Cashew Chicken in Springfield, Missouri

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

Just got off the phone with a talkative MCI operator who recommended a weird Chinese/Midwestern hybrid dish called "cashew chicken" you find in the environs of Springfield Missouri. It's deep fri...

Springfield, Mo Cashew Chichen in St. Louis

by chris 21 years ago

For any one familar with Springfield, Mo cashew chicken, is this found anywhere in St. Louis Mo?

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI - Are there any good restaurants?

by ChrissieH 18 years ago

I might be moving there. Are there any good food markets? Restaurants? Last time I visited, I couldn't even find a can of Muir Glenn tomatoes in the grocery store. I'm feeling a little discour...

Twelve hours in Springfield, MO- tees, gifts, and delicious eats!

by zammdogg 7 years ago

Another round of 12 hours in X- here's my list so far. I'm going up through Branson from Rogers. Grandma Ruth's Billy Gail's Springfield Farmer's Market Askinosie Ernie Bigg's Mudhouse St....

Scotch & Soda - Springfield, MO

by jhojati 7 years ago

We were in Springfield for a day, and I had a hankering for an old fashioned (cocktail). Typically, smaller markets don't have a lot by way of craft cocktail bars, so I was pleasantly surprised to...

What's open late in Springfield (MO) on a Thursday night?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

Late as in past 10 p.m.? I've perused a bunch of old and older threads discussing Springfield generally so I have a feel of what's out there, but are there any decent eats open at 10, or later? ...

SPRINGFIELD, MO, just moved here...

by ChrissieH 17 years ago

So here I am in Springfield, Missouri. I've read the Midwest posts back through several months' worth, and can't find much about food in this city. Okay, none. Are there any other CH'ers here? ...

British Honeymoon Couple, 5-6 May 2013 Springfield and Oklahoma

by Thebirniewedding 9 years ago

We are travelling from St Louis to Springfield and then Oklahoma in May. We are spending one night in both places and would like recommendations of somewhere good to eat (and drink) on those nights...

Who'd a thought? - Springfield, MO

hill food
by hill food 10 years ago


Missouri KC to Springfield

by wekick 10 years ago

We probably have KC covered but anything good along Hwy 7 or 13 on the way to Springfield? We would detour for something good. Also anything new or especially good in Springfield?

Springfield, MO - single person

by kroppinkris 10 years ago

I'll be in Springfield later this week for a conference. Lunch is included so I'm only looking for dinner ideas. Pretty much open to anything in the $15 and under range. I get in later Thursday ...

Springfield, MO - Good Restaurants - NO Springfield Cashew

by fedora 13 years ago

I recently moved to Springfield, MO from SoCal --- love all sorts of food and am looking for good CURRENT restaurants to try --- NOT interested in Springfield Cashew Chicken as I've tried it. All ...

Hemingway's Blue Water Cafe - Springfield, MO

by papagoph 12 years ago

Over the upcoming 2009 Christmas season, my family will be traveling past Springfield, MO twice. Once around dinner time and another during Sunday Brunch hours. Does anyone have any thoughts abou...

Birthday Dinner in Springfield, MO.

by jsleuth 12 years ago

My sister and brother-in-law live in Springfield and both have a birthday coming up. I was thinking I'd send them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant so they could celebrate together. From th...

Lambert's Cafe, repost of Springfield, Mo

by tomatoaday 12 years ago

Repost of topic with specific question for this place. Other recommendations in the Springfield area also wanted! We will be driving from KCI to Memphis and will be staying in Springfield for th...

1 night in Springfield, Mo

by tomatoaday 12 years ago

We will be driving from KCI to Memphis and will be staying in Springfield for the night. I have done some searches and am coming up on the lean side for recomendations. I think an old RoadFood fav...

Southwest MO-Mansfield, Springfield, Mountain Grove

by jardin32 12 years ago

A friend and I are going to Baker's Creek Planting festival in Mansfield this weekend. What should we not miss? We will be in the general area and will probably end up in Springfield for staying ov...

Springfield, MO - Upscale Private Room Lunch

by topekahawk 12 years ago

I am putting together a lunch in Springfield, MO for 15-20 executives and local officials. I need a nice lunch spot with a private room. Anyone know the city and some options?

Springfield, MO - good dinner

by SFLisa 12 years ago

I am in Springfield quite a bit these days for business and am looking for dinner beyond the Ruby Tuesday's near my hotel (N Glennstone). Any suggestions for good food and a place that is solo dine...

Springfield, MO (not BBQ)

by rweater 13 years ago

I'll be making an overnight stop in Springfield MO next month. I've never ventured very far off the highway in Springfield, so I'm not very familiar with it, but would love to find a great place fo...