Glorious SPAM

by ricepad 12 months ago

I love SPAM. Many of you do, too. How do you eat it? Do you fry it? Bake it? Boil it? Grill it? Sliced, cubed, or who...


RainyRamone commented 12 months ago


by Doctormhl1 3 years ago

People apparently continue to eat SPAM as it's still being sold. Do you eat SPAM? Why? Any favorite SPAM recipies...


chocolatetartguy commented 3 years ago

Not a restaurant question but specific to Hawaii-Where to get Portugues sausage flavored Spam!!

by UES Mayor 3 years ago

I live in NYC and want relative to get for me prior to a visit here. I called Hormel and they won't ship to me!!! Boo...


indelibledotink commented 3 years ago

Your most delicious and uncanny ways to eat Spam?

by ipsedixit 3 years ago

Today, I discovered that a Spam sandwich using a plain cake donut is pretty good. Very, in fact. The same is true...


joonjoon commented 3 years ago


by bigfellow 9 years ago

At a dinner I hosted last night ( we were all eating variations of grilled cheese) we started to talk about spam. Yo...


hemingway88 commented 3 years ago

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