Eating out in Spokane? Do your research first and ask savvy Chowhounds where they like to eat and drink.


Kroger offers ‘thank you’ bonus after employees protest end of hazard pay

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The United Food and Commercial Workers union Local 21, which organized Friday’s protests, responded in a statement that 'Kroger’s decision today shows that we can have an impact.' But they ...

Faragosa Bread recipe?

by catseefood 5 years ago

So a local grocery, Rosauers, sells fargosa bread which is delicious. However I have never found a recipe or any history. Anyone a better google master than I?

Spokane Bread and Butter (bakeries and dairies, oh my!)

by prasantrin 5 years ago

I'll be in town for a few days in August, and am looking for some excellent bakeries to fill my carb needs while I'm there. So far, I've added Common Crumb to my google map, but what else is there?...

Spokane Recommendations

by jayjay 6 years ago

I'll be visiting Spokane/Spokane Valley soon. Can any of you 'hounds recommendation restaurants that pre teens would also enjoy? My taste buds are in your hands.

Spokane 2015

by Beka 6 years ago

I thought Spokane needed a newer thread since so many places listed on the old one are closed, and there is current interest. Spokane is coming along quite nicely I must say. There are now qu...


by Jmrz 21 years ago

spokane is coming into its own. would like to start a discussion about places to eat here or in the area. I suggest Pho 5 star on e. sprague (1801) for a wonderful large bowl of shrimp noodle sou...

Smoked turkey wings in Spokane

by rcspott 7 years ago

Any place to purchase in Spokane?

Any tried Churchill's Steakhouse in Spokane?

by gmm 14 years ago

My parents live in Spokane and we're always looking for new places to try. There's a serious lack of good steak in Spokane. I came across an article on Churchill's and was wondering if anyone had...

Looking for Ribs in Spokane

by BriNal 15 years ago

Hi, I'm going to Spokane this weekend and looking for the best ribs. I saw the Longhorn BBQ's. Anything better? Appreciate any help. Staying downtown.

Spokane Recommendations

by boltnut55 7 years ago

I'll be in Spokane for about almost a week in a few months. I've done some searches here, but posts are older and since I'm not that familiar with territory, it's a little hard to figure out if I'...

Spokane WA Indian and Asian groceries?

by AmandaRG 8 years ago

I'm headed up to Spokane for the day and while I'm in the "big" city, I live in Idaho so all is relative I guess, I was hoping to restock my cupboard with some spices, sauces, etc. Any recommendat...

Yes, Spokane has good eating!

by ScottArany 8 years ago

Hey folks, This is my first posting to Chow. I just moved to Spokane about a couple of months ago from Los Angeles. Of course, living in LA leaves a guy pretty spoiled for good food. So I'm e...

New Asian Market in Spokane

by hannaone 11 years ago

Just a heads up for Spokane Chowhounds. There is a new Asian Market, primarily Korean, located on North Division. The Asian World Food Market has a fair range of goods, including fresh, frozen, a...

French and Asian Options in Spokane

by foodie in CT 9 years ago

My friends have moved to the Spokane area and I would like to surprise them with gift certificates to two restaurants. They gravitate towards French and Asian (but not Japanese) food. I'm condideri...

Spokane/CDA Top three places you would take an out-of-towner to eat

by RetiredChef 9 years ago

Spokane/CDA food scene has grown over the years and we have some good choices. I have set up categories and have put my top 3 places that I would take a out-of-towner to eat to showcase some of our...

Knife sharpening in Spokane?

by gmm 9 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good knife sharpening service in Spokane? I have several Henckels and Wusthof chef's knives that are badly in need of sharpening. I would prefer someplace in town, rather t...

Celebration Lunch in Spokane

by jayjay 9 years ago

My daughter is graduating this coming Friday and I'd like to take her and the family out to lunch. There will be two children aged five and seven. And, except for me, the quality of the food is n...

Solo dining in Spokane

by lavaca 9 years ago

My girlfriend and I were going to spend the long weekend in Spokane and Northern Idaho. However, she is stuck in Alaska for longer than planned so it's just going to be a solo trip. I'll probably b...