St. Louis

St. Louis boasts awesome diner food and the perfect gooey butter cakes. Ask Chowhounds for recommendations on where to eat and drink, and discuss your culinary experiences in the city.

9 Pizza Styles to Know (and Make at Home!)

There are plenty of guides out there that will try to tell you what makes a great pizza and point you in the direction of where to find it. But frankly, the best pizza is the pizza you grew up with...

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Springfield, Mo Cashew Chichen in St. Louis

by chris 19 years ago

For any one familar with Springfield, Mo cashew chicken, is this found anywhere in St. Louis Mo?

Squab in STL

by coolcook97 4 years ago

Is there any where in Saint Louis that sells squab? If so could I get an idea on price Also is there any place that sells foie gras?

Imo's! new HQ

hill food
by hill food 4 years ago


Lunch near City Museum in St. Louis

by klebb 4 years ago

I'm looking for a good lunch spot near the City Museum. I'll be with three kids who are all pretty good eaters -- I'd like to go somewhere I could grab a beer or a glass of wine but if there is so...

Seeking Burger with Cheddar "Cheese Spread" Topping - St. Louis

The Dive
by The Dive 9 years ago

Growing up in St. Louis, I used to visit my dad downtown and we would go have lunch at a place in the Old Post Office Building that was dark and crowded, with few tables. You would stand in line t...

Thai ingredients in Saint Louis

by coolcook97 4 years ago

I don't live in Saint Louis but I might go soon so is there any where I could get Coconut milk and cream Palm sugar Dried long red chillies Red turmeric root Lemon grass Kaffir lime Kaf...

St. Louis Fine Dining with kids

by klebb 4 years ago

I'm taking a family weekend with wife and kids and looking for a great meal but I do have three kids. They're usually well behaved and such but I also understand that they can be loud and don't wa...

Ribs at Taylor's Place in St. Louis

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 7 years ago

I was recently in St. Louis. Found some great stuff, like Nasiib (3445 S Grand; 314-664-4143), a great Somali; great Aussie meat pies at The Silver Ballroom (4701 Morganford; 314-832-9223), and m...

Best St Louis bbq for dinner?

by fress 5 years ago

A little more than a year ago I benefited from excellent advice from St Louis Chowhounders re my visit to Wash U with my son. Long story short, we're dropping him off there next week to start his f...

St. Louis -- innovative/interesting restaurants, but with a baby?

by emmoconnor 4 years ago

My husband & I are headed to St. Louis in a few weeks w/ our 9 month old in tow. We would love to try some of the more innovative restaurants STL has to offer (Niche, Elaia/Olio and Farmhaus have b...

St Louis--Around Downtown Hyatt

by tdonline 4 years ago

We'll be in St Louis for a couple of nights this week. For the second night we'll have a car and plan to go to University City for Chinese. I'm looking at the recommendations from this thread: ...

St. Louis Candy Store

by Meatloaf2006 12 years ago

Looking for the name of a candy store in St. Louis. (I know--big town!) Don't know if they even exist anymore. Years ago (back in the '60's) my Dad used to travel to St. Louis and bring candy back...

Best St Louis Restaurants?

by dcravens 4 years ago

My husband and I will be in St Louis for about a week (May 11-17). Can anyone suggest any must-try restaurants anywhere in the city? We are not fussy about type of restaurant. We'd just like to try...

Chinese Dinner at Lulu's -- StL

by nosh 4 years ago

I had a Groupon and dad's wife is always looking to break out of their rotation, so I made reservations for five at Lulu's on the south side of Olive in U City. Table usually for six with a lazy s...

Great Burger at O'Connell's -- Best in StL?

by nosh 4 years ago

Saturday afternoon, and first stop was Olympia's just up McCausland from my mom's place and I'd heard good things about their gyro. But Cards game was on TV and when I asked if one could show me t...

St Louis People (Burbs) - Need Restaurant / Cocktail Joint Help!!!

by FineGrubber 4 years ago

Ok, I know downtown StL pretty well in terms of restaurants, but I'm in a different situation here and need some local folks help. Myself and 7 other late 30's gentlemen (term used loosely) are com...

Bridal shower ideas (brunch??) St. Louis

by kroppinkris 4 years ago

Looking for ideas for a family bridal shower. We'll have about 15 guests; at least one teen and perhaps some younger. I was thinking a Saturday morning brunch but open to other ideas. St. Charles w...

Chicken Fried Steak in St. Louis

by robt5265 4 years ago

Does anyone know of a place in the St. Louis area that has a really good Chicken Fried Steak on their menu? Not Denny's or the like....