Squash Blossoms


Zucchini Flowers

by MoPet 1 year ago

I want to make stuffed zucchini flowers but my plants are not producing very large blossoms. I’m aware female blossoms should be left to mature into zucchini, and that some male blossoms should be ...

Squash Blossom Enchiladas @ Cheeky's | Palm Springs

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Wednesday's breakfast was indoors at Cheeky's in Palm Springs, marking week #426. This was my second time, visiting before in 2012 during week #198. https://www.flickr.com/search/?sort=date-taken-...

Eating in Season: Squash Blossoms

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

With this week's heat wave, summer's really here. Displays of squash blossoms color farmers markets and seasonal specials of the summer flowers are popping up on menus. Please tell us where you...

Squash Blossoms in NYC farmers market or store?

by Licia829 5 years ago

I moved out of NYC a year ago and it's been impossible to find squash blossoms- none at the farmers markets around here and the only people that have them grow zucchini (which I do not) and are not...

Squash Blossoms

by ClaireyMary 12 years ago

Can they be frozen?? Or is this a very, very bad idea. Thanks for any input!!

Squash Blossoms/Zucchini Flowers in NY?

by MissWestchester 11 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy these now? I'm thinking maybe a Farmer's Market, but I don't have any idea which one. Whole Foods? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (posted on ...

Restaurant that serves Squash blossoms in Miami?

by Auger 6 years ago

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place that's currently serving squash blossoms? I know our growing season is ending. Looking for a place from Hallendale to Coral Gables. TIA

Zucchini blossoms (squash blossoms) in GTA

Food Tourist
by Food Tourist 7 years ago

Craving this summer delicacy. Any menus featuring these Italian-style fried stuffed flowers (preferably not dripping in grease)? (Or other recipes or traditions?) If you see any at the farmers' mar...

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

by coll 7 years ago

Been planning this for weeks: I want to surprise hubby with one of his grandmother's old favorites. I picked a few blossoms this morning, for some reason squash turned into my biggest crop this s...

Squash Blossoms

by JoyM 8 years ago

Anyone know of a market in San Francisco that consistently has squash blossoms at less than exorbitant prices? (exorbitant = $10 for a quart container at Rainbow Grocery). They have them sometim...

Squash Blossoms? [Westchester County]

by SLEMom 8 years ago

Anyone know where in Westchester I can buy these? I saw them on Fresh Direct but I'd rather not pay delivery just for that. Thanks!

White wine batter for fried squash blossoms

by MrsJonesey 9 years ago

Just saw Anne Burrell make a batter out of flour and white wine, 2:1 ratio. Sounds really good and I hate to fry. I bet it would be good with squash too.

Squash blossoms

by tcamp 9 years ago

A volunteer squash plant near my garden plot was fatally damaged in last night's storms so this morning I harvested 6 blossoms and several squash before composting the plant. I decided to make stuf...

Squash Blossoms

by ajhess86 9 years ago

I've been seeing these at the farmer's markets. Any tips on DC-area restaurants serving up interesting dishes utilizing this extremely short-seasoned delight?

Stuffed squash blossom questions

by sparkareno 11 years ago

I want to make squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese for an appetizer. I know that the people coming are kind of dieting & would cringe at the deep frying. Is there anyway I can do these in the ...

Squash Blossoms in KC?

by Mushroom 10 years ago

I would like to surprise my husband with his favorite Roman antipasti ~ Fried Squash Blossoms with Mozzarella & Anchovies. Can I find squash blossoms in KC? If so, where?

squash blossoms?

by Bob Loblaw 11 years ago

Greetings all - My gf and I were up in Massachusetts this past weekend, and were able to buy some squash blossoms at a farmers market. I had some fun cooking them up - not that I knew what I was...