Squid Ink

An All-Black Valentine’s Day Dinner for Those Who Don’t Do Cute

Does red and pink décor make you want to crawl back into bed and hide until Feb. 15th? Would you rather receive a cup of strong black coffee than a sparkly box of heart-shaped chocolates? Does the thought...

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Squid ink pasta?

by mellybean 7 years ago

Anyone know where I could buy some to cook at home? Is it pricey? Halloween is my son's birthday and I thought I might try for a black and orange theme for supper.

Searching high and low in for squid ink in San Jose.

by slowshooter 7 years ago

Anyone have a recommendation for a place it can be purchased in the Santa Clara Valley? Thanks, slow

Need really good black squid ink pasta

by NYJewboy 7 years ago

I am not sure who makes what anymore, just got out of prison and need some squid ink pasta! Any suggestions?

Finding squid ink in Chicagoland?

by spinblue 7 years ago

We've been calling a number of markets/shops. Preferably in the NW suburbs. Anyone know of any place to grab some? We're looking to make some pasta with it. Thanks.

Anyone cook with squid ink at home?

by Thor2011 8 years ago

I'm thinking about making a squid ink paella, but have no idea how much squid ink to add. I'm a home cook who likes to experiment with new stuff. I generally don't follow recipes and do my own th...

HELP: Where do I buy Squid ink in San Francisco?

by nmleeds 13 years ago

This is a rush request. I am having people over for dinner in a couple of hours and I realized that I need to serve a black risotto. This is a CULINARY EMERGANCY. They drink only red wine; I want ...

Squid ink pasta?

by tsfirefly 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find squid ink pasta? Searching for a friend who lives in the Bay Area but can't find it anywhere...I don't need a restaurant that serves it, just the pasta itself for...

Squid and squid ink in Chicago

by geography31 9 years ago

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a market to buy high-quality fresh or frozen squid, as well as a jar or two of squid or cuttlefish ink. Thanks.

Squid ink

by lstereo 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find squid ink (or squid ink pasta) here in the Twin Cities? I'm referring to a store not at a restaurant. Thanks!

Looking for Squid Ink in Philly

by kgarabed 9 years ago

I am looking to purchase some squid ink for some fresh homemade pasta. Any places in center city, Reading Terminal, or the italian market carry it? Thanks!

ISO Squid Ink

by Gio 9 years ago

Does anyone know where in the greater Boston area I might find either squid or cuttlefish ink?

wanted: squid ink fried rice

by jessejames 9 years ago

When in Okinawan islands we had this simple black fried rice dish with squid inside and a thin egg yolk omelette perched on top. So rich and delicious and I've been craving this since we got back....

Squid Ink in London

by lemons 9 years ago

Nigella Lawson says one can buy packets of squid ink, and you certainly can't where I live in the middle of the US. Will be in London and thought I might try bringing some home, since black risotto...

Edmonton - Black Squid Ink Pasta?

by rebasaurus 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy some black squid ink pasta to make for a meal? Thanks.

squid ink in Charlotte

by Nocturnalbill 9 years ago

I've been playing with the idea of making squid-ink pasta. Does anyone know if anywhere in Charlotte sells squid ink?

Squid Ink pasta

by moonwoman28 9 years ago

where in Austin can I buy this? or other black pasta. Already been to Central Market and nada.

squid ink pasta

by klw166 10 years ago

Where can I buy squid ink pasta in the Boston area? Whole Foods doesn't seem to carry it. thanks -

Squid ink / cuttlefish ink risotto in Manhattan?

by latinavip 10 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant that makes black risotto or risotto al nero made out of squid ink. I've been looking on the web but the only one I found is at East15 which is asian. I'd like it from a...