. Louis: Le Petit Paris

by Alan Freed 19 years ago

While trolling for a good place to eat Saturday night (we ended up having a very satisfying meal at Pho Grand), my wife and I happened across Le Petit Paris on Grand. Anybody have any experience t...

St. Louis Challenge Results - Babalu's Rocks!

by Mal 19 years ago

In case you're curious, here's how the three-hour layover in St. Louis went. My wife and I rode the Metrolink (in a car full of Cards fans and Boy Scouts, all trying to out-loud each other), follow...

St. Louis Thai??

by Monty 19 years ago

Just moved to the area. Can you tell me the best three Thai places in St. Louis? Money no object, taste whole object!!

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