St. Louis

St. Louis boasts awesome diner food and the perfect gooey butter cakes. Ask Chowhounds for recommendations on where to eat and drink, and discuss your culinary experiences in the city.

9 Pizza Styles to Know (and Make at Home!)

There are plenty of guides out there that will try to tell you what makes a great pizza and point you in the direction of where to find it. But frankly, the best pizza is the pizza you grew up with...

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Brains in St. Louis?

by Dulcie Mainwaring 10 years ago

Can you still get fried brains sandwiches in St. Louis? Or in Missouri for that matter? Thanks, Dulcie Mainwaring

Food centric destination near Owensboro, KY for visitors from NYC

by indiefoodie 3 years ago

Hello, we're thinking of visiting Owensboro, KY to try their much talked about mutton BBQ. We'll have about 4 days so we're thinking of combining it with 1 more delicious destination, ideally 2-3 h...

Does anyone miss Flaco's Tacos (stl) as much as me???

by misck 12 years ago

I swear - I would kill for their chicken carne asada burrito recipe....and their habanero salsa too! I miss that place and always hope they'll come back for another try. I'm pregnant and have bee...

STL - aww Kopperman's

hill food
by hill food 3 years ago

we knew this day was coming, but... you're just never quite ready. http://www.stltoday.com/entertainment/dining/restaurants/off-the-menu/central-west-end-institution-kopperman-s-deli-has-closed/...

Dinner in Town and Country

by anotherjennifer 3 years ago

My husband, my son and I are in St. Louis next weekend for a bat mitzvah. Our plane is scheduled to get in at 7 on Friday night. By time we get out bags, get our rental car and get to the Marriott ...

Visiting St. Louis Downtown

by rlcole4346 3 years ago

Have not been to St. Louis for a few years. Will be staying at Residence Inn downtown. Will be getting in late afternoon and would like a good food/bar for the first night. Could be a great dive or...

Asiana restaurant (STL)

by barleywino 4 years ago

Huge menu of authentic, mostly non-Cantonese Chinese. Large portions at a very reasonable price. Very tender and fatty skin-on braised pork shoulder in brown gravy, available in versions with and w...

Fun and Family Friendly in STL

by hungrydrivers 3 years ago

We're coming to St. Louis tomorrow for 4 days. Two adults and one 4-year-old. We eat on the early side to accommodate the kid but no other concessions! From previous discussions I've flagged the fo...

Where to buy meat in St. Louis?

by wodicker 12 years ago

I know there is Schnucks, and I know there is a Whole Foods. Schnucks is no butcher, lets face it, and as for the latter...well I am not wealthy enough to purchase meat from the overpriced meat co...

Rehearsal Dinner in Clayton area

by Vicsgirl 3 years ago

Hi, We're planning a rehearsal dinner for about 8P in May- not sure of the head count but I'm expecting 30 or more. We'd like it to be near the church in Clayton, especially since it's so late. A p...

Blueberry Hill is the best burger in St Louis. When you're a biased ex pat.

by blackbookali 3 years ago

I'm showing my age here when I say that it's been more than a decade since I would make my Holiday pilgrimages to St. Louis, where a necessary stop was a late night travail into a crowded, smoke fi...

Looking for Great Restaurants to Take Clients (2 lunches, 2 dinners) during Conference in St. Louis

by glickjor 6 years ago

Hi, I will be in St. Louis for my first time for a 2 day conference. Looking for regional specialty places that would impress clients. Looking for 50-80 dollars pp, all-in. I don't know much ...

Great food in St. Louis

by Barbarella 3 years ago

Headed to St Louis for Xmas. Will be staying at the Marriott Westport . Please tell me your favorite dinner and lunch places. Steak houses and seafood would be good.

Finding a Butcher who sells Local Grassfed Meat?[St. Louis, MO]

by Balisong 10 years ago

I am trying to find a list of butchers in St. Louis, MO who sell local grass-fed meat and free range poultry if possible. Suggestions?

Sunday Brunch Buffet in St. Louis

by tonifi 4 years ago

Anybody have a good recommendation for a Brunch Buffet this Sunday? This is my big weekend with my cousin when we go price-no-object and we'd like to end the weekend big with a fancy brunch. I am a...

Feta cheese!

by jengogs 3 years ago

Where can I find fresh feta cheese in the St. Louis area? I normally get mine from 95th street market near Chicago, but I'll be in the St. Louis area this weekend and would like to buy some. When I...

Downtown St. Louis After Football

by dosage54 3 years ago

Headed to see the Bears and Rams in a couple of weeks. About 20 people. Get to STL annually but usually stay by WU. Need ideas for good casual food close to downtown (Broadway Oyster?) or we might ...

Hurry! Need eats by the Arch (STL)

by IndyGirl 3 years ago

I'm only here until Saturday. Need dinner spot for tonight and tomorrow night. Someplace not loud and not far (don't have a car). Also...I am vegetarian. A fairly relaxed one but a vegetarian n...

Dinner suggestions -- St Louis

by worldrunner 4 years ago

So normally I wouldn't have much issue finding something but I'll be joining my GF and her daughter on the last two days of their vacation for my birthday dinner in St Louis. I've been to STL s...

Springfield, Mo Cashew Chichen in St. Louis

by chris 19 years ago

For any one familar with Springfield, Mo cashew chicken, is this found anywhere in St. Louis Mo?