Chowhound Group dinner at Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield, VA

by souvac 7 years ago

Last Saturday, six of us gathered for a dinner at Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield. On my two previous visits, I was greeted with two menus. One was a one pager written in Thai and a folded menu wi...

Suggestions in Lorton, VA area

by pretender414 3 years ago

Hello! We'll be moving to Lorton this summer and are looking for suggestions in the nearby area. I did a search on the board, but most posts are years out of date (and the restaurants are closed). ...

Springfield, VA area spots

by FoodDude2 4 years ago

I recently moved from Arlington to Springfield and thought I would provide some updated reviews of local spots we have tried since moving in a few weeks ago. Golden Hong Kong Chinese---located n...

Marib, Yemeni in Springfield - Report

by Steve 6 years ago

There is a 'new' kid on the block, serving some mind-expanding Middle Eastern food, and this I think is a destination restaurant. Marib is the new darling, Yemeni food, this time served in a nice ...

Pizza Boli Chicken Wings, Huntsman Square in Springfield

by chowser 7 years ago

This is a chain but I'm wondering how uniform it must be because their buffalo wings are not buffalo wings but more tandoori style and don't seem fried. They are not buffalo wings by any means. T...

Namaste, Nepalese in Springfield - Report

by Steve 7 years ago

There are only a few places in the DC area to sample Nepaese cusine, and even those places survive serving mostly a greatest hits list of easily identifiable Indian-Amerian classics. Namaste ha...

Thai Ghang Waan in Springfield, VA

by souvac 8 years ago

I decided to stop by for a late lunch at 2PM today. Since I spoke Thai when I walked in, they handed me both the English and the Thai menu. I decided to order from the Thai menu today which is att...

Momo's Nepalese in Springfield

by luckyfatima 8 years ago

I just noticed yet another newly opened Nepalese restaurant on Yelp. They have a couple of "safe" Mughlai-Punjabi items on the menu but also some Nepalese items like several types of momos, taas (g...

Bangkok Noodle House (Springfield) and Filipino grocery store next door

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 8 years ago

Thanks to Monkey's suggestion, I looked up Bangkok Noodle House. Google Map shows it's only a 12 minute drive from my office so I went there for lunch today with a friend. We each had a bowl of n...

CH Meetup Report on Momo's Nepalese in Springfield

by luckyfatima 8 years ago

This evening seven chowhounds met for a meal at Momo's. They have a standard generic North Indian restaurant (Punjabi) type menu, plus a small offering of Nepalese dishes, including three variet...

Solid Cantonese in Springfield VA

by dpan 8 years ago

I'm pretty impressed by the food at Golden Hong Kong in Springfield, in the former Canton Cafe next to the Trader Joe in the shopping center off Old Keene Mill Rd, and Commerce Road. It's a step a...

Thai Gaang Waan - Springfield, VA

by eatdceat 8 years ago

I went for the first time this weekend. Really enjoyed it. They have two menus - as best as I can tell, one menu with a mix of more Americanized options and other more traditional items, and a s...

Springfield VA, please find me a great local speciality

by Jerseygirl111 8 years ago

Will be down this weekend from NJ and we are looking for something local. Is there a special sandwich, food item or restaurant specific in ths area? Crab cakes? Too North for BBQ? Want something g...

New Red Meat Hut in Springfield

by DCDOLL 9 years ago

Has anyone been...i think it's name is Morty's? As Swing-fielders who travel to the City or Old Town for all of our dining due to a COMPLETE lack of nice places to eat in our town (and no Mike's i...

Baptism Brunch spot in Springfield/Burke/Alexandria

by Ljca79 9 years ago

We are looking for a Sunday catered brunch after a baptism in May. We would like to stick to Springfield or Burke, but could go to Alexandria (or even Fairfax if we have to) if necessary. Private...

Options in Springfield

by Deborah R. 9 years ago

Hello -- Looking for suggestions in or very close to Springfield, Va., for a Sunday lunch/brunch.

Walker's Grille in Springfield/Alexandria area

by chowser 10 years ago

There was a groupon for this place a few months back which I passed on but I decided to try it, based on its menu. There's such a shortage of good places to eat in that area--near the INOVA comple...

A stunning meal, by surprise - Saigon City, Springfield

by wayne keyser 10 years ago

Saigon City Restaurant - 6333 Brandon Avenue, Springfield I had heard, when it opened some years ago, that it was average-to-good. I had not been there before. Lunch with my wife - she got gr...

Good restaurant/bar in Springfield VA for casual meeting? Please help!

by nikaim22 10 years ago

I am looking for a good bar/restaurant in Springfield VA to have a meeting with some fellow bridesmaids. Preferably a place that offers some vegetarian choices, and is not dark or loud. Need to b...

Wanted: Cute cafe for late Saturday afternoon lunch in Springfield

by Flaxen_Vixen 11 years ago

My girlfriends and I are doing bridesmaid dress fittings Saturday morning and will need a repast about 2 PM in the Springfield area. We are adventurous eaters but do not like chains or Chinese foo...