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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Last Chance Kitchen & Cookware Deals Still Standing

Update, July 17: Amazon's Prime Day sale has officially ended. Some of the deals below are still live and may continue to be available for a time, but we won't be updating this story. Instead, check...

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Appliances - What's on your countertop?

by mobiledynamics 10 months ago

I am a cookware wh0re hoarder but deep down I'm a minimalist at heart On the counter, sits espresso maker, grinder and toaster oven. I refuse to have anything else exist unless I use it everyda...

Can you recommend a decent two slice toaster that won't break the bank?

by PeachLakeBaker 9 months ago

I'm looking for a decent two slice toaster. No special features required, basically just for toast and bagels. Not looking to pay more than about $50. Any recommendations?

Edible Carving: How 3D printers Could Create Your Next Meal

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

" . . . 3D food printing has found itself at the forefront of digitally printed objects. Currently, confectioneries around the world are using 3D printers to produce vibrant layers of candy. The cu...

Slow Cooker Recommendations?

by DuffyH 10 months ago

My trusty 6qt Hamilton Beach analog slow cooker bit the dust last week and will no longer come up to the correct temperatures at either Low or High. With the holidays coming up in a few months I'm ...

Any small kitchen applicances NOT made in China?

by Deenso 10 years ago

I'm getting the feeling that this is a fruitless search, but I'm looking for a new 4-slice toaster. I examined the boxes of every brand on the shelves at Target this weekend and literally all of th...

36 Inch Pro Range (Wolf,Thermador, BlueStar)

by dl8675309 11 months ago

Hello - I’m building my home and have been going back and forth on which range to get. I’m between Wolf, Thermador, and BlueStar. Consumer Reports gives higher marks to KitchenAid as well. Any a...

Need advice please: Our range hood stopped working and needs to be replaced

by helpermonkey 11 months ago

Ok, so first off, I don't really know much about range hoods. I've never had one before we bought this house. The house was redone in 1979 and the hood was installed around then. It's a 40 year old...

How Do You Use Your Warming Drawer?

by jessinEC 8 years ago

Through a stroke of good luck, I managed to buy a used GE Profile Range & Oven in perfect condition for $75. It includes a warming drawer, something I've never had (nor ever really wanted), but now...

Kitchen Supply Stores in New England?

by plnelson 12 months ago

I'm looking for a kitchen supply store near me (35 miles NW of Boston. I posted a question like this a decade ago but many of the places in those replies have gone out of business or only sell to ...

Help with immersion blender

by plnelson 12 months ago

I recently bought a Cuisinart CSB-85 only to discover that it requires 2 hands because everytime you release a button you need to unlock the safety button to press it again or press the other one....

Custard Cups/Breville Smart Oven Air

by susanrdrgz 12 months ago

I would like to try and bake custard cups in my Breville Oven, but I’ve been afraid of using glass in it, and it’s already warped (slightly) one of my new OXO Pro gold baking sheets. My custard cup...

I love my coffee with milk froth

by LupeClark 1 year ago

My milk frother is not working properly and I am tired of it. It heats fine but will only spin when it feels like it every now and then. The thing is only a month old. It is under warranty and I wi...

Is there such a thing as a Microwave/Toaster oven?

by MsBees 1 year ago

Although it still works my microwave is old and has been on its last leg for some time. And this morning my small two slice toaster died. Ideally a combo microwave toaster oven would be ideal. I’ve...

NYC Restaurants that Make the Most of Little Infrastructure

by the mess 1 year ago

Hi New Yorkers! I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a little sandwich shop, which I would ultimately like to transform into a late-night spot featuring Spanish-inspired snacks. The place has...

Quiet, leak proof blender

by jp96 1 year ago

I own an older Vitamix and it sounds like a jet engine when we make smoothies. I would like something quieter that is reasonably priced. I don't want to invest in another powerhouse blender like th...

What can't you live without in your kitchen?

by jrboston 2 years ago

What is the one small appliance or gadget you simply could not live without? The one that you would keep if you had to get rid of everything but one.

Egg Cookers

by susanrdrgz 1 year ago

Has anyone tried 'Egglettes', or Electric egg cookers? My daughter in law loves her electric egg cooker. She said the steam causes the eggs to come right out of the shell because you poke a tiny pi...

Tell me about an air fryer, and why would I want one?

by wabi 3 years ago

I just found out about air fryers, and it seems to be a gadget in search of a use. A quick search of Amazon reveals all kinds of fryers and now a slew of cook books about them from celebrity chefs ...

Vitamix Ascent Series - Not off to a good start...

by Libranflight 2 years ago

I have tried a 5300 before, which is a 7500 in a 5200's case, and it got a smoothie totally smooth in about a minute and our recipe has no liquid and a lot of ice. Well, I ordered two of the A35...

Does anyone know if its possible to convert electric range elements/hobs to induction?

by PTomi 3 years ago

I was considering induction, but would like to keep some of the electric hobs on my smoothtop range. I know I can buy replacement hobs for both electric elements and induction. Does anyone know if ...