Hop on the Prohibition-era bar trend and find a speakeasy near you. See what Chowhounds think the fuss is all about, and discuss favorite speakeasy cocktails, the coolest bars you've been to, and more.


Speakeasy/Cocktail bar - Flatiron/Gramercy Park

by Topcity 2 years ago

I have a 7:30 Monday dinner reservation for 6 people at Boucherie-Union Square for 6 people. Is there a good nearby speakeasy-type cocktail bar that can accommodate 6 people for after dinner drinks...

The Office - Two Tickets Available 12/30

by Cheets 4 years ago

I have two tickets to the The Office on Saturday 12/30 at 5:45 PM. Cost is $100. I had to cancel my trip to Chicago due to illness. If you create an account with Tock, I can transfer the reservatio...

Foodie Spots in Orlando

by robhandel 8 years ago

Hi guys I'll be spending a few days in Orlando and I'm looking for some must try foodie spots to keep me busy. Cafes, restaurants, speakeasies, markets, cooking classes, distilleries, etc. I lov...

The Punch Room

by BekahR 4 years ago

Outside the elevator on the 15th floor at the Ritz Carlton, a woman stands at a podium. Unmarked doors blend in with the wall. You ask for the Punch Room, speakeasy style, but the staff will hel...

Dinner at Lucifero and drinks at Jerry Thomas

by sushaskin 4 years ago

We are in Rome for the month of May staying in an apartment overlooking the Campo dei Fiori. I am trying to repay Chowhounds for all of the advice that I have received in the past so check my user ...

Ink48 area - food, coffee, bars

by chloe254 5 years ago

I will be spending 3 days at the Ink48 hotel next week. In meetings all day and staying there every night. I am looking for great options to get out of the hotel for: coffee, after dinner drinks an...

Secret Art Deco Bar - Summit Hill

by ChancesR 7 years ago

Several years ago, I remember hearing about an authentic art deco speakeasy in The Commodore hotel building in St. Paul. What's the story with this? Is it an actual functioning bar? Is it open t...

2 girls, 4 days, too many choices

by souixie 6 years ago

So....the dads have graciously stepped up and my friend and I are flying down to NYC for four days of eating, drinking and playing. She has (gasp) never been to the city. We're staying in the Wes...

Anyone been to SRO pizza speakeasy?

by gabandgobble 7 years ago

Has anyone been to the new SRO pizza speakeasy in the East Village? The "speakeasy" part piqued my interest, but then I learned that it was run by the former owner of Forcella pizza, and I was a bi...

Speakeasy - Boston

by jlptrsn 7 years ago

Looking for a quiet place for late night drinks. Similar to The Violet Hour in Chicago (secret entrance, no cell phones inside, excellent drinks). Any suggestions? Having dinner in Back Bay at B...

Speakeasy opening in Manchester

by NHeating 7 years ago

Info about the speakeasy/prohibition themed joint opening on Elm Street in Manchester http://nheatscompany.com/tag/speakeasy/ By the folks that own N'awlins. No opening date just yet, but seems ...

Help finalizing restaurants, deserts, cocktail/speakeasy, as well as opinions on SF staples

by Jasiu 7 years ago

About us: My husband and I are a gay couple in our mid-30s from DC and we will be staying within the city limits and are only interested in places that are accessible via public transportation or U...

Speakeasy type bar in Montreal?

by abco 11 years ago

Four of us will be in Montreal on a Saturday night in a couple weeks, and I was hoping to find a place that serves real old-fashioned cocktails. Something like The Violet Hour in Chicago: the k...

Speakeasys in the city or North Shore?

by archiegirl0625 8 years ago

I know this discussion has been done before, sort of, because I've read the boards looking for an answer. Please forgive me if I just haven't stumbled on the right thread yet. I'd love to have m...

Speakeasy-Style Bars (with Great Mixologists) in Boston

by lauranonymous 9 years ago

I'm looking for a great bar with an upscale speakeasy vibe in Boston (think Milk & Honey in NYC or The Varnish in LA). The kind of place that has a top-notch Old Fashioned. It doesn't have to be se...

Best old school speakeasy type bars in Toronto?

by arsoisaen 11 years ago

I'm visiting for a week from Los Angeles. I'm looking for a place to get a good drink - a speakeasy type of bar such as varnish and 7 grand in LA or PDT/milk&honey in NY (I don't have much referen...

En cachette speakeasy

by Eating this order 10 years ago

Has anyone been there yet? I came across this on Google. Looks like it's a new bistro/bar in Quartier Latin. Do I have reasons to be skeptical about this? I used to like the speakeasy concep...

1920's Speakeasy Party - Need Heavy App Ideas

by krisrishere 10 years ago

My husband and I are hosting a 1920's Speakeasy party next month and we're in need of some appetizer ideas. It doesn't necessarily have to be period, but a couple items would be nice. ..Even if i...

the bookstore speakeasy [bethlehem pa]

by cryan1980 11 years ago

NYE- Waste of time and $ 1. When reservations were made the one question asked was are you having a special fixed menu or your everyday menu. The answer was the regular menu. Apparently the pers...

Speakeasy type bar in Montreal?

by abco 11 years ago

Four of us will be in Montreal on a Saturday night in a couple weeks, and I was hoping to find a place that serves real old-fashioned cocktails. Something like The Violet Hour in Chicago: the k...