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Is there such a thing as a Microwave/Toaster oven?

by MsBees 6 months ago

Although it still works my microwave is old and has been on its last leg for some time. And this morning my small two...


Tormix commented 1 month ago

NYC Restaurants that Make the Most of Little Infrastructure

by the mess 2 months ago

Hi New Yorkers! I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a little sandwich shop, which I would ultimately like to t...


Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Quiet, leak proof blender

by jp96 2 months ago

I own an older Vitamix and it sounds like a jet engine when we make smoothies. I would like something quieter that is...


rararobb commented 2 months ago

What can't you live without in your kitchen?

by jrboston 12 months ago

What is the one small appliance or gadget you simply could not live without? The one that you would keep if you had ...


seefoo commented 3 months ago

Egg Cookers

by susanrdrgz 4 months ago

Has anyone tried 'Egglettes', or Electric egg cookers? My daughter in law loves her electric egg cooker. She said the...


susanrdrgz commented 3 months ago

Tell me about an air fryer, and why would I want one?

by wabi 2 years ago

I just found out about air fryers, and it seems to be a gadget in search of a use. A quick search of Amazon reveals a...


EdithTheCook commented 3 months ago

Vitamix Ascent Series - Not off to a good start...

by Libranflight 1 year ago

I have tried a 5300 before, which is a 7500 in a 5200's case, and it got a smoothie totally smooth in about a minute ...


rararobb commented 3 months ago

Does anyone know if its possible to convert electric range elements/hobs to induction?

by PTomi 2 years ago

I was considering induction, but would like to keep some of the electric hobs on my smoothtop range. I know I can buy...


santiagodraco commented 3 months ago

ISO of The Magic Quartz, or something like it.

by foodluvngal 11 years ago

Back in the late 1970's, my parents had a counter-top broiler called "The Magic Quartz." It was a simple broiler with...


jerrythompson commented 4 months ago

Gas range/oven

by kanne 4 months ago

I have a Whirlpool gas range/ oven approximately 12 years a old. The top burners ignite and burn but the oven does n...


dcrb commented 4 months ago

High End Range

by Antoniad 7 months ago

We are thinking about purchasing a Jenn Air model JDRP 30 inch dual fuel range. Any thoughts about this brand/model?...


OaklandGal commented 4 months ago

Do Electric Caramelizing Irons Exist in the US?

by annagram14 4 months ago

I know a French pastry chef who has one and it's amazing for pastries that need to be caramelized on top. They're so ...


NE_Wombat commented 4 months ago

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Double wall oven recommendation please

by BethNH 4 months ago

The control panel on my 10 year old Whirlpool double electric wall oven has bit the dust. It will cost $660 to repla...

Betty Crocker pizza maker?

by lagatta 3 years ago

Is this gadget any good? A neighbour, who doesn't cook, received one as a gift and would give it to me or sell it for...


SouthwestLady commented 5 months ago

KitchenAid vegetable sheeter attachment

by medtran49 5 months ago

We picked up 1 of these during a recent sale. Used it for the first time tonight. Have to say we are a bit disappoi...


medtran49 commented 5 months ago

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

by Pipenta 4 years ago

The bastard child of a pressure cooker and a toaster oven. Might be really nifty, might be ridiculous. I'm wondering ...


silver3526 commented 5 months ago

How Do You Use Your Warming Drawer?

by jessinEC 7 years ago

Through a stroke of good luck, I managed to buy a used GE Profile Range & Oven in perfect condition for $75. It inclu...


medlar commented 6 months ago

2017 Holiday Season Cookware Deals

by drrayeye 7 months ago

We're almost to 400 for Fall Deals. Let's have a new one for the Holiday Season. Black Friday is already happening ...


CanadianCuisine commented 6 months ago

Need Pizzelle maker opinions.

by MsBees 6 years ago

Hi all I grew up in an italian household where we always have pizzelle for special occasions. My Aunt made them the ...


cassleigh commented 7 months ago

Kitchenaid New slicer dicer

by rhiamom 8 months ago

Does anybody have the new KSM2FPA attachment for the Stand mixer? Not the old rotary slicer shredder, the new one som...


rhiamom commented 8 months ago