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Best lunch spot in Springfield, MA?

by GroovinGourmet 7 years ago

I will be through the area on a Monday, and will be stopping for a sales call. Where's the best place to grab a bite?

Springfield Vietnamese Vinh Chau & Soc Trang

by sakeandgin 7 years ago

I had the opportunity to view the take out menu from the 3 month old Soc Trang in Springfield. It is the exact menu as the Vinh Chau at the X. Prices vary a bit but all dishes are the same includ...

In Springfield on WGBY tonight (below pasted from Boston board)

by sakeandgin 7 years ago

In case you missed the recent NYTimes or Globe pieces, Tony Bourdain will be narrating a GBH 16 part series(1/2 hr.@), The Mind of a Chef, beginning Fri., tomorrow, night, 9-11pm.This first season ...

Can Tso Fast Foods Springfield, MA

by sakeandgin 7 years ago

I am going to stop by this place for lunch tomorrow and try the Bahn Mi..... Banh Mi Saigon in Hadley is a bit of a ride but I love it there. Can anyone comment on Can Tso they are near Pho Saigon...

Springfield, Ma.- Will be going to the museum quadrangle but will be taking 90W home to Lenox

by hopegoode 8 years ago

Are there any interesting restaurants to try? We like seafood, fish, and ethnic foods. Read about Mamou but much of the menu is fried. We are open to stopping en route til we reach home...

Best doughnuts in the Springfield, Mass area

by Oaksbluff 8 years ago

Donut Dip's sour cream glazed donut. End of discussion! Honestly though, anyone else have some good suggestions? Mrs. Murphy's is, I think, kinda dry.

Springfield Frigos & Zonins

by sakeandgin 8 years ago

I frequent Frigo's in both locations. Love the grinders @ $5.00. Great value and freshness. Also buy the deli by the pound and find it OK. The prepared veal is also very good. I have never been ...

Fortune Cookie Restaurant--Springfield MA

by KSlink 8 years ago

Can anyone identify what cut of meat is used in the beef teriyaki sticks? So many make them so badly but these are so wonderful to me that only one order at a time is never enough!

Pintu's Palace, West Springfield

by jzzy55 8 years ago

Had dinner here tonight on the way to pick someone up at Bradley. Very convenient halfway point between Northampton and the airport. Our first visit there since cutting out a glowing review from t...

Crepes Tea Room, West Springfield MA

by jzzy55 8 years ago

If you're driving on Interstate 91 or in the Springfield/Northampton area, you might want to check this unusual place out. It's in a rundown but not scary industrial neighborhood just off Memorial ...

The Student Prince/The Fort in Springfield.....Help!

by saintp 8 years ago

Hi! We are taking the kids to the symphony in Springfield Saturday night and the friends that we are going with have chosen to eat dinner beforehand at The Student Prince. I have never eaten here...

Overview of Springfield / Holyoke / Lower Pioneer Valley

by andytee 11 years ago

I'm going to be taking a class this summer in Springfield, and one of the things I'm excited about is the opportunity to explore some new eating spots, normally I'm stuck in the top half of the PV....

3 Cafe in Springfield, MA

by jzzy55 8 years ago

I sampled a 3 Cafe watermelon and tomato salad at the Red Fire Farm Tomato Festival today, and it was DELICIOUS. Simple, fresh, local and tasty. Would like to hear more about this place from Chow...

Fish Market Springfield Area?

by sakeandgin 9 years ago

Where do you get your fresh fish other than WF? Selection of fresh oysters, shrimp, razor clams, etc or am I dreaming.

What's tasty for eats in Springfield or W. Springfield MA for a three day visit?

by dwdunn 9 years ago

I have a three day business trip to Springfield (W. Springfield) MA and I'm interested for tasty food treats list for in the area. Any types.

Taco Trucks in Springfield

by homesick for food 9 years ago

I saw an earlier post about a truck in the vicinity of the Forest Park "X." Does anyone have more info on this truck, and/or other trucks in the area?

Need birthday Recs for West Springfield MA area

by Gourmade 9 years ago

We will be in West Springfield, MA for a few days over my birthday and would really appreciate recs for medium priced Italian or American (steak, BBQ, etc.) restaurants. We have checked previous...

Springfield Smoked Fish

by StriperGuy 11 years ago

Just heard about this place. Next time I am in western Mass. I am definitely going to check it out. http://www.springfieldsmokedfish.com/ Springfield Smoked Fish Company 150 Switzer Avenue...

Midway Between Newton and Springfield

by GrowingBoy 9 years ago

My out of town boss will be working in Springfield for a few days. I live in Newton, so we're looking for a good place for dinner halfway between the two. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.