Spice Grinders


Filling the grinder?

by Kaymoz 1 year ago

Looking for some red pepper recommendations! Santa brought me a nifty grinder in RED, one of the ratchet-mill type from Kuhn Rikon. We've had a black one for a while, filled with black pepper...

Grinding cinnamon

by sue 14 years ago

I recently bought cinnamon sticks, and have been using my microplane grater to grind it. This seems fairly labor-intensive. I've heard that people use a coffee grinder to grind spices, but I don't ...

Peppermill recommendations for arthritic cook?

by AmyH333 2 years ago

When a recipe calls for a tsp or more of fresh ground pepper this has become a real challenge for me. Any recommendations for a pepper mill that will work for me?

Waring Professional Spice Grinder

by Master 9 years ago

Good afternoon Chowsters, I’d like to hear about the personal experience anybody who owns or otherwise has hands-on use of the Waring WSG 30 spice grinder. Particularly ease of use, changing bow...

Best Salt Grinders When You Switch Salts a Lot?

by JenBak 4 years ago

Hello! I've recently gotten a few different types of specialty salts and was wondering what everyone uses to grind salt when you only need a little and don't want to empty and clean out your big sa...

Please recommend a spice grinder good for Indian cooking (dry and wet grinding)

by PinchOfSalt 4 years ago

My old Sumeet Asia Grinder is showing its age and needs to be replaced. Thinking about how I have used it over the years, all I really need is a unit that grinds dry spices and can also handle wet...

Making chile powder from dried chiles

by kfordham281 11 years ago

I've got a recipe that calls for cascabel chile powder. I wasn't able to find it, however I was able to get some whole dried cascabel chiles. My question is, how do I make the cascabel chile powd...

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