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Get Inspired by These School Lunches Around the World

Ever wonder what school lunches look like in countries around the world? With school almost back in session, the thought of cafeteria lunches might conjure images of droopy pizza, pale green vegetables...

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Bilbao-specific recommendations needed

by arturchik 4 months ago

Hello We will be in Bilbao for just 1.5 days and would love recommendations. For context, we are going to San Sebastian and Bordeaux region afterwards. We are eating at 1-2 3 star restaurants se...

Help with Asador Etxebarri reservation - I may have extra seats

by arturchik 4 months ago

Hello. Etxebarri opened their reservations for next few months and I snagged a reservation for September 5th at 1pm (13:00). Unfortunately, we only need 2 seats but we booked for 5 (only availabl...

Akelarre - lunch vs dinner (before sunset)

by tnguyen444 4 months ago

Hi, I've made reservations for Akelarre for dinner right before sunset (Didn't know the sun sets at 10pm in San Sebastian). However, after reading many of the posts here, it seems like many really...

Barcelona - Botafumeiro

by allig211 4 months ago

So this restaurant, botafumeiro, came highly recommended by a concierge and I looked online and it looks decent. So I do a search on chowhound and people were talking about this restaurant 12, 15, ...

Please help with 4 day San Sebastian - Bordeaux food trip

by arturchik 4 months ago

Please help with recommendations in both Spanish and French Basque country. I am not looking for 2-3 star restaurants, but rather more "casual" yet memorable restaurants. We are going to be trave...

Etxebarri vs Azurmendi - please help me decide

by arturchik 4 months ago

Hello. I understand this maybe a silly question, but I need to pick 1 of these. Please help me decide. We will eat at other places in Basque Country, but none as distinguished (or fancy). Tha...

Here is my restaurant list for a trip to San Sebastian: Comments?

PH Rodgers
by PH Rodgers 1 year ago

My wife and I plan to return to San Sebastian in late November. We will have five days. Here is my current thinking about where we should reserve for our major meals (typically lunch); Day One...

Bordeaux, San Sebastian, and surroundings trip report

by damiano 5 months ago

I just returned from a visit to Bordeaux (France), the area around Libourne, San Sebastian (Spain) and its surrounding villages. Restaurant recommendations came from Chowhound, google, tripadvisor ...

Barcelona Hit & Run

by MOREKASHA 4 months ago

I had a quick trip to Barcelona last week. 3 nights then bang, home again. Saturday night was at Igueldo. A modern take on Basque was what I was told. I had the Burgos morcilla with a chipotle past...

I've done my research and now need help on first time trip to Spain, March 2019, Barcelona, San Sebastian/Bilbao, and Madrid o

by johnmart11 11 months ago

We are planning the trip for the middle two weeks in March. We are pretty adventurous in our culinary adventures. I do not drink alcohol but that is our only restriction. I am looking to have a sp...

Etxebarri reservation challenges (Spain and Basque)

by penoose 8 months ago

Has anyone been able to successfully book Etxebarri anytime recently? I am looking for any advice/tips. The online system (currently the only way to reserve, according the website) started book...

Sevilla and Granada-La Azotea, Bar Eslava, Petit Corner, Saint Germain and Mirador de Morayma

by macdog 5 months ago

I’ve been having a great discussion with Erica (I think she posts under that name on CH) and Maribel about places to eat on the fodor Spain message boards. Wanted to copy and paste it over here for...

Fabulous brunch in Barcelona

by boredough 5 months ago

We've just returned from 3 days in Barcelona where we had a great meal at BILLY BRUNCH (Carrer de Bailèn 115) in Eixample. We loved their eggs Benedict, Superfood Omelette, and (new to their menu)...

3rd foodie trip to Barcelona report

by Belkisw 8 months ago

This was my third foodie trip to Barcelona - previous write up here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/september-barcelona-foodie-trip-detailed-review-1076270 On this trip we went back to Mont Bar...

Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia recommendations

by manny6 6 months ago

We will be in Sevilla during holy week from Friday until Monday! I know it will be very crowded. We have 2 little kids (4 and 6), we all enjoy tapas and prefer casual places. We'd prefer to eat sit...

CADIZ and nearby Costa de la Luz

by erica 8 months ago

I just had my entire post wiped out, so will be more brief here. Very annoyed at this site. I just returned from a two week visit to Sevilla and Cadiz, with a one-day foray by taxi to the nearb...

Disfrutar: lunch or dinner; bar or dining room?

by amasciola 3 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I've searched posts re Disfrutar and not found anything on this specific question. I am about to book a table in October and must choose between lunch or dinner and bar and dining...

Tapas / Pintxos for Dinner in Barcelona & San Sebastian

by nlight 9 months ago

My wife and 1 year old and I are going to Barcelona and San Sebastián this coming October. We love eating tapas for dinner and going to markets for delicious and casual lunches. So here’s our ask. ...

Spanish food bloggers?

by hoodsmom 3 years ago

We're going to Spain in April with a tour (Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Arcos, Sevilla) but half the meals are on our own. We usually do our restaurant searches using locally-based food blog...

Lunch in Girona

by LABeam 6 months ago

Looking for a place to have lunch in Girona. Excellent food is a requirement, but do not want to eat in a formal place. Something with great ambiance, perhaps with outdoor seating, nothing fussy,...