Here Are All the Sugar Substitutes You Can Use for Baking

Looking for the best sugar substitute in baking and cooking? Whether you're going keto, trying to reduce your refined sugar intake, or just can't find your usual supplies at the store right now, here...

Can you make simple syrup with Splenda or Xylitol?

by rcallner 14 years ago

Thinking constantly of what to eat next, I occasionally cut way back on carbs. Has anyone tried using xylitol or Splenda to make a simple syrup? I wonder if either would go through strange chemic...

Diet soda without Aspartame?

by Phal Gus 18 years ago

Which Diet soda's don't contain Aspartame, and do contain Splenda? Any ideas? Thanks

On substituting part sugar with Splenda

by lacoet 5 years ago

Hi, I can't figure out how to substitute part of the sugar in a recipe for baked goods like cakes with Splenda when the recipe calls for weighing the ingredientes instead of using measuring cups. ...

Recommendations for sugar-free candy?

by Deborah R. 5 years ago

Hello -- Can anybody suggest a palatable brand of sucralose-sweetened candy? Thanks. Deborah

Help with Splenda sweetened Jelly that didn't set!

by kalaghan 6 years ago

I made cranberry jalapeno jelly with splenda but made the mistake of using regular liquid pectin. I now know I needed to use no sugar pectin. My question is how can I save this jelly? Does anyone k...

Simple Syrup with Splenda

by 1962Greenwave 13 years ago

I was surfing for a recipe with Spenda, and Chow came up. Am from Dunn, NC and a bad diabetic. However, I just love Lemon Drop Shooters and the way they are made at the Barrington in Dunn, NC ... ...

Research on what level of sucralose is safe for daily intake?

by glify 6 years ago

I used to put fruit juice in my daily green smoothie, but I felt like I was getting too much sugar and have since substituted water and sucralose. The issue is that it takes 20 packets of sucralose...

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